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Smackdown was mostly blah, despite the better efforts of Michael Cole. Apparently I missed Cody Rhodes.

About the only interesting thing (for values of interesting) is that with it being that time of year and Wrestlemania being in the air, it's normally when Kane's thoughts turn to doing horrible things to any passing cruiserweight. This year's cruiserweights are presently being protected by large, angry people so Kane has instead switched to muttering his creepy nothings to the Big Show. Kane being creepy always puts a smile on my face (that sentence sounds odder than intended).


RL - I have another interview. I am v. excited.
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The links are mostly for Opera but if anyone else is interested:

Game of Thrones trailer.

It ate another of those actors I like far, far too much, Nikolas Coster-Waldau.

The whole things looks like someone went, 'What does Red want out of a cod-medieval fantasy?' and then made it. Sean Bean, Aiden Gillen, Nikolas Coster-Waldau and Harry Lloyd!!!

Wade Barrett being adorable on UK TV which I somehow missed despite it being my local news area -


As for the wrestling, I saw the last hour of Smackdown last night. No spoilers, but Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio was good fun, and I have no idea when Cody Rhodes started being interesting, but he did. I am far, far too psyched for Sin Cara's debut.

Brodus Clay reminds me of someone but I can't think who. The tiny black singlet does not work on him.

They also need to change the graphic for the HHH vs Undertaker 'Mania match. HHH is doing his best 'I am glowering and angry' while 'Taker's look is less terrifying and more 'boy, you have done something so stupid that I am not angry, I am confused'. It's not a good look.
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I am slightly too excited for X-Men: First Class. I mean, I was excited when I heard who they cast as Xavier and Magneto, but I have just seen Beast's SFX and I am very, very excited indeed. Especially because they seem to have remembered the mutant politics. You can't do the X-men justice without the mutant politics.


Knitting: A somewhat scaled down photo of my first quilt square as discussed previously. It's less lopsided in real life. Not included are the terribly written instructions, which have obviously been written by someone who knows how to knit without being checked by someone who doesn't know. The instructions for the design on top were absolutely unfollowable until I looked hard at the pictures and realised that they looked like a daisy stitch (have since been informed by Nan that the stitch is really called a chain stitch).

I shall see what next week's edition brings.



This week's 15 minutes of Smackdown saw me squeak over Drew McIntyre again. I can get behind evil with a heart of squish. And when I say that, if I were a cartoon, I'd get little red hearts for eyes every time he comes out.

Also, rather wierdly, I felt oddly protective of Cole when Booker T was yelling at him. Even while he's being evil, I want to yell 'stop picking on him, he's half your size.'


Film Meme - Day 23 - Character You Relate To The Most

I am aware it says nothing good about me but hello, Geoffrey Plantagenet, count of Brittany from The Lion In Winter.

I felt it most strongly when I was a teenager (really, my horrible, suicidal teenage years, let us not do that again), but it's still there. I think it was that, almost uniquely in characters who feel alone and unloved in films, he doesn't act out by destroying himself, as normally happens, but by hurting everyone around him. Which makes far more sense (like I said, I am aware I do not come out of this looking good).

I think it was also the way he was, he'd channelled his hatred into being cleverer than everyone else, which was something I respected.

There was also the situation that he was in, where there were three people in his generation, all scrambling for the same thing, and the constant in-fighting and back-biting. My family, while fighting over less significant things than the crown of England and the Plantagenet lands, bears an uncanny resemblance to the dynamics in film, and trying to remember who'd told what lie to who and why took an awful lot of energy.

Even now, there's some of that fellow feeling still there, because you've got my eldest cousin, who is a far nicer person than anyone in the film, who fills in the roll of Richard, run away to escape the family, and then my boy cousin who, despite being older than me, often fills John's shoes to a T. And I'm just expected to be okay. Which I am normally, and now that I don't have raging hormones and school bullies to contend with I am relatively happy with life, but sometimes when I feel put upon, it's nice to have someone on screen who gets that, someone who responds the same way I do to the same kind of stimulus - the way you feel when you think that your feelings are being disregarded, not out of any extra malice, but because they're inconvenient to other people.

The Other Days )


Jan. 30th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Wishtheworst's post reminded me that I have actually seen more than the usual fifteen minutes of wrestling this week. I blame/thank the tennis.

Because I saw SD before Bottom Line, this is out of chronological order.

- It's a bad sign when you start to look forward to the appearances of Dolph Ziggler. Admittedly it's only because I know Vickie will appear shortly afterwards, but still, not a good sign.

- I think the thing I enjoyed the most was exactly how much fun Michael Cole is having playing the pantomime villan. I want to chuck his evil little cheeks.

- Randy got one heck of a reception.

Now back to RAW

- Other than 'what a waste of Swagger, McIntyre and whoever the other one was (I looked it up, Tyson Kidd)', has Drew Mac done the evil things we expected him to do?

- I didn't actually get to see this but, in checking up on the RAW results, am I supposed to believe that Am Drag has three girls fighting over him?! I <3 Am Drag but really.

- Does Punk just attract cultists or what?

- Is there any explanation of why 'corre'? It must be said I'm pro-team 'we're equals, not a cult'.

- They've found a way to get me to cheer on Cena. Sneakiness is the way to my heart.
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Featured a few of my favourite people, which is to say Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero. I could grow to liking Kofi Kingston very quickly though - due to the PhD I've missed most of his tenure in the WWE. I'm not sure about his SOS finisher though.

Remind me that in the whole Vickie 'n' Dolph Ziggler versus Edge thing, we're supposed to be cheering for Edge, because team cutesy evil are just more fun.
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I have been quiet because I've mostly been watching the snooker. Which leads on to tennis. And kindoftrouble was right about the Eurosport commentators being horrible. But not quite as horrible as Wozniaki's outfit yesterday. The only excuse for it would be if she were four months pregnant.

Caught a very small bit of Smackdown. Drew McIntyre in no way made my heart go thump, even though I suspect him of being up to something.
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I'm kind of a bit bleh about how badly my wrestling fics are progressing, and how many of them are set in the way past. Part of the problem is that try as I might I cannot get back into wrestling.

I can't watch any WWE, not on a regular basis, and the one Smackdown I did see gave me something I would have enjoyed immensely back when I was a regular viewer (Kane, with a world title, yay!!) and yet it was causing almost zero response. I say almost zero, because it was Kane, with a title, and Paul Bearer and it's not my fault that that gives me a warm glow.

So, instead, I'm watching the occasional bit of TNA, which has decided that making sense is for other people. In the roughly 6 hours of TNA I have watched in the past two months, the only segment that caught my interest was the one with Angle and Jarrett where Tazz made the save, because you've got your good guy doing the right thing, despite no-one else coming out and doing anything about it (although, by the way, way to make your entire roster of good guys look like wimps twice in one show, TNA).

In many ways, that's part of the problem, of that trio, they were all world champions at least 10 years ago, where are all the shiny new people? I swear there used to be shiny new people in TNA. What happened to that?


On to happier news, it pleases me that there is still one country in the world where, if you're the best swordsman in the country, you get shiny things. Like publicity shots. And, in the case of Aldo Montano, a deodorant ad campaign that verges on the obscene (in the good way).

However, since I can't find the ad, have a publicity still of Andrea Cassara


Why yes, my sport has the most attractive body shape ;)

And also swords, I recall giving extra points for swords before now.


Dec. 27th, 2009 12:59 am
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I think a problem occurs when you've been watching too long, on those rare occasions that you get the chance to watch, you do, more to check how everyone is than any interest in watching.


Smackdown )

ECW, disturbingly, once again the best of the three )


Jan. 3rd, 2009 01:39 am
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I haven't been able to watch much wrestling while I've been at home. Mostly disjointed TNA which lends itself to thoughts such as Consequence Creed's music is exceptionally awesome, nothing in TNA makes any sense and why am I not inundated by Steiner/Williams fic? It has everything, cutesy nicknames and some fantastically kinky possibility. It's everything Nash/Shelley from last year was, only without the icky STDs. And then I realise I'm one of two people I know who even like Scott Steiner, and the other one doesn't do wrestle fic anymore.

I have stopped trying to have sensible thoughts when it comes to TNA. However, one sensible question re: the Motor City Machine Guns - why the masks?

I have, however, been able to see the following:

The Dirt Sheet on ECW. As I said before, I have no idea how or when, but the Miz and John Morrison have become the best thing on, quite regularly. The new year's resolutions in particular were amazing. I <3 them so much.

Smackdown - all of it Spoilers )

Raw - Only the bits they showed on Bottom Line )
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Which means I got to watch wrestling, which I enjoyed greatly. I don't know if it's because I don't get to see it that often that I appreciate it more or what, but it was such fun. All the wrestling was from before No Mercy. I got to watch ECW ) and Smackdown. )

Then I went fencing on Sunday.

A particular female fencer who can't stand my reffing once again denuded me of the responsibility. Can't say I minded. She minded when I then beat her 5-3 in the pool. Which was deeply unexpected, and deeply enjoyable particularly when she looked so confused and frantic at this nobody beating her. My joys, they are small. She even asked the ref to test her foil because she had to have hit me on one occasion (She did, btw, just not with any force or penetration). Sadly didn't get her again in my knock out, and ended up 6th. Bah!
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Anyone who had 'she needs a refill' in the 'what's wrong with Red's mouth' sweepstake should go collect their money. A bloody deep refill that required antibiotics and if it goes again is going to require a root canal!

I appear to be losing weight. From all the wrong places. Damn you weight, will you shift from my stomach.

Appear to have lost a treasured pair of earrings. Must find replacements.

Watched Smackdown, and had two major complaints.

1) More an unevenness of the writing problem than anything, but we're supposed to believe that Michelle McCool is a good guy when she does nothing useful to help one of her friends out, while the uber-heel Vickie Guerrero (storyline-wise only, obvs) is willing to take a 619 for her 'snugglemuffin'. And yes, I'm sorry but the WWE just won with that one.

Also, if Hollywood is looking for a replacement for Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider 2, may I suggest Chuck Palumbo? He does a fine line in insane.

The beat down did just go on for slightly too long.

2) Someone needs to either re-tool Coach's character, or change his patter, because the 'I'm cooler than you' lines to Cole do not work when coming from someone who is regularly shown to be even dweebier than Cole (I mock because I love in MC's case.)

Also, earrings!
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Although first news of a truly fucked up dream, wherein Mother Dearest was pregnant and getting married to Kid Rock.

Yeah, I'm thinking of checking what I ate before bed and swearing never to eat it again.


But on to wrestling. First Smackdown because it will always be my favourite )

Then I watched Bottom Line and mostly everything I wish to say can be conveyed with the non-spoilery I <3 Jericho, Flair, And the one spoiler )

Saw some of TNA but in the usual way (i.e. chaotic due to shopping) so it was even crazier than usual even if I wish to face-palm severely over the main event of the Christmas episode Because )

Also Eric Young is adorable.

I also caught the one before Turning Point (hence at least part of the confusion) and just want to say how damn good AJ and Tomko are. Tomko just does world-weary so well, and AJ's so earnest.

I also really want to punch Team 3D in the mouth for talking smack about the X-division.
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First, a comment about TNA in general.

Dear people in charge, when WWE and their 3 second attention span have longer matches than you, and longer women's and cruiserweight matches at that, you have problems. And they are deep-rooted.

That being said, if you put more X-division matches on and actually start a decent women's division, I may forgive you.

On to the spoilers )

On to non-spoilery TNA news 'The Voodoo Queen' Roxy Le Beau, long lost relative of Gambit or not, and is that a cross-over the world really needs never to see?

Smackdown )

Smackdown was decent. Impact was a mess.
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For the first time in ages I have been able to watch wrestling. So you will all get squeeing about it.


Smackdown )

One of my 2 ECW thoughts doesn't have to be cut - I want Kevin Thorn's coat. And his manager, but you know, I can live with just the coat.

The other one is me squeaking over some brilliant ring psychology )

Impact )

I'm enjoying it. This could just be absense making the heart grow fonder though.
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- Some of the suplexes the Benoit did in his match were beautiful.
- Sylvain. Maybe not for long, but Sylvain.


- It disturbs me that when Dupree comes out and does his blatently heel spiel, that I know I'm supposed to boo and hiss at, I find myself nodding and agreeing. And that this nodding has nothing to do with it being Rene, heck even Cena could say it and I'd be nodding and agreeing.

- Long hair suits Dupree though, it makes him look slightly older and less fresh-faced.

- In following to that previous thought, damn me if Dupree isn't the only guy on any show that comes close to being as attractive as Sylvain.

- Interestingly, I think ECW had the best wrestling of the shows I've seen.


- Mickie James's punches are actually possibly worse than Lita's. This depresses me. Victoria getting a push, on the other hand, makes me very happy.
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Went to the dentist today, I only had to have one re-fill done and he did it then and there so I don't have to come back for another 6 months. See there is a reason I don't want to change dentists.

Other than that, I watched the first Great Britain test match versus New Zealand At Christchurch, 28th October )

It was probably just as well that the match got discounted because New Zealand were fielding an ineligible player.

Spoilers for Smackdown )

PS: Dear Smackdown and WWE in general, Belfast is not in Ireland.

RAW spoilers )

And a very silly meme, pinched from nhw:

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. etc.

Jack Harkness
Owen Harper
The tenth Doctor
The third Doctor

Data and Elrond - Would actually be quite interesting because you have a non-human trying to become human and a half-human who chose not to be and there'd be issues and talking and everything.

Jack Harkness and Kurogane - Would probably end badly, what with one of them being an immortal who hates it and the other being someone who is skipping between worlds to try and get back home. I can kind of imagine them bonding over their shared dislocation but no more than that because Kurogane would leave once Sakura's feather was found, and then there would be angst.

Owen Harper and the tenth Doctor - I sense that the Doctor would not approve of Owen, and it would be even more bad wrong than the thing that I shan't mention because it's a spoiler for Countrycide, but you all know what I mean. I also feel that Jack would not approve of Owen having it away with any Doctor.

The third Doctor and Wolverine - It must be remembered that I'm a 'the Doctor doesn't dance' person. So no. But I can imagine them bonding over karate in Japan.
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spoilers )

This part is not a spoiler - King Booker is the best thing in the WWE. He's just so very good. It's the voice and everything.

I may have been put into a more receptive mood because I'd just been to Saints and saw them beat Hull to get through to the Grand Final.

Come on you Saints.
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First a question - why do all* the wrestling fanboys hate TNA with such an unholy passion. Seriously did Jeff Jarrett or Dixie Carter going around individually peeing in their cornflakes or something?

* for varying definitions of all, in my case, any wrestling message board I have ever read seems to despise TNA.

Secondly, bitching about this week's RAW )

About Kid Kash being sacked - is it really bad that my first thought was 'well, that's Noble screwed, again!'. Because I think it probably is. And to think last week I was so happy to finally see the Kash and Noble tag team on last week's SD.

Actually, given the amount of squeaking I was doing over that and an old TNA Dutt v Kash match, I can kind of see why my Mum thinks Kid Kash is my favourite.


On to NCIS - please tell me I'm not the only one who spends most of her time hoping for Di Nozo to end up on the wrong end of a beating. A hard one, that might, you know, get him off my screen for good. Sorry, I realise he's supposed to be annoying with a heart of gold, and I know it's not the actor's fault, but seriously, Di Nozo pushes every last one of my 'kill' buttons.
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No real spoilers:

Cage match looked brutal, Jillian Hall jiggles in a pleasing manner.
I find the Gymini amusing as a concept even if I am annoyed at the result of their match against Super Crazy and Psicosis. Who's name I've probably mispelt, again.
The Great Kali seems awfully large, if completely unintelligible. One thing I don't get - Kali was a female Godess, the Great Kali is a very odd looking lady ;)

Angle v Orton was a good match.

Saw TNA Impact (timeline being 2 week before Lethal Lockdown 2006, and the last non-Thursday Impact) - again with the no major spoilers.

WTF has Alex Shelley done with his hair, and what is the purpose of his pre and post-match jiggling. He does not jiggle as pleasingly as Jillian Hall.

Scott Steiner is a big meanie, even if I find Simon Diamond's "late, got to be elsewhere" excuse to be out of there very, very funny. BTW - the random baseball thing, is there a reason?

I have no shame over marking out like woah over Sting. Especially not since Don West was doing it too. It was a good week for that kind of thing, because Red Hot Chilli Peppers were on Top of the Pops and one of the presenters looked so happy and glad to be able to see them play live. It warms the coccles of one's heart.

I probably had something else to say but it's mostly yay, Sting!
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For what is just now yesterday.

It was kind of fun. I slept in till 11, I have no idea why but I was dead on my feet.

Got some money, some shiny bangels, one fantastically pretty silver bracelet from my Uncle who understands the kind of jewellery I like and has the best taste, and some more charms for my charm bracelet.

Then we went to see as Strauss gala. I was a bit worried about it beforehand but it was great fun. There was dancing and clapping and the orchestra (smaller than usual so probably far more authentic) was fantastic. I loved it.

However, I was actually quite disappointed in the Vienna Philharmonic's New Year concert. They went with a Mozart theme as it's the 250th of his birth this year and well damn it, I like New Years because it's the one time of the year that I get nearly uninteruppted Strauss. Today made up for it though.

Hence gratuitous icon space missuse :)

Saw some of last week's Smackdown and all I want to say is that if some guy hadn't listened when I said no, I wouldn't be suing him for sexual harrassment, I'd be down at the police station making a statement. Because no means no. I realise the WWE probably doesn't want to go there but sorry, this angle makes even less sense than most of the others.


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