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New Zealand town builds underpass for march of the penguins -


Kinky Cakes: Inside The World Of Adult Bakeries -


The GP surgery that treats patients no-one else can cope with -


Important moments in the fight for equal pay -


Why does this woman think she is ugly? -

Killed by Jutting and forgotten by Indonesia -


Whistle blown on MSP Douglas Ross's refereeing clash
- Although this really could have gone into the football section as well, given "A leading Scottish Conservative MSP missed a parliamentary committee to referee a Champions League match in Portugal."

US Election 2016: A survivor's guide to unexpected voting results -

US election: America the beautiful's ugly election -



ECB’s Kolpak clampdown is the latest gambit in cricket’s hundred-year war


Howard Webb reveals players asked to be booked to have Christmas off -

Besiktas fans use sign language for ‘world’s first silent cheer’ to inspire team -

The match that pitted white players against black players -

I only used the ‘hairdryer’ six times in 27 years, claims Sir Alex Ferguson - I don't believe him either.

Dresden fined 60,000 euros for severed bull's head - In which everyone hates Red Bull Leipzig. I suspect Dresden hate them more than usual because of proximity, a suspicion strengthened by the signs says "without Red Bull you are nothing" and "you can't buy tradition".

Formula 1:

Williams chief - Rivals better at exploiting rules - Dear Pat Symonds. Really, given that you used to work with Flavio Briatore, you ought to know that if you ain't cheating, you're not trying hard enough.

Williams to run special Massa livery in Brazil - Late, and somewhat overtaken by later event, but this was a lovely touch.

Rugby union:

Sonny Bill Williams: Auckland Blues and New Zealand grant kit request - Because Money Bill, not matter how much I mock him, is love.


Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and a magical 24-year rivalry unique to sport -


Shakespeare's Tempest gets mixed reality makeover -
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He was murdered 1,400 years ago -


Around the World in Pancakes -


Laws and Original Order -

We've been using the Gregorian calendar for 434 years. It’s still bizarre. -

Where are the blue plaques for black and Asian people? -

Blundeston Prison: Inside Reggie Kray's old prison cell -


Maltese Phrases You Just Can't Translate
- At least in part because I love the sub-title 'Well, you can... but you'll sound crazy.'


Life on the road as a female lorry driver -

M6/A38: Why so many road works into Birmingham? -

The MI5 spy who saved children from a UK bomb attack -

Operation Julie: How I infiltrated a drugs gang -


More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade -


The leap second: why 2016 will be exactly one second longer than expected -

How We'll Tackle Diseases That Are Becoming Untreatable -


What You Don't Know About Being a GM -

The NFL Is Losing to English Football in the Export Game -

Figuring out fatigue: A tired brain can hinder performance as much as a tired muscle -


Mercedes to enter Formula E in 2018 - This is big news.


McKenzie: The real story of how Corsi got its name -


These unlucky people have names that break computers - Not so much her name, but my Mum once caused problems because her father's DOB was 1909 and the pulldown box at her job's HR system only went back to 1920. It was hilarious.
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Fanfic Meme - Day 17 – Titles – Are they the bane of your existence, or the easiest part of the fic? Also, if you do chaptered fic, do you give each chapter a title, or not?

They're terrible. But not as bad as summaries. As I said yesterday, if I'm stuck I can just use poetry or song lyrics. And I'm frequently stuck. Not least of all because my tendency to give fics temporary titles. Which are frequently terrible jokes, that I then find hard to get rid of later. As an example Aren't You Glad You Didn't Tell? was nearly stuck with "Ice, Ice Baby" as a nickname.

I probably shouldn't be allowed to name my fics.

For the same reason, I tend not to name the chapters of fics.

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Re: the rest of yesterday's post - I should have added grumpy to the list of zombie features. I'm so much more cheerful and easier to deal with when I have sugar.
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1 - Low carb, high protein diets are not for me. I turn into zombie Red who does not sleep and does not wake and has no energy. On the upside, I wasn't hungry at any point. Then again, being hungry is not normally my issue.

2 - The Italian football team are conspiring to cause me suffering. Dudes, I have no booze or chocolate in the house. This is not on.

This is not a knock on the Japanese team who are magnificent as usual.

3 - The TV companies are in on it. Because when Italy are on I need a distraction and they are not giving me one.


The Fan-Fic Meme - Day 16 – Summaries – Do you like them or hate them? How do you come up with them, if you use them?

I love them because they are useful.

I hate them because they are difficult to write. It's the narrow line between explains enough to be enticing and giving away everything that happens.

At least with titles I can go with a line of poetry or song lyrics if I get stuck.

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Heidelbeere, which I have seen variously translated as blueberry, bilberry, huckleberry and whortleberry. My inability to find it in the UK is probably not helped by this. On the other hand, in Poland, where I could speak precisely 0 words of the language, I found it with no problem. This is why Britain is a godforsaken country.


Book Meme - Day 19 - Favorite book turned into a movie

I'm taking this to mean, what film do I think has made the best job of adapting a novel to the screen. Films rules out the BBC Narnia adaptations ( which is a shame, because they're probably the most honest and faithful attempt of anything on such a large scale. Also, they're awesome and magical and wonderful.

This leaves me with one other obvious option, the Ronald Coleman version - Other than being brilliant on it's own merits, including one of the best sword-fights ever committed to film, and having a ridiculously fantastic cast and Douglas Fairbanks jr in his pomp as Rupert of Hentzau Photobucket, it does a bang up job of adapting the book. The beginning of the book is slow, slooooow going while the film cuts right to the chase without losing any of the important details. It's brilliantly done.

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I wish I was joking. Long story short, friend is getting married next Sunday. In an attempt to get my acne to behave, I am resorting to the one thing I know works, which is to cut dairy foods out of my diet. No big, except my life appears to be largely cheese- and yoghurt-based. That's why I normally don't bother, because while I'm aware (thanks Nan) that my acne is pretty horrific, I don't care, but I try not to screw up my friends' wedding photos.


I have a long post about the present scandal du cycling, but it can wait till Monday.

What probably can't wait till then is that I need a new pair of these -*tec_squash_shoes/744/hi*tec_squash_shoes.html

But, I hear you say, I don't play squash. This is true. However, the squash shoes are also decent fencing shoes and if it's a toss up between paying £25 for the squash shoes or £76 for the cheapest of their fencing shoes, I'm going squash all the time, especially as they last me about 4 years. It wouldn't be a problem but the Hi-Tec website assured me there were suppliers in my part of Birmingham, so I didn't order any online. Of course, the website lied and there aren't any. Grr!!


Two things I've been meaning to post:

One of my favourite tracks of the moment is Unorthodox by Wretch 32 ft. Example. Have a listen here -

The new Volkswagen Passat advert is genius -

That kid is so me at that age. I laughed out loud, quite literally, a belly chuckle of the best kind, the first time I saw it. To make it even more fun, when I was talking to my Mum saying how awesome it was, she said that she didn't like it because she didn't get it, so I had to explain it to her. She wants it known that she thinks it's a bad idea to have an advert where most people won't get the reference. She also said, that if I didn't stop laughing at her, she was throwing me to the wolves. Which didn't help much on the whole me not laughing front. I <3 my Mum.
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I do that any way (unless I'm on holiday). Rice Krispies continues to be an awesome breakfast. This has a lot to do with me being very change averse and Krispies being one of the few things that don't make me nauseous first thing in the morning.


With regard to the royal wedding, avoidance is working. I know writing about it counts as avoidance fail, but I feel the need to make some points in regards to my feelings about it.

On a personal level, I wish both of them nothing but the best. I want them to have a long and happy marriage, and the exact number of children they want, be it 0 or 900, and I want no cloud to pass between them. But you know who else I want that for. Everybody else that gets married. Because I like it when people are happy.

What I don't get is why there is such a big brouhaha about it. People in love get married every day, what's so special about these two. Two of my friends are getting married at the end of May, where is the countrywide celebration for them?

Also, for RL peeps, imagine the awesomeness of the shoes C would get if she had whatsherface's budget.

Then again, I suppose the advantage is that at least my friends don't have the Archbishop of Canterbury enquiring after the state of their virginity (no, I'm not joking about this. I really rather urgently want a soundclip of the Self-Righteous Brothers going 'oi, Williamson, no!'). And at least it's only family and friends that my friends have to decide whether or not to invite, not foreign dignitaries of various parts repressive and unpleasant. Then again, that does somewhat lay the lie to the whole thing about this is a private ceremony.

What I don't really understand is why William and Kate haven't just gone 'stuff y'all, we're eloping'. But I think that might be why they're both going to be richer than I could ever hope to be.
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This is a terrible question to ask someone who hasn't had her pancakes yet (it was a funeral on Tuesday) and has just been to the dentist to have a filling.

It used to be jam, but for dental reasons, it has changed to lemon and sugar.


30 Days of Film Meme (no, I hadn't forgotten you) - Day 26 - Favourite film poster

Changing the question around - why are UK film posters never as good as the foreign ones?

Firstly, I'm well aware that the posters I use as the examples of 'foreign' movie posters were available in the UK, but they were not the ones mainly used to sell it in magazines or as cinema billboards, or at least they weren't in my area.

A more obvious example first:

The Fifth Element poster 1 )

The Fifth Element poster 2 )

The top one is truly terrible. It's all 'floating heads of doom' and makes The Fifth Element look like a low-budget sci-fi actioneer.

The second one doesn't give you any information about the characters, but it shows you the world. It's more interesting and engaging.

A more subtle example comes in these two posters for Gladiator (btw, if you don't like Gladiator, you may wish to skip days 29 and 30).

Gladiator poster 1 )

Gladiator poster 2 )

Now don't get me wrong, the first one is not bad. I love the lighting, particularly. But the second one, oh the colours, and oh Maximus, who really only wants to get home to his wife. It's so much more like the film. I mean, I get why they used the other one - if you want a big audience, the suggestion of epic violence is normally the way to go - but still.

For a funnier take (providing you find Cracked funny [the management bears no responsibility for Cracked being deeply annoying half the time and wonderfully amusing the other half]) on the whole thing, you may wish to read this list -

The Other Days )
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Around ours, we're blessed with some really good takeaways. There's a very good Chinese takeaway, an exceptional Turkish one and a Caribbean one that I really need to visit more often. What I order depends on how I'm feeling and how bothered I can be to walk, the Caribbean one is about a 20 minute walk away, but the food is more than worth it, while the Turkish one is a five minute walk and the Chinese is at the top of our road.

My figure occasionally betrays this closeness of said establishments, but I do try and limit myself to one a fortnight.
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Star Trek: Enterprise may have been horrible, but it introduced me to pecan pie so I can never hope for it never to have existed.

Mmm, pecans.
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Back from the gym. I really don't understand how people can say they don't enjoy exercise, it's so much fun. Even if you're not a gym bunny, doing any form of exercise gives you just the coolest rush. Or possibly that's just me.

After reading Merc's post on nutrition, I was puzzled by something. You've all seen those adverts saying everyone should be drinking more milk, but, and this value changes depending on background, a lot of people, ~ 75%, are lactose intolerant so surely this advice is useless to them, so what are they supposed to do?

Onto the football - you know the post I made saying that if Juventus had any sense they wouldn't re-appeal to get themselves un-relegated. Well cancel that. If UEFA is going to make a laughing stock out of the whole game by letting AC Milan play in the Champions League when they only qualified for that because of match-fixing, then Juve should appeal away. Anyone who thinks that Juve get special treatment really needs to be reminded that they're now the only team that have been relegated, the only team that have been stripped of last year's results, the only team that are actually mentioned in half the reports on the topic, as though they were the only ones involved.

Let's just say that since AC Milan have been allowed to play in the Champions League, I'm going to say that the ex-Prime Minister of Italy is their chairman and I smell a rat.
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Back from watching Blade 2 and Blade Trinity at a friend's room down at one of the halls of residence. Opal Court, so nice, so expensive, so everything that's wrong with the PFI scheme. And he had such a comfortable bed. Yes, I'm such a ho, I sleep in boys beds with them in it. (which translates to nothing happened but I plan of freaking out my housemate with it and then causing laugher, she deserves a giggle she's just had a row with her boyfriend)


Blade 2 was kind of meh. Could have done with more Blood Pack and Whistler. Not least of all Asad because Danny John-Jules was playing him and as well all know, the man rocks (for those who want to know he played Cat in Red Dwarf.)
And Tony Curran was fun as Priest.
Plus Ron Perlman doesn't know how not to rock.
Basically the Blood Pack rock my socks.

As do the Reaper jaws SFX. They're fun yucky. And the make up for the Reapers was really cool. How they made Thomas Kretschmann look quite so icky as Demaskinos is beyond me.

Spoilers )

Liked the first Prague scene. And the fight scene at the end. Basically Novak rocked. Which is even wierder when you consider that I can remember him being in Bros. I really like the way the end scene was filmed. Leave me alone, I have a thing for iconic shots.

But the film overall was meh.

BTW - how about Norman Reedus for Gambit?

Now on to Blade Trinity which was possibly even worse that Blade II, except that it was at least cohesive and had more oomph.
First, the scriptwriter must be shot. He was writing wisecracks left, right and centre, but unfortunately they didn't work and didn't suit the piece.

Two - Ryan Renolds did suddenly get hot in this, but he still sounded like a dork. He's actually the first occasion where I've thought, yes, would do him but only if he had a ball-gag in his mouth. The trouble was the character was supposed to be Xander but he just couldn't carry it off. Gah!

I'm supposing I wasn't supposed to be cheering for the vampires. But they were so much less annoying than the good guys (exception being Blade who was still Blade and there for thankfully mostly silent.)

I just really didn't like the good guys. Although Zoe would have made a good St. Alia of the Knife. (Great now I'm crossing fandoms)

And the bad guys were just funny. Plus, hello, they had Callum Keith Rennie in. How am I not supposed to love the bad guys. PS - you have CKR in the film, use him.

HHH wasn't that bad, I mean, he made some dreadful stinkers of lines that he managed to make sound merely dreadful rather than attrocious. As someone said of Reagan, he can do that because he's had practise (not an insult to Reagan, merely to his speechwriters). Plus what is it with him and the dogs. Vive the Vamp-pomeranian.

Can I just make with the argh about the science in this film because it's dreadful?

And the ending is sucky.

So in short Blade > Blade II > Blade III. About which no one is surprised. HHH did not suck, much, again, no one is surprised. The only person who was surprised was me and that was only because OMG Opal Court beds so comfy.

The one thing in Blade III's favour is that it does contain the fantastic insult 'cock-juggling thundercunt' which amuses me greatly. BTW, anyone else get the feeling that Hannibal King was all the vamps plaything for 5 years, 'cause really the amount of denial in that seen was extreme and amusing.


Also as a PSA - the Magnum five senses ice-creams are insanely delicious. Oh yeah.
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Will have to do something about my uni inbox, but short of napalm I have no idea what. This is the downside to never wanting to delete e-mails.

Saints sacked Ian Milward. Mother is annoyed, Saints fans are annoyed, rest of the board who aren't the chairman and the chief exec are annoyed. And we've drawn Wigan in the next round of the Challenge cup. If we lose this could be fun. That being said there is no reason why we should given that Wigan's injury crisis hasn't got any better recently.

Revision going well. Must buy one of Maxim Vengerov's albums one of these days. Really, he's the only violinist who I like.

Edit - knew I'd forgotten something. You might see fic out of me sometime this week if I can get Sylvain to stop sniffling and weeping like a waterbed that's sprung a leak.

Edit part 2 (so I'm not spamming people's f-lists) - Dear recipe sites of the US, what are Graham crackers? On a similar tip, if any one has a recipe for toffee cheesecake that they wouldn't mind telling me I would be grateful beyond words.
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Okay first a little cookery rant. In my not so humble opinion, the greatest dish on the Earth is a pleasant little dish called Wiener Schnitzel. Now it is incredibly simple. Take pork (or veal, but we don't use veal at home). Bash with mallet/meat hammer until tender. Take bashed pieces of pork and cover with flour. Then egg, and then bread crumbs. Fry. Eat.

See simple.

So when Nan and Mum go shopping they buy some ready prepared ones because we've never got the time to make them. They buy them from Aldi or Lidl both of which are decent shops. So we're eating and they taste wrong.

Do you want to know what the idiot company has done. It had added mixed herbs. Mixed herbs I tell you. The only herb that should even be within a yard of a decent schnitzel is parsely. And then only sparingly.

Anyway they were yucky so we won't be buying any more. But added to that, the outside was so crispy that it tore the roof of my mouth a little so now eating, drinking and brushing teeth has become a delicate exercise. It's no fun brushing your teeth and finding your mouth turning blood red.

Other little peeves include - Mark Henry's return with the 'World's Strongest Man' gimmick. Once again I rant about him not being the world's strongest man. It offends me greatly.

- Nan, Mum and Unlce Ste being randomly bitchy.

- Being stuck alone on a bank holiday

- That the NHS is unable to afford dressings for wounds hence the local dressing clinic running out, hence me getting a non-waterproof one, hence it being waterlogged. But that should be sorted by this time tomorrow.

- The Italian Job remake. From the sounds of it they've made it serious. Which is bad because if you've ever seen the original (which was on BBC 2 today for the 'Live Forever' Britpop night) it's the world's least serious film. Plus they'd never get away with Camp Freddie or the Professor nowadays.

And quite how an American film is going to get across the poshness of the getaway drivers is beyond me, unless they use Bostonians or something. Bah at remakes.

Other than that I'm all happy happy joy joy because I've been watching the athletics of which there will be a round-up when it's finished. But at this point I'd just like to say Christian Olsson is yummy.


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