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Finally, I have finished fic. It is not the fic I expected to finish, and it will definitely be the winner of the "Holy crap, that's *wrong*, even for you" prize in the end of year wrap up. But at least it's finished. I am leaving it to rest for a week to make sure it's definitely finished but I'm just so happy to have completed something
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I know where I made my mistake. I decided to write Magneto fic. Which is always a mistake.

I had this idea, you see.

I was reading something about Philip Larkin and was reading 'Annus Mirabilis' ( (or 'Sex Was Invented In 1963' if your memory is like mine). I then happened to think about X-Men: First Class. Being of a forgetful mind, I thought the Cuban Missile Crisis was 1963, not 1962 (which is bad since I definitely studied it at school) and my brain went 'a-ha! That's the hook for a fic about how, if everything that had happened to Magneto hadn't happened, he and Charles could have been happy.' And of course it being him knowing this and it's supposed to have been wistful, and very much post-the radio dish of tears scene.

So far, so straight forward. Only I will insist on having opinions about Magneto. And not believing in the concept of one true love. So the fic becomes all the people Magneto could have been happy with had everything not happened.

Still doable.

Only then I start writing and there's a lot of motive ranting and Magneto's messiah complex, but not so much wistfulness. And most of it is of the 'but I was utterly justified in what I was doing' kind and I'm finding myself ranting at the screen. Which is not something I usually do.

So there will be fic. It's just not the one I intended to write.
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Apparently, the trick to writing Magneto is just to let him rant and speechify because once that's out of the way, he does get back to the plot and once you've finished you can take out the demagoguery. I've still got to find a way to tone down the Messiah complex somehow.


A Meme Rerun:

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Descriptive titles are among the things I don't do )
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Note to self - the reason why that fic wasn't moving ahead was because you hadn't written the expositiony bit at the front. Write the expositiony bit at the front.


Since I'm normally mean about Impact, may I say this week's was good. The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good, storylines moved forward. More of this.
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Nor am I only watching TNA.

Mostly I have been going to the gym, which sort of takes 6 hours out of my week rather quickly. If we ignore my sucktacular chest press (oh how I loathe thee chest press), it's not going too badly, I can deadlift more than half my bodyweight and my squat is getting there slowly.

I've also been typing stuff up for secret website stuff. Now that that's finished I hope to do my yearly round up of WIPs which I always find helpful for clearing my folder either by way of finishing stuff or by forcing me to accept defeat and shoving it in the "never going to be finished" folder.

And then there's been the rugby. The way they scheduled the group stages of the world cup, there's been matches on on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The radio coverage has been mostly excellent, and the whole tournament has been so much fun. I've been cheering and shouting and cursing, frequently for and at teams I never imagined I would. One really good thing to have come out of it, other than the glorious and mostly good press for the game, is that everyone now sees what I see in Danny Brough*.

I've not been posting about it much because I know I have been doing a lot of Fantasy Managering of England and squeaking over Scotland, Fiji and Samoa. Part of the problem is that very few people complained about more than 1 or 2 of McNamara's choices for the original squad but that everyone feels they have a much clearer idea of who their starting 13 is from that squad than McNamara does. I think he's gotten closer to it as the tournament has progressed. Basically, dear Mr. McNamara, play the 13 you had on from minute 40 to about 65 of the Fiji match, or as close as you can given injuries, and I think you're sorted. And don't make that weird interchange that leads to James Graham playing hooker. I don't know how he can be so bad at it given that it's league and he's a prop, but he is.

I've also been trying to put together a beginner's guide to rugby league so that any passing Americans who want to watch the quarter final against Australia will know what's going on.

*who could have been English for the tournament, Steve McNamara. And I know he plays in the same position as Kevin Sinfield but I'm sure he's a better scrum half than Rangi Chase and he can play there too.
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I am indulging myself a little in one of the fics I'm writing and giving a character a Ferrari 360 Spider (, which is very close to being the (modern) Ferrari of my dreams.

I count it as behaving myself because I didn't given him an Enzo (, the actual (modern) Ferrari of my dreams. Mostly because there are only 500 of them in the world and I'm trying to maintain some level of plausibility.


I am also grinning with glee that Saints will have this guy on the team next year -


I delivered a fiendishly polite put down to someone claiming I'd been stomping on the WMF VE developers. I pointed out that I was just following their orders i.e. if you see a problem, see if you can narrow it down to what the problem is with and then report. And it was a major error (replacing all accented characters with garbage). I am 100% behind the idea of VE but like everyone else who has ever had to use it, I've got some issues with how many bugs it has.
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I've now had two plasters come and have a look at the leak damage. It's amazing how different their verdicts are.

I've got one person going "quick lick of anti-fungus paint and it'll all be fine*" vs "fix cupboard, fix ventilation issues, fix carpet and then anti-fungus paint". Oh well, they'll submit their quotes, I'll send them to the building management company and it'll all be sorted out. And if they choose the quick fix guy, I might well get the other one back in later on my own dime.

*I've made him change that to "rebuild cupboard, a quick lick of anti-fungus paint and it'll all be fine".


Fic update

I'm about one solid paragraph from finishing something. There's a certain perverse pleasure in writing from someone's POV when you violently disagree with them. I keep having to take 5 minute shouting breaks.


Oct. 2nd, 2013 01:14 am
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When they're not scaring the blank out of me, I've realised that I have no idea how the youth of today talk. Which is kind of a problem when I'm writing about teenagers.

Part of the problem is my lot, when we were that age, used to have half our conversations in elision, so if the sentence I'm trying to write were a conversation character A would say "did you ...?" with enough eyebrow raising and context for the other person know they meant, "did you have penetrative sex with person y?" The problem being that this is not a conversation and I become ever more aware that "did you go all the way?" probably went out of fashion some time in the last century.
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1 - I'll be travelling in the next week so if anyone has any prompts they want to throw in my direction, that would be awesome.

2 - Dear self, you need to write the first fic before you can write the sequel to it.
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Good news: I may have interesting results
Bad news: I can't interpret them because work computer is, to quote the Linux dude, "shafted".

Good news: The project students are gone at the end of the week
Bad news: Leaving me with a mess of data because they did not listen and didn't add DTT or TCEP to buffers when I told them to.


Good news: The students being gone means I can start fencing again
Bad news: I haven't fenced in months. I am going to die. And so is my wallet (need to resub to the national body and pay my club membership).


Good news: I am getting somewhere with the novel I'm working on (hat-tip to [ profile] idleleaves for some of her suggestions).
Bad news: I'm not sure I'm getting anywhere useful.

Good news: I think I know how I'm ending part 2 of the never ending Mystique fic
Bad news: Part of the solution is to add about 2 more long paragraphs of thinking and a bit more speaking. Part 5 is already 6 people sitting around a table with no action. I wanted there to be less of that in part 2. (Part 4 is two people sitting round a table but fun stuff happens, and part 6 is two people sitting round a table but interesting stuff happens)

Fanfiction Meme - Day 27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

Not sure it's my favourite place, but I do most of my writing on my sofa. I wish I had a desk (like I used to) but there is no room in my flat. I used to write in bed but there's only one easily accessible socket in my bedroom and my alarm clock now uses that.

I write using my laptop and, 99/100ths of the time, using Notepad. I have no idea why I prefer it to writing in Word, I just do. I always send my fics through Word before I post. It's amazing the number of times doing that catches those little details I've forgotten to put in, or those tiny mistakes I have left in.

For some unknown reason, I find it easier to write Harry Potter fic by hand.

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Fic Stuff

Mar. 13th, 2013 04:21 pm
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1) Does anyone have time to read a 2200 word TNA gen fic? I've been writing it on and off for 7 years so I could do with someone who isn't me giving it a once over for coherence and stuff.

2) Has anyone travelled through Heathrow Terminal 5? Or picked someone up from there? I've never been, and all the photos I can find are shiny publicity photos which I suspect differ a lot from what it really looks like.

3) Unless a really stonking prompt gets submitted, I think I know what I plan to write for this year's lgbtfest (or why I still call it that despite everything).
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Are not going well. The slippers I was knitting are about a size too large, I shall re-knit, if that's the word, and try the size down. Which will undoubtedly be too small. It's easy enough to sort though so I can't complain.

Anything that I'm writing at the minute can be summed up with "shut up, Mercutio" or "shut up, Magneto". The last one is frequently followed by, "this fic isn't even about you!"

On a fic tip, does anyone feel like beta-ing a ~ 2,200 word TNA fic. Set in 2006, and, as I've been writing it on and off since then, I'm somewhere past being able to see reason about it. Mostly I'm just looking to check that it makes sense to someone who isn't me, and that there aren't any huge SPG errors.
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I promise there will be a more content-heavy post tomorrow.

Once again, I must beg for a beta. It's 1500 words of X-Men: First Class Emma Frost fic with too much Magneto if anyone feels like it.

I'm also having comma issues with the title of another fic. I'm trying to decide whether "My Brother Bill" or "My Brother, Bill" is more correct.


The really silly portion of today's post comes from this post on -

Which is wrong, damn it. Mostly because there is no planet where Sly Stallone is more attractive than Jason Statham, not even early '80s Nighthawks era Stallone. Also, the top 3 really ought to be Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li and either Bruce Willis or Statham. Actually, I'm okay with any variation of that top 4.


I've meant to post about the Dredd trailer for some time.

I am torn. On the one hand, it looks like it's going to be your basic action film, which is not what Judge Dredd is. On the other hand, some of the visual effects, especially the bits where you see things from the perspective of the slo-mo users looks so much like the comics and a lot of the scenery and costumes looks just right.

Also, they've got the greatest excuse for slow-motion shots ever :)


Shakespeare Meme - Day #26: Your favorite couple

Beatrice and Benedict, easily.

Because they really do love each other and I don't dislike either of them. The next nearest possibility is Hermia and Lysander.

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Fic Writing - A question particularly directed at wrestle-fic writers but if anyone else has any ideas (or solutions) feel free to chip in.

Was there ever a consensus opinion on how widely you can disregard canon? Because I've finally finished 'Not Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead', only a teensy, tiny flaw has come to my attention, one which I did not notice because by the time that Turning Point 2006 (and the aftermath) got shown in the UK, it was February 2007. Unfortunately, if we stick with reality, the week where I have everything happening is Christmas week. So I either have to hand-wave reality, or move Christmas. Neither of which is appealing but ...


Interesting article about films that have caused people to make complaints to the BBFC I know some of you are interested in the whole process of film classification and there's some interesting quotes from the chair of the BBFC.


Shakespeare Meme - Day #25: Sooner or later, everyone has to choose: Hal or Falstaff?

Easiest choice ever. The world is full of charming drunkards, give me the coming man any day.

I still haven't seen all of the most recent BBC Henry IV, so I'm intrigued to know which way they've gone with Prince Hal. I have to admit I prefer mine more Machiavellian. My Mum prefers him to be more 'I am trying to see how other people live'. We both agree Hal has to have ulterior motives.

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Challenge Cup Match: Saints vs Wigan )

I'd like to thank New Scientist for the assist with the naming of my queerfest fic. Now that it has a name, it's pretty much ready. I'm not sure it's any good mind, but it is done.

Unrelated but I have noticed a trend, I use far too many nautical and naval phrases in my writing, especially if I'm trying to write historical characters.


What happened to Michael Bay, because he used to make fun films? I like 'The Rock' and I like 'Con Air' (okay, let us be honest here, I adore 'Con Air', I have no taste). But now he makes films I have no interest in and it's not as though I have high standards.
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So, in the gaps between snooker I tried to watch TNA, to see what the new scheme wrought )

And, of course, because there's a match I want to see, TNA decide to do something that annoys me immensely. Dear TNA, I thought we'd discussed this. No ad breaks in matches.

And because of that, back to the snooker. Because, let us be honest, Stevens vs Hawkins is good fun to watch, even if the snooker isn't brilliant. And it has Terry Griffiths on commentary, which is always good.

It is not Jamie Jones's fault, but because of the rugby, I keep pining Buchanan at the end of his name. Not that they look in anyway alike. Jamie Jones ( and Jamie Jones-Buchanan (

Linking to his opponent, because he's from Widnes, Andrew Higginson is introduced as 'the Widnes Viking'. Also, he comes out to 'Love Will Tear Us Apart'. I love him.

Although Willie Thorne's commentary might well drive me back into TNA's arm.


I've de-clunked some of my queerfest fic, which is good, except I've now spotted a different problem, which will involve a re-write of the start, which I've had set since I first read the prompt. Still, onwards, ever onwards.

That being said, if anyone doesn't mind beta-ing a 1500 word X-men First Class fic, I would be very grateful.

Back when [ profile] angstbunny was answering the 30 days of fic meme, I mentioned that I had a 'complete but not ready' folder, for fics that I'd finished but just weren't right in some way, but I can't put my finger on why. I put them in storage in the hope that eventually I will see what's wrong. A couple of weeks back, I was putting a couple more fics into said folder, when I had a moment of illumination about one of the fics already in there. Admittedly, knowing why it doesn't work is a different kettle of fish to fixing the problem, but it's a start.
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I'm halfway through the minimum wordcount for my [ profile] queerfest fic, and I've just started the middle third, thematically anyway. It's probably the shortest third in terms of length. There's already one paragraph that I know is going to need serious reworking, but so far so good.


Finally seen some WWE for the first time in ~ 9 months. Um, yeah, no, I think it's the usual rebuild after Wrestlemania, hence not much go forward but my main question is this:


No really. Why? Also, I hope one smart mouth face has called him Little Red Riding Hood, or else I shall be very disappointed in them.

Other than that, I wasn't struck by much, other than yay, Kane is masked again and I really need to read up on why Kane and Orton are feuding, even if the coming to the UK promoette that Randy did is mildly terrible. I think he was going for ice cold range, it came over more as mild consternation and much cross-eyed-ness. Never mind, we love you anyway.

I still don't get why it's always D. Bryan and any number of girls.

I am embarrassingly pro-Funkasaurus.

John Cena looks tired. Not 'I had a bad night's sleep' tired, full on 'John, for goodness sake, take a six month break and don't even think about wrestling for the first three months' tired.

The wear and tear of a couple of years looks good on Brock Lesnar, I think he's finally grown into himself. Even his ears.

The Teddy Long bit worked.

I see they've finally stopped trying to get the Big Show over as terrifyingly scary and gone with loveable and cuddly. Which is good.

I should be all over Punk vs Jericho. I am not. This angle reeks of fail.
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Fic writing

[ profile] queer_fest prompt claiming should be opening soon. I've done my usual thing of ranking the prompts I'm interested in. There's one in particular I want to write, I think, so I'm hoping that doesn't get snaffled but I have back-up ones too. I'm going to be good and probably only claim a prompt in the second week, since there's about 8 others that I also have reasonably solid ideas for.

Other than that, and in no way related, I've got three fics (well, two and a half) which require me to know something about the application process for Oxford and indeed how the collegiate system works there. I never applied to Oxford, none of the courses interested me, so I am hoping the internet will provide me with details.

For similar reasons I am also looking up Czech / Czechoslovakian history between the years 1945 - 1975 so if anyone has any books they'd like to recommend, now would be a good time.



Half of Ferrari's race pace was much better. I'm not sure if Alonso was out-performing the car, or if Massa was underperforming it.

Other than that, Australia was a fun race, lots of over-taking and excitement. Kimi-Kimi is back with a vengeance, him vs Kamui Kobyashi for the rest of the season will be great fun. Daniel Ricciardo was lovely (as per) and if Evil Lotus and Mercedes could actually produce reliable cars the mid-field battle this season will be epic in the traditional use of the term.

Poor Pastor Maldonado and Grosjean, and the HRT guys. Karthikeyan is saying that the major issue the HRT had was with cooling and he's not expecting good things from Malaysia.



So Saints sacked Royce Simmons or he jumped before he was pushed. Not unexpected, whatever non-Saints fans say. Worst run of form in many years (23 according to the BBC), probably not helped by the new stadium, and the first time Bradford have beaten us in Bradford for 5 years. All of the Saints fans I know have said that Royce Simmons was a really nice man, he was just the wrong man for the job at this time. Part of the problem is that we've lost Jamie Graham who is pretty irreplaceable (see Sculthorpe and Long on the problem - more in terms of captaincy than as a player, not that he wasn't a stonkingly good player too. There is still something amazing about someone coming through from the youth team to being internationally recognised as one of the top players in his position.


I think I ought to thank you all for not telling me that Michael Bay is messing with my beloved Turtles. Why is the horrible explody man messing with my Turtles? He will do terrible things.

Before anyone says I'm judging before the film is even made, well, yes, can you remember a good fight scene from any of his films that involves hand to hand combat? The fight scenes are integral to the Turtles.

Prometheus looks very well made, like all Ridley Scott films. I shan't be watching it, because it also looks scary.



Well, more link - Concealed shoes: Australian settlers and an old superstition - - basically buried or interred artefacts found in old Australian buildings. Mostly I'm amused at the tone of the article, as though this sort of thing is all in the past, because obviously, no one has tried to curse stadiums by putting rival team shirts in the foundations ( recently, nor do we still put pennies in purses given as gifts because to do otherwise brings bad luck.


Shakespeare Meme - Day #6: Your favorite villainess

Slight delay due to a lack of option, because in Titus Andronicus, for all that Tamora does terrible things, it's not like the Romans didn't start it. I still say that, after Edmund and Cornwall, Lear is the major villain of his own play, but that might be because I have zero tolerance for bloody idiots.

Which means we are left with she, Lady Macbeth, who is an interesting mix of ambition, bloody (the other sense of it) -mindedness and guilt.

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Dear Fabio Capello, I believe my curse upon your head re: the Juventus fiasco has finally come to pass.

Admittedly, the blasted FA have now done the only thing that will ever make me hope the England team do well, which is to appoint Stuart Pearce as interim manager.



Having now seen most of 'The Departed', I think [ profile] angstbunny is right. Which I know doesn't need saying but 'The Departed' seems to miss everything I liked about 'Infernal Affairs' and add a lot of shouting in it's place.


Formula 1

That the 2011 Mercedes is faster than the 2012 spec cars, even with the 2012 cars being new and bug ridden, is disturbing. I do wish Mercedes would get on with it and show me their 2012 car, because I'm seriously starting to worry.

I should probably apologise to the tumblr peeps, because there's going to be another batch of car porn when Mercedes and Marussia release their 2012 cars and at Barcelona testing next week.


Fic Stuff:

Would anyone be kind enough to proof-read an X-Men: First Class Emma Frost-centric gen fic? Mostly because I fear I am not doing Frostie justice.

I have discovered that while I can write to prompts if I get given a month, writing to a prompt for something like the PornBattle is beyond me. There's one prompt that really has helped me focus in on what I want to say about two characters (or one character and his life and the man he loves) but, as the parenthetical comment may well suggest, porny, or even sex containing, it is not.


Book Meme - Day 29 - A book everyone hated but you liked

In a week of thinking about it, I've not been able to come up with a better answer than this:

This question is tricky, because it's ' A book everyone hated but you liked' and my friends, both online and offline, have a wide taste in books, and two obvious answers for books everyone hated, 1) Dan Brown and 2) Twilight, won't do because

1) you can't stand the one Dan Brown book you tried to read either


2) you haven't read the Twilight books because vampire romance isn't your thing so it's unfair to use them.

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