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Award Ceremonies:

Jackie Chan awarded honorary Oscar - I suspect I may have shared this before.


Slum photographs spark charity appeal -

Oscar Wilde love letter celebrated 'behind bars' -

What Al Capone can teach India about prohibition -

Mary Rose shipwreck skulls go online in 3D -


Single mum drags up for 'Donuts with Dad' - 1 - this Mum is awesome. 2 - why is it always 'x with Dad' events. It's like once again, father's get cookies for just doing the basics.

Downton's effect on the political mood -

Dying mum's letter found in book in second-hand bookshop - Update: letter's intended recipient found.

Marvel, Jack Kirby, and the Comic-Book Artist’s Plight -


What Is Aleppo? This Is Aleppo -

Workers must not pay the price of Brexit, says TUC -

Mapuche community in Argentina fights fracking site -


Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries -


The Old Firm rivalry opens new chapter -

USA star Megan Rapinoe kneels during national anthem to support Colin Kaepernick -

Football tackles conflict on the front lines -

FA Cup: Rio Ferdinand's body double & the ex-Man City player looking to spend £500 -

Formula 1:

Felipe Massa: the closing of an F1 career that has experienced ecstasy and agony - Obviously from before the un-retirement

Ice hockey:

Lightning's J.T. Brown speaks out on life 'as a black athlete in the NHL' -


Rio Paralympics 2016: GB stars hoping to shine on the big stage -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Lee Pearson to be Great Britain flagbearer -

Rio Paralympics 2016: 'It's not about how full the stadiums are' -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Ex-Liverpool junior Sean Highdale is heading to Rio -

Rugby League:

Batley Bulldogs fan banned over Keegan Hirst tweets - You'll notice that it's a life time ban because rugby league does not tolerate this.


In pictures: The Prisoner at 50 - Just ignore some of the text. I'm not sure the unnamed writer has ever watched the show.
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I'm tempted to go with Casablanca. Some humans are bad, some humans are good, and some both. We do terrible things to each other, and sometimes wonderful things for each other, and where there's life, there's hope.


As far as the Oscars go, as per usual, I've only seen one of the best film nominees, and the only awards I care about are the sound editing and soundtrack awards, both of which I want to go to Inception. I still haven't forgiven the Oscars for Dark Knight not getting the editing award last year.
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One thing I forgot to mention about the 6 Nations, is much though I would have preferred the result to go the other way, part of me was greatly thrilled by the French pack overwhelming the Scottish one, given how much smaller they were. I grant small is relative, but when the opposition have three players over 6 foot 7, victories of brains over brawn are to be appreciated.


Some Superbowl thoughts:

1) I find it interesting that in American football, the advice is tackle high while in rugby, it's tackle low. And I know why it is, because of the different rules about wrapping of legs, but I'm still not convinced that a well timed strike to the ankle isn't more likely to stop someone than a well timed strike to the waist.

2) One day, I will understand all this 3rd and inches stuff. That day was not yesterday.

3) Did I just seriously and for real get told that the biggest American football game of the year is being played on astroturf? Why would you do that to the players?

4) I am struck by how much easier UK commentators have it. Even on commercial TV, they don't have to regularly mention the sponsors.

5) I <3 Mike Carlson. And Tiki Barber. And Jake Humphries who is once again the BBC's go to guy for anything that involves strange hours and jet-lag.

6) Black Eyed Peas need to update that rhyme in "Boom Boom Pow!" It's not like it would be difficult - 'I'm so two-thousand and eleven, you're so two-thousand and seven'. I grant next year would be more difficult.

7) BEP are forgiven for everything. Slash!

8) If I were an NFL coach, I'd grab a coach from rugby league for the ball control bit, going off what Tiki Barber says about how you're supposed to hold the ball.

9) I get why it's when it is, but given how physical American football is, I'm amazed by when the Pro-Bowl is.


Film Meme

Day 22 - Favorite Academy Award acceptance speech

I was very tempted to use Michael Caine's best supporting actor speech from 1999 -

but my real favourite is the one that the director of Kolya gave when it won the Best Foreign Film Oscar for 1996

The Other Days )
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Apparently Being Human, the US version, is premiering tonight. If anyone who watches it feels like telling me whether it's bad, good or indifferent, I'd be obliged. Being Human (UK version) is a show I love rather a lot, and I'm worried that a bad US version might sour people on the UK one. I have seen photos of the cast, and, I shall admit, it does not look promising. They seem to have missed something important with George/Josh at least, which is very sad-making because he is my favourite character. And they seem to have made Herrick/Bishop far too obviously evil. Herrick's everyday evil (imagine if the Mayor from BTVS was a Bristol policeman) was one of my other favourite things.

Have seen nothing about who won what at the Golden Globes, but a lot about Ricky Gervais. No, US, you're supposed to like him, because if you do, you'll keep him and I won't have to put up with him being everywhere over here. On the matter of Ricky Gervais, I want two things known. 1) He wasn't funny when he was on the radio and he's not funny now. 2) When invited to perform at the Secret Policeman's Ball, he turned it down. In an interview later, he said that, as a comedian, it was his job to entertain and therefore he didn't do politics. In that vein, as a viewer, it is my job to be entertained, and therefore, I don't do Ricky Gervais.

The Golden Globes did lead to me gaining a love for Robert Downey Jr ("Aside from the fact that it's been hugely mean-spirited, with mildly sinister undertones, I'd say the vibe of the show is pretty good so far, wouldn't you?") and Tim Allen and Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks - "We recall when Ricky Gervais was a slightly chubby but very kind comedian." Tim Allen - "Neither of which he is now.").

On to happier things, an Austrian won in Wengen :D I now fully expect a Swiss skier to win in Kitzbuehel, but I'd love for Michael Walchhoffer to win there.


Feb. 2nd, 2010 03:58 pm
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That proper post I promised; it's going to have to wait a little longer.

Just reading up on the Oscar noms.

The most noticable thing is that, for the first time in years, I've actually seen some of the films nominated for Best Pictures (Up and Avatar). Unfortunately, I still don't care, because I know Up isn't going to win and it's roughly 4 times better than Avatar, which might.
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Um, I've seen a pitiful number of films this last awards season year, so the only thing I can or wish to comment on is a complaint that Dark Knight didn't win the best editing award. That was the only award where I gave any sort of hoot. It didn't win best make-up either, but apparently the make-up for Benjamin Button was awesome, which makes that okay. I love Danny Boyle's acceptance speech. And once again, Lancashire comes up with an awesome person, because as we all know, it is the best county :)
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Watching the MTV Movie awards and I now sooooo want to watch the Fantastic Four, even if Johnny Storm looks wrong because eee they may have made Ioan Gruffud bareable to me. And because what's his face from the Shield is a perfect Thing and Julian McMahon is playing Victor Doom. Eeeee!

Jimmy Fallon is just not funny.
Now Dustin Hoffman is funny.
The Rock is doing his thing.
Quentin Tarantino rocks for bringing on the stunt doubles.
Samuel L. Jackson rocketh muchly.
As do the Foo Fighters.

Madly pleased that Napoleon Dynamite is winning stuff even though I've still not seen it. Mainly because the advertising for it lead to me meeting two of the most totally rad dudes ever. (Choice of words is very deliberate.)
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It is four o'clock pm and I have been up for 11 hours already. I also have a stinking cold that seems to have gone into the aches and fever stage. Therefore I am taking the rest of the day off dead, like Hotblack Destasio.

So I will therefore spam you poor unfortunates who are on my friends list with random things that I've been meaning to post.

So first Brit Awards Rambling )

Mostly either cool shiny, or damn and blast.
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Proper NME awards write up later but for now, the important information is that the Kaiser Chiefs are so very good.

I love music right now, more than I have for six or more years. Britpop lives.
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In case anyone was wondering, my third resolution was not to talk about, mention or discuss the Oscars except on three particular days, which are today when the nominations come out, just before to discuss what I want to win and on results day.

Just mentioning the ones I have any interest in.

>>Best Motion Picture of the Year Nominees:
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (2003)
Lost in Translation (2003)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
Mystic River (2003)
Seabiscuit (2003)<<

Nothing to complain about here, they're all good well made films.

>>Best Actor Nominees:
Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Ben Kingsley for House of Sand and Fog (2003)
Jude Law for Cold Mountain (2003)
Bill Murray for Lost in Translation (2003)
Sean Penn for Mystic River (2003)<<

Other than being utterly amazed and happy about Johnny Depp's nomination, nothing else really stands out except for not wanting Jude Law to win. Because I like the other four way more than him.

Best Supporting actor, well I haven't seen any of the films, but there are four of my favourites in there so I'm just going to enjoy.

Hey they've remembered to include PJ in the directors list. Not that that's going to stop them giving it to Sofia Coppola but I can hope.

LOTR for costume design. Or Master and Commander.

There are so many films where LOTR, Master and Commander and POTC are up against each other. This is good/bad/liable to drive me crazy.

Yeah, I'm over-tired and exitable.

Good day to all.
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Mum got me "LOTR: The Making of the Movie Trilogy", which I did a quick read through. It's fantastic, and the sheer amount of work that went into the films boggles the mind.

Yo the Academy, not only should you give PJ best director, but LOTR should get best make-up, SFX and costumes.

Oh and best score too, but I don't expect you ever to get that one right. (BTW, yes I'm still peed off about Gladiator not winning)

So tempted to buy the first two EE DVDs from Amazon, but yet scared of it at the same time. Anyone got any Amazon horror stories/good stories to tell?

My birthday cake had penguins and an igloo. Which was cool.


Aug. 31st, 2003 11:10 pm
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Okay my two cents )

Just something which amused me. Apparently Snoop Dogg had to go one better than DMX's dimond studded collars for his pitbulls, so he had two girls on leashes with him and they had diamond studded collars. Love that man.
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My SD thoughts go like this )

Seeing Bottom Line made me realise I may be a fan of O'Haire, Benoit et al, but I am a raving Kane fangirl. Because I was shouting at the screen telling Austin to stop.

About the MTV movie awards.

LOTR rules all. Andy Sekeris (I can not spell that name) rocks. Adrian Brody sure dresses down nice. Don't know who to be more jealous of over that kiss.

Queen Latifah should have won best actress, heck anyone other than Kirsten Dunst should have. And also Kirsten dearest, when one doesn't have it up front to carry off that style of top it makes sense not to wear it.

Oh and dearie, thank the dresser on Spiderman because he made you look more bust-a-licious than you are in RL.

PS: Am slightly tipsy so will disavow any of these comments if they come up in a court of Law.

PPS: Anywhere else I will stick up for them :)
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I'd just like to say that despite the squeaky voice and general girliness, David Beckham is a very good football player.

And a decent dude in general.
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Hee hee, most of my yesterday was spent going Kimi won, and most of my today has been Adrien Brody won.

Best Picture: Chicago

Well that's 0/1 in both hopes and predictions.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Adrien Brody for The Pianist

Okay so 0/2 in predictions but oh my word someone who I actually wanted to win won. (Cue bouncing)

Best Director: Roman Polanski for The Pianist

Whee, they let him win. And his maxi-me won the best actor award. It really is most peculiar how much like each other Polanski and Brody sound.

Total - Hopes: 7/20, predictions 11/20

I'm actually quite good at predictions for these things. Although I humbly suggest that the Academy kind of forgot that Gangs of NY existed. Poor Martin.
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Because in case you hadn't gathered I am an awards show whore. Edited because I saw how long the post was:

Best Picture

Hope: If this isn't obvious to anyone, I don't know I could make it more so LOTR: The Two Towers
Prediction: Hah! like any fantasy film will ever win this. I suspect it will be The Hours, as it is both arty and has disease of week elements.

Best Actor in a Leading Role Nominees

Hope: Adrien Brody - because I think his is the performance that was possibly the most difficult to do.
Prediction: Jack bloody Nicholson again. Nothing against the dude, but no!

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Hope: Salma Hayek, not just for the performance but for her determination to get the film made.
Prediction: And the winner is Nicole Kidman. Which I can live with. Julianne Moore won't win it because she's too outspoken, no one went to see Unfaithful or Frida, and Renee Zellweger ain't no Liza Minelli.

Best Supporting Actor

Hope: Christopher Walken, if only because he is one of my favourite actors.
Prediction: Um, hard to tell. We have 1 legend who the Academy has mistreated in the past, 2 stars and then two have been around for ages but have finally made some sort of impact on the Academy. So as it's best support I think it'll go to John C Reilly or Chris Cooper.

Best Supporting Actress

Hope: See the look of I don't care. I don't dislike any of them, but Meryl Streep if only for the spanking.
Prediction: Julianne Moore might just get it. But probably Cathrine Zeta Jones

Best Director

Hope: That the Academy realise that they have made a grave ommision and give it to Peter Jackson./ fangirl fantasy. I want either Scorcese or Polanski to win it for artistic reasons or Almodovar for the controversy he could cause.

Prediction: Well they ain't going to be giving it to Polanski unless the Academy realise its not a moral contest but an artistic one. Stephen Daldry won't get it, because he's not a big name. So either Rob Marshall or Martin Scorcese (finally)

Best Screenplay, Adapted Screenplay, Animated film and Foreign Film )

Cinematography, Art, Costume, Make Up, Sound and Editing Awards )
Best Score

Hopes: The Hours because my friends have told me it is beautiful
Prediction: I actually think the Hours could win this one.

Best Song

Hopes: Lose Yourself, because it was one of the best songs this year full stop.
Prediction: Paul Simon due to the not giving Mrs. Robinson the award problem.

Effects Awards )

Best Documentary

Hopes: It's all about Michael Moore
Prediction: Unless they wish me to declare it a fiasco, Bowling for Columbine, because come on, when was the last time a documentary was so big, and won a best film award somewhere.

And that's it.
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They tell me the Grammys are on as well, but the BAFTAs have one thing that no other award ceremony has - Stephen Fry. He so funny. Not just funny, but witty too.

Christopher Walken got an award - I <3 the BAFTAs.
LOTR got all the technical awards.
The BAFTAs, the only awards where a foreign film could win best screenplay.
Still trying to figure out how Philip Glass won the best score award, even though his acceptance speech was lovely.

Discussing acceptance speeches - did anyone understand Pedro Almodovar further than the traditional war is bad?
Much with the feelings. Everyone was so heartfelt. Adrien Brody, the dude that wasn't Adrian Brody, Daniel Day Lewis, Pedro Almodovar, Cathrine Zeta Jones and Saul Zant especially.

On the subject of Saul Zant, I hope he's not planning on returning to America soon. He will however have a place in my heart (and hopefully the British film industry, even if we already have one cuddly producer (vive Lord Attenborough))

Dude, I spotted young Brad Dourif in the Saul Sant montage. He hasn't altered that much really. And I must watch and read One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest.

And Meryl Streep's speech, so funny. I can picture headlines though "Charlie Kaufman found brained by BAFTA award, film star Streep suspected"

I don't mind that the Pianist won. It makes up for it not winning anything at the Oscars. And if LOTR wasn't going to win, then that was the one that should.

Selma Hayek so should have won best actress.

BTW who was the chap standing on the immediate left of the LOTR producer who accepted the Orange award? I know who it wasn't. Virtual cookies to anyone who knows who it was.

Adrian Brody is a very good looking man, and I have been saying this since Summer of Sam. Ah that was the height of my film geekiness, which is slowly making a comeback.

Just remembered the problem with Sean Bean, he's from Yorkshire, and supports the wrong Sheffield team. Got to admire a man who said that if they ever let him play for Sheffield United he'd give up acting without a second thought.

And Serena McKellen indeed.

And that's it "I spank you all"
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Rugby - Jonathan Davies (bach) was the guest on 'This is Your Life' and I'd forgotten quite how brilliant a player he was. I mean he rocks my socks as an analyst, but really, you've got to be good to be brilliant at both codes. And Ellery Hanley was on and he had such a good speech.

They had a male voice choir singing the Welsh Anthem at the end and it is so beautiful.

Of course this lead on to my usual refrain of how awful the British national anthem is. For comparison I shall use the anthems of the countries of the 6 Nations Tournament.

Wales - How wonderful is my land
Italy - How wonderful is my land
France - How wonderful is my land
Ireland - How wonderful is my land
Scotland - How wonderful is my land (and get rid of the english)

Meanwhile England - we love a woman who does nothing for us, who gets far too much money and whose relatives sponge off the state and are still not called dole scroungers.

"God Save the Queen" sucks.

Buffy, not to give anything away, was great. But how stupid is Dawn, it's like hello, get over yourself, you are not the centre of the world. They all have far more important things to do than listen to your adolescent whining.

The quality of compassion is not Red Fiona

Brit awards madness )
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Oh, and sorry about that last rant, I lose my top over people far too easily.

P Diddy uses the same brand of Spanish dictionary as I've got.

OMG Larry Mullen speaks.

How the heck did Linkin Park beat U2 and RHCP in the best band category? That's the problem with the popular vote, people diagree with me :)

Royksopp winning awards is cool, since they're another one of those bands I've known/heard of before they got big. It was the first time I'd ever actually seen them as people though, and it's quite scary. Electronic nerds who look like male models. Surely this is a sign of the apocalypse.

Thank goodness, Dave Grohl has shaved his sideburns.

There are no words for how much I hate Coldplay.

Okay so how's this for double standards - I watch the replay, and they cut out the kiss, but they keep in the swearing and a half naked girl - who was supposed to be fully naked for the joke to work but was obviously wearing a thong. Dearie, if you're pretending to be naked, don't have a pattern on your panties.

Rupert Everett is far too good with a fan.

Royksopp turn out to be Norwegian not Icelandic as I thought. Useless trivia quota of the day has been fulfilled. :)


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