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I know a whole (actually quite long) post is a bit much for a 1 minute 33 clip, but there are reasons.

First about the actual clip itself )

Funny story about the post-credits bit )

Some theories about what they're going to do with the thing in the post-credits bit )

My theory about why they're doing Days of Future Past and (spoiler) )

Also, on the topic of Hugh Jackman's body, it's a wonderful teaching aid, because one of my male friends was all "that body is impossible, ridiculous Hollywood standards etc", and I just said that that was exactly what all the women he'd known were complaining about when it came to models and Hollywood actresses, and he said [paraphrased], "oh, so *that's* what you meant."  I thought we'd been reasonably clear but ... at least it's finally got through.
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As you might have gathered from the last X-Men post, all I needed to be satisfied with Days of Future Past was time travel and Bishop. It went beyond that :D

Beneath lies gratuitous exclamation marks and high pitched squeaking, complete with run on sentences and bracket abuse. And also one giant spoiler for Watchmen.

There was one thing I disliked )

I liked everything else )

tl; dr I enjoyed it and it was good and I nearly shouted at the screen several times.

The 5 Things That Made Me Happiest )
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Back from seeing Days of Future Past for a third time (this batch of friends were either writing up or in Japan for the last go round). Other than it still works despite having seen it 3 times in as many weeks, and there's still things I hadn't caught in my previous viewings, after having heard Avicii's Hey Brother ( shortly after, there is an awesomely good/bad vid in there for someone with the skills that I don't have.
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Mostly because I discovered I kept mentioning their take on Days of Future Past in my write up, so I've moved that stuff here. No spoilers for the film, but lots of spoilers for a show that went off the air last century.

Like a lot of people my age, my first exposure to the Days of Future Past concept was the old X-Men cartoon. To this day, I still love it's take on time-travel and it's consequences.

Spoilers for the show below )
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That still aren't my review. I am still removing the majority of the emoticons from it. One is a thing that will happen and I don't want to, the other is a thing that will never happen despite it being right and good and true.

1 - Channing Tatum as Gambit. Now I love Gambit and I like Channing Tatum (seriously, none of what follows is a diss on him). The two together I am not sold on. My friend L insists I am being ridiculous. My point is that that is not what Gambit looks like, and no matter how hard he tries, Channing Tatum will not ever look like Gambit. Trying to cast Gambit it one of those thankless tasks but this is a pretty poor attempt even by those standards.

2 - Friend L and I came up with an outline for an X-Men vs Avengers movie that would actually work. )
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No spoilers for Days of Future Past because this all happened before I went to see it.

So P is the other comics geek in the lab and has just returned from Mexico. One of her friends is a psychologist and they were talking about personality tests (the ones where you're supposed to identify your personality traits and analyse why you feel that way) and how abstract they were, particularly for people with no psychology training.

So P has put her own spin on one of the tests. Her version goes, "choose the X-Man you are most like and why, the X-Man you find most attractive and why and the X-Man you most dislike and why." The whys being the most important thing of course.

The X-Man I am most like )

The X-Man I find most attractive )

The X-Man I dislike the most )
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Is better the second time round.

Possibly because )

I would like to thank my Cineworld card and blame my colleagues for being disorganised.
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A great deal of stuff will be said some time in the future, but for the moment, mostly squee, some reservations, a lot of things were I want the spin-off comic (or fanfic, I will accept either). [ profile] lilacsigil's post on it covers most of what I want to say more coherently than I can.
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With much talk of the thing that happens after the credits.

Film first )

And then there was the thing after the credits )
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They abound, everywhere, in this post.

As does intermittent squeeing.

Also, some tumblrites might have seen even less coherent versions of this but this is longer, and slightly more considered.

So the thing that really set off this weekend's squeeing was this picture )

Also, while I've not been looking for casting news, I occasionally hear it. Now I'm quite deliberately not double-checking anything because I want to go into the film minimally spoiled (I'm a comics reader, I've see the cartoon, I have a base level of pre-spoiled) so I heard that Adrian Holmes has been cast. Now even if he's not Bishop (brief pause for Bishop-squee) (a second pause for Bishop-squee) (a further pause for Bishop and Gambit-squee which is not going to happen in this film but I don't care because squee), the man deserves to be in something big since he spent time acting with/at/around Steven Segal in the second season of True Justice which may, in parts, be the worst thing ever committed to television.

I've also just heard about Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver. I approve. As long as they dye his hair silver. Some details are important.

Part of this approval is because I like his acting.

The other part is that he does look quite like both of the actors playing his Dad.

Of course, I have no idea how they’re going to do Quicksilver with his Dad being with a different studio, because, and this is me being a terrible comics fan, the only thing I remember about Quicksilver’s character and motivation are “I hate my mutant Dad” and “I love my sister”. According to [ profile] angstbunny Fox and Paramount have an agreement, which basically boils down to Fox will not mention that Magneto's children are in the Avengers and Paramount will not mention who Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch's Dad is. I'm assuming the "or else" is attack lawyers. It does strike me as being horrible childish.

Also, they'd better also have the Scarlet Witch if they're going to have Quicksilver. I know she's game-breakingly powerful but one without the other, particularly if the one is the male twin, is a bit 0.o.
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In the good way.

So I am squeaking about Days of Future Past at work, and PhD student P joins in. So there's two of us being high-pitched and squeaky, much to T's amusement, and P just nails the Xavier and Magneto dynamic - I love you but the things you do and believe means it just won't work.

That is part of the reason why I'm just so excited for Days of Future Past guesswork about the plot beneath )

And I know excitement only breeds expectation and expectation breeds disappointment so I'm trying not to get too excited but ... squeeee!

The poster and the actors (despite one casting announcement that made me a bit :( ) are not helping with me not getting excited.
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I will have intelligible Sherlock thoughts eventually that day is not today )

Sadly I fear those thoughts will come before my X-Men: First Class ones, which now take up 6 sides of A5, and I haven't even reached the stage where Xavier and Magneto meet. I can't help it, I have many, many thoughts about that film.

It should be helped by it arriving in the post any day now.


Both the snooker and the tennis results are annoying me. I think I'm already down to just Neil Robertson in the Masters and Dolgopolov in the men's in Oz.



Spoilers )
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What are we counting as a cure?

I tend to count vaccines as preventatives not cures, and while I'm not sure that we will get a HIV vaccine in my lifetime, it's probably the best bet, although I hear the anti-virals are coming along nicely. The problem with viruses is clearing them out of the system once they're in, so a vaccine is probably going to be the best way of doing that. Which, of course, is only going to bring out the anti-vaxxers and those idiots who say that any STD is God's punishment for whatever, and I'm not exaggerating about these people, see the whole HPV vaccine hoopla.


Onto slightly more upbeat news, I've managed to snag a deal for the first 4 X-men films for 8 quid. I live in hope that will make up for me aheming First Class to check a couple of points. Dear Marvel, I promise I will buy it once it comes out on DVD.


Today's stage did not go well for Voeckler, his lead is down to 1 minute 18 seconds over Cadel Evans which is no where near enough to hold him (or the Shlecks or Contador) off in the mountains and the time trial.


Book meme - Day 6 - A book that makes you sad

Brideshead Revisited

I think it's the wasted potential of Sebastian mostly, and how the Marchmains have ruined their lives. It's an angry sort of sad though, because I tend to want to shake Charles by the shoulders and shove some sense into him. It's one of those things where you hate some characters, but the ones you really loathe are the ones that have the same flaws as you.

The Other Days )
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Getting me to march is not difficult, I have marched, jangled money tins and campaigned for a fair few things (mostly Amnesty International stuff but a few other things when I've been roped in to do it). I think it's one of those things where once you start doing it, you keep doing it. However, I'd be pleased as punch if they stopped only having the major marches in London. I think the student protests had the right idea, one in London and smaller ones in the other major cities.


On to happier things, I bring you a link to a fantastic piece of fan-art ( Charles and Raven, two days before Charles's viva. (My own request would more likely have been 'be something that keeps everyone else away', but then again, Charles Xavier is undoubtedly a better man than I.)
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Finally seen X-Men:First Class. I liked it, but in a totally different way to Thor. Thor was all shiny and new (and made with love), while X-Men was like finally getting to curl up in that old armchair of yours, and yes, it squeaks in some really odd places but you know, it's that armchair of yours, and you have happy memories. And also it was made with love, even if it's more than a bit odd that Professor X has the same childhood memories of watching the cartoons that I do.

There'll be a proper post eventually, but it may take some time because I am all about the mutant politics, and this gave me lots of that.
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I am slightly too excited for X-Men: First Class. I mean, I was excited when I heard who they cast as Xavier and Magneto, but I have just seen Beast's SFX and I am very, very excited indeed. Especially because they seem to have remembered the mutant politics. You can't do the X-men justice without the mutant politics.


Knitting: A somewhat scaled down photo of my first quilt square as discussed previously. It's less lopsided in real life. Not included are the terribly written instructions, which have obviously been written by someone who knows how to knit without being checked by someone who doesn't know. The instructions for the design on top were absolutely unfollowable until I looked hard at the pictures and realised that they looked like a daisy stitch (have since been informed by Nan that the stitch is really called a chain stitch).

I shall see what next week's edition brings.



This week's 15 minutes of Smackdown saw me squeak over Drew McIntyre again. I can get behind evil with a heart of squish. And when I say that, if I were a cartoon, I'd get little red hearts for eyes every time he comes out.

Also, rather wierdly, I felt oddly protective of Cole when Booker T was yelling at him. Even while he's being evil, I want to yell 'stop picking on him, he's half your size.'


Film Meme - Day 23 - Character You Relate To The Most

I am aware it says nothing good about me but hello, Geoffrey Plantagenet, count of Brittany from The Lion In Winter.

I felt it most strongly when I was a teenager (really, my horrible, suicidal teenage years, let us not do that again), but it's still there. I think it was that, almost uniquely in characters who feel alone and unloved in films, he doesn't act out by destroying himself, as normally happens, but by hurting everyone around him. Which makes far more sense (like I said, I am aware I do not come out of this looking good).

I think it was also the way he was, he'd channelled his hatred into being cleverer than everyone else, which was something I respected.

There was also the situation that he was in, where there were three people in his generation, all scrambling for the same thing, and the constant in-fighting and back-biting. My family, while fighting over less significant things than the crown of England and the Plantagenet lands, bears an uncanny resemblance to the dynamics in film, and trying to remember who'd told what lie to who and why took an awful lot of energy.

Even now, there's some of that fellow feeling still there, because you've got my eldest cousin, who is a far nicer person than anyone in the film, who fills in the roll of Richard, run away to escape the family, and then my boy cousin who, despite being older than me, often fills John's shoes to a T. And I'm just expected to be okay. Which I am normally, and now that I don't have raging hormones and school bullies to contend with I am relatively happy with life, but sometimes when I feel put upon, it's nice to have someone on screen who gets that, someone who responds the same way I do to the same kind of stimulus - the way you feel when you think that your feelings are being disregarded, not out of any extra malice, but because they're inconvenient to other people.

The Other Days )
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Which is long.

I feel I should point out that I enjoyed myself immensely. And that there will be almost no criticism of the film. Mostly because it really was a comic book come to life so there was none of this logic plot nonsense, and it gets by on rule of cool. Which is fine, because that is the fuel that comic books run on. It had less to say than Watchmen did, but said it concisely and didn't let the occasional moralising get in the way of the plot.

The best thing I can say is that the film didn't disappoint me, which given how excited I was for it is a big thing. I haven't been so excited since Lord of the Rings.

In which there be spoilers )

Onto a more general topic of whether or not the film is comic canon consistent, well, I'm not sure the comics are comic canon consistent anymore. Certainly Logan's powers and origin match up with his most recent set of origins (as per the Wolverine:Origins comic which [ profile] shebit recommended on [ profile] fileg's LJ) but I can remember a time not too long ago (so about 8-10 years ago in my comic reading prime) when there was a huge debate as to whether or not the comics had been right to give Logan bone claws when he had his adamantium removed by whoever the bad guy du jour was. Because at that time, Wolverine's power was the healing factor, not the claws, and it was a major retcon and there was the boy comic geek equivalent of them screaming that they'd turned Wolverine into a Mary Sue. So yeah, as long as it hit the right major notes (which it did) the minor details are less important.

Onto the acting, well mostly me fangirling over Liev Schreiber )


May. 7th, 2009 12:00 pm
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Short thoughts, full length ones probably tomorrow evening.

Wolverine is a comic book film, not an adaptation of a comic book.
I like comics so I enjoyed it immensely.
The critics do not like comics, so they did not.
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First, shiny new icon. Whee!

Any film! Gambit icon was always going to be my squee! icon, but this was quite literally the shot where I started squeaking in the trailer. I've also seen a more recent cut of it, and they seem to be going with the 'eyes only light up when powered up' thing they did with Storm, which I can deal with.

Thinking about his eyes, I find it amusing that he and Kurogane both have red/black eyes.

Secondly, talking about red/black eyes, I firmly believe that Christopher Daniels would be someone who would have said eyes if he were a comics/cartoon/manga character. I cannot, however, write him. Which is annoying when he's required for a fic.
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First two pictures I wish to share, mostly because they have both caused squeeage.

First, Beth Phoenix looking like your favourite butch ex-girlfriend )

Secondly, Gambit ... (squeeeee) )

The fic is part 2 of "Things We Do Not Say".

Author: Red Fiona
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, their situation or the worlds they travel in, CLAMP do. No money is being made from this piece of fiction.
Fandom: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.
Characters: Fai and Kurogane, with mention of Sakura and Sayoran as well as others.
Rating: PG to PG-12, nothing worse than what's in the manga.
Content: Romance, drama and Fai/Kurogane slash.
Spoilers: Up to Volume 10 (Chapter 68 to be more specific)
Summary: Talking was something they found easy, communicating was more difficult, even before they travelled to the country of Shura.

He hasn't been practising enough. )

Part 1 can be found here -


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