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Last call: What's happened to London's nightlife? -

Why is the exposure of Elena Ferrante causing such outrage? -


Abandoned fire station basement in Dudley rediscovered -

Germany Reunified 26 Years Ago But Some Divisions Are Still Strong -


The Psychology of Victim-Blaming -

An ex-FBI interrogator's tips on handling debate lies -

The Real Life Monopoly Board -

Why can some people study as they listen to music, while others can't? - Video not text

WTF Secret Lives Your Favorite Celebs Keep Under The Radar -

Liverpool FC's first black player Howard Gayle wants MBEs changed -

Archbishop Desmond Tutu 'wants right to assisted death' -

Is magic's glass ceiling vanishing? -


Compassion fatigue and the optician of Lampedusa -

How Sweden became an exporter of jihad -


Molecular Machinery: the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry -


Women's Sport Week 2016: Laura Kenny on equality, hair and Elton John -

Women's Sport Week 2016: Hannah Cockroft on Paralympic prize money -


Tyson Fury: Barry McGuigan calls for new mental health fund for boxers - In which Barry McGuigan is right, as usual.


Kosovo footballers to make home debut - in Albania -


How the street light has been given a hi-tech makeover -
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Italy earthquake: Why so many houses collapsed -


Frank Pantridge, the 'father of emergency medicine' -

James Lind: The man who helped to cure scurvy with lemons -

The hidden trauma of being torn during childbirth -


10 Bars at the End of the World - Should it worry me that I have been to one, and past another.

Humans: Unusually Murderous Mammals, Typically Murderous Primates -

Will Brexit be a boon for tourists? -

Do the clothes we wear define us? -

Plastic bag charge: Could fee be applied to other packaging? -

The magpie that saved a family -

Louis Theroux: Looking back on Jimmy Savile -


What a stupid Scrabble article taught me about Welsh -


A summer with Blossoms: 150 gigs, 45 festivals and two weeks at number one -


Whistle-blower who took on Spain's ruling elite -

Why Our Wonderful NHS Is So Close To My Heart -


Right Hand, Left Hand, Either Hand - Containing one of the best explanations of chirality I have ever read.


Daniel Wilkinson death: 'Too many are being lost to cardiac issues' - experts -


Rio Olympics 2016: Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten on horror crash -

Rugby League:

Jack Smith: Ex-Royal Marine shot on duty in 2010 becomes full-time RFL referee -


Is the world wide web a waste of water? -
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He was murdered 1,400 years ago -


Around the World in Pancakes -


Laws and Original Order -

We've been using the Gregorian calendar for 434 years. It’s still bizarre. -

Where are the blue plaques for black and Asian people? -

Blundeston Prison: Inside Reggie Kray's old prison cell -


Maltese Phrases You Just Can't Translate
- At least in part because I love the sub-title 'Well, you can... but you'll sound crazy.'


Life on the road as a female lorry driver -

M6/A38: Why so many road works into Birmingham? -

The MI5 spy who saved children from a UK bomb attack -

Operation Julie: How I infiltrated a drugs gang -


More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade -


The leap second: why 2016 will be exactly one second longer than expected -

How We'll Tackle Diseases That Are Becoming Untreatable -


What You Don't Know About Being a GM -

The NFL Is Losing to English Football in the Export Game -

Figuring out fatigue: A tired brain can hinder performance as much as a tired muscle -


Mercedes to enter Formula E in 2018 - This is big news.


McKenzie: The real story of how Corsi got its name -


These unlucky people have names that break computers - Not so much her name, but my Mum once caused problems because her father's DOB was 1909 and the pulldown box at her job's HR system only went back to 1920. It was hilarious.


Jul. 9th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Notes from Holland -


Illnesses associated with lifestyle cost the NHS £11bn -

The doctor who wants to make his town better -


Seamus Heaney: A fitting home for a much-loved poet -


Making Sense of Modern Pornography -

Redcar steelworks: Health fears over steelworks clean-up -

Garbage City: The scavengers making a fortune from other people's rubbish -

Maria da Penha: The woman who changed Brazil's domestic violence laws -

One woman's lonely struggle against famine in Yemen -

Mosul: Smuggled diary reveals life of fear under IS -


The race for North Carolina's early votes - From before the last US election

Can you be politically active if you have young children? -


Genetically modified mosquitoes could wipe out the world's most deadly viruses. If we let them. - I think this is excessively optimistic on the GMO animals front but interesting nonetheless.

Man v rat: could the long war soon be over? -


Arnold Palmer obituary -

Horse racing:

Frankie Dettori: Jockey recalls 'Magnificent Seven' at Ascot 20 years on -


World Rugby’s zero tolerance on head injuries is not just a pipe dream - Refers to other sports as well.

Ben Ryan: Pacific Islands becoming rugby's 'Wild West', says ex-Fiji sevens coach - The man's got a point


Is artificial intelligence permanently inscrutable? -

Meeting Cellebrite - Israel's master phone crackers -


Jun. 11th, 2017 04:21 pm
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What are the smuttiest ships? -


Pedro Almodovar: Why there was no room for comedy in my new film -

The best 100 films of the 21st century, according to 177 film critics around the world - Let the arguing begin, although the list is reasonable.


Third 'given wrong initial heart attack diagnosis' -


Centenary of 'Spitfires of the Seas' -

Joan of Arc’s Ring: A Question of Possession and Cultural Patrimony -

Pocket Guide to Northern Ireland -


REVERSE VOXSPLAINING: DRUGS VS. CHAIRS - More specifically, patent law

Law and Order:

Ramen is displacing tobacco as most popular US prison currency, study finds -

Cooking with ramen: Prisoners get creative -

Two articles based on the same report.


What parents really mean to say about exam results -

Parents 'struggle' to find holiday care for learning disabled children -

Go-getters in the ghettos: The bright side of France's migrant suburbs -

What US counties are named after -

'London is most educated city in Europe' -


The social housing tenants miles from home -

America’s elections are less swingy

Lopsided electoral-college margins now appear to be a thing of the past - (From before the last US elections)


The woman who discovered India's first HIV cases -

United States Just Placed Bumblebees on Endangered Species List for First Time -

Read These Before You Write That Op-Ed - About drug pricing

Could mouthwash combat gonorrhoea? -


Rio Paralympics: Two refugee Para-athletes named for Rio Paralympics -

The Olympic Games 2016 by Tom Jenkins -


Leicester fans light up stadium as floodlights fail in savage storm -

How hooligans exposed the ugly rift in Croatian football -

Celtic: Callum McGregor eager to learn Champions League opponents - Sorry, I am a sucker from ballboy to first team stories.

Wycombe Wanderers' Matt Bloomfield: 'I knocked the ref's front teeth out' - On the occasion of Bloomfield's 400 (!!!) game for Wycombe.

Rugby League:

Challenge Cup final: Warrington captain Chris Hill on plumbing and Wembley -


Innovators vs Exploiters: Drug Pricing And The Future Of Pharma -

The tech helping disabled people dance, run and compete -

The Australian town that wants to get off the grid -


Nov. 14th, 2014 05:51 pm
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The blind sculptor who thinks everyone should touch art -


Government to 'retire' some of its WW1 debt -

The interesting bit to me comes later on in the story "The continued existence of the war bond debt illustrates the lasting shadow cast by World War One. According to the UK Treasury there are currently 11,200 registered holders of the bonds. Winston Churchill first issued “4% Consols” in 1927 when he was Chancellor partly to refinance bonds from the First World War. In addition to the war bonds, some of the debt being refinanced by the Treasury dates back to the 18th Century. One of these bonds was issued by William Gladstone in 1853 to consolidate the capital stock of the South Sea Company, which was founded in 1711. The South Sea Company collapsed during the South Sea Bubble financial crisis of 1720, leaving behind it a lot of debt."

Windscale Piles: Cockcroft's Follies avoided nuclear disaster -


This 81-Year-Old Wrote a Dictionary to Save Her Tribe’s Dying Language - Just ignore the editorialising about the death of English because, horror of horrors, new neologisms are entering the language.

Law and Order:

How Louisiana Became The World's 'Prison Capital' -


Meet the metal detectorists saving marriages - Other people are apparently as bad as I am for losing jewellery. Their's is just more important ;)

The Adventures of the World's Greatest Counterfeiter - Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket - Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

How Different Groups Spend Their Day - The results of the American Time Use survey 2008. Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

Five Ways to Lie with Charts -

What lies beneath London? - From deep-level air raid shelters to the colossal Crossrail construction, beneath London lies a labyrinth of tunnels. BBC News delved underground to visit some of the capital's rarely seen subterranean spots.

Watch a Japanese Kokeshi Doll Emerge From a Spinning Block of Wood -

Baroness Trumpington profile: From Lloyd George to the Lords - She has worked at Bletchley Park, served as a headmaster's wife, mayor of Cambridge, a government whip and as a health minister. Besides this, she famously flicked a V-sign to her colleague Tom King during a Lords debate.

Who The Hell Keeps Calling Me? - Or the gamergate idiots can't even dox the right people. Via [ profile] nwhyte.


Geneticists tap human knockouts - - Sequenced genomes reveal mutations that disable single genes and can point to new drugs. Although part of me wants to agree with the commenter on inthepipeline who pointed out that these aren't knockout mutations.

Ebola crisis: A village fights back in Sierra Leone - Or, yet more evidence that local knowledge is vital.

Why NASA Blew Up a Rocket Just After Launch - A National Geographic staffer's on-scene account of the Antares rocket failure.


Two football/free speech articles:

FA made £350,000 from Twitter fines in just three years -

Pornhub sponsored team banned from football league -


Rayo Vallecano fans produce brilliant, Simpsons-themed protest banners - Or, the Rayo Vallecano fans would like for their matches to not always be the Monday night match.

Formula 1:

Formula 1: Where does all the money go? - Really interesting if you've got even a passing interest in F1, and it explains why the gap between the big teams and the rest never seems to get any smaller. (And when it does, it's because Ferrari have stuffed up, again. Why can you not hire engineers as good as your lawyers, Ferrari?)

Caterham & Marussia struggles highlight need for cost-cutting - FIA - We've been saying this for years.

BBC pundit slams ‘disgraceful’ and 'unfair' Formula One -


May. 5th, 2014 06:59 pm
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Game of Thrones: Discover the real Westeros - Or the Northern Ireland tourism board now has consultant dragons. Link care of [ profile] nwhyte.


Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan Speculate On Their Characters' Futures 25 Years after 'When Harry Met Sally' -


The strange case of the 'time travel' murder (and other tales from the UK Forensics service) -

Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat', WHO warns - That sound you can hear is lots of scientists going "we've been trying to tell you this for years."


The Man Who Made South Africa's Flag -

Music/Music Industry:

Cee-Lo Green Originally Recorded 'Happy' (and other could have beens) -


Legal aid row leads to halting of serious fraud trial - Where the Prime Minister's brother is on the side of right and good.

UK Cost Of Living Changes Over 10 Years -


World's oldest surviving Olympian, and sharp-shooting FBI agent, dies aged 106 -


World Snooker Championship: How to survive Crucible marathon -


Crystal Palace: How Tony Pulis achieved Premier League survival -

Footballer Fabrice Muamba launches defibrillator campaign -

Rodney Marsh cleans Stoke City players' boots after losing online argument -

Formula 1:

Senna's death: Hill still full of disbelief 20 years on - The whole article is worth reading, because Damon Hill is honest and capable of great insight.

Senna's death: The practical joker whose laughter is still missed -

Formula 1/Football:

Brazilian footballers pay tribute to Ayrton Senna by wearing helmets -
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Science: If you are ever in a position where someone asks if they can use your freeze-dryer to lyophilise rat waste, say no. If, like my group, you are forced to be collegial, demand an air freshener in payment. In short, bad stench. In a machine I then had to clean.


Formula 1: I didn't say much about it at the time, unless you happened to catch me gloating about drinking the tears of the Hamilton and Alonso fans. This is not just because I do like Sebastian Vettel. It's also because I love the design of the Red Bull cars. As a Ferrari fan, it pains me to see how bad the car is in comparison to the Red Bulls. Heck, in real, bang for your buck terms, it's not even doing as well as the Sauber which is a Ferrari engine customer car. My boys, we are being beaten by a satellite team.

And, in an odd sort of way, it's why I'm glad that Alonso didn't win. Because it would have papered over the design cracks in the same way that the Raikkonen win in 2007 did. We* haven't had the best car since ~ 2004. And it will not do. I don't advocate sackings, but I am quickly coming round to the idea of stocks and or enforced press ups until that bloody car works properly. I'll settle for less over-steer and a bit more grunt.

*I am a tifosi (or tifosa rather). We is the appropriate pronoun.


TNA - Those people who said Final Resolution was good are misguided. I missed the first two matches (so those may have been stellar) but the rest of it, with two more exceptions was bland. Not bad, as such, but ho-hum. The two exceptions were the women's match, which, yes, threw in shenanigans but they were expected, plus the wrestling was good.

The other exception was the Styles vs Daniels match, which wasn't Iron Man standard, but if TNA actually stick with it and have this be their last match for a while, it's a good match for them to go out on. There was a distinct sense that they'd been told to go wild and murderise each other for half an hour. It was glorious. They made a Russian leg sweep look evil. And Daniels ... I'm a Daniels fan and even I wanted to punch him (seriously, wonderful heel work).

Also, apparently, according to the commentary, it was either their 115th match or 150th match together. Anyone else think that's an under-estimate?

Links -

Heart-warming football story of the week - Only one Udinese fan turns up to their away match at Sampdoria - or Highlights include - But Sampdoria stewards gave him coffee and home fans invited him for a drink after the match.

Odd horse story of the week - Gold-winning show-jumping horse bought by Bruce Springsteen - The course of events makes more sense but it's still one heck of a headline.

Idiotic F1 article of the week - Andrew Benson takes his dislike of Schumacher to new heights. Apparently, he's lucky to have won 7 titles. The best bit. People tearing the article to shreds in the comments by pointing out that there were three more years were Schumacher was in with a shout at the end of the season (not counting the other one, where he broke his leg and then missed a few races) so if Benson's going to write 3 of Schumi's off, they're adding those three.

Yet another Alex Zanardi article -

A good result from the heart tests instituted after Fabrice Muamba's collapse -

Golf course builds giant dinosaur, loses PGA event - The article does not elucidate a lot, but it's one heck of a headline.

Fantastic story about someone who worked at a bank but, after writing a book about the theory of scoring from set-pieces started to work for Fiorentina -

And now Galatasary and Besiktas fans riot at wheelchair basketball - There's a certain lunatic determination by both sets of fans to try and murder each other no matter what the sport.
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Does anyone know of any card companies that do cards that sing "When I'm 64"?

Long ramble about shirt sponsors )
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It must be said, the adverts have been getting good again recently. My mother's favourite is this Dulux advert:

Matters are made more amusing that my bedroom at home is that shade of yellow.

While I really like this BT advert which, annoyingly, I can't embed -

Again, possibly funnier if you've ever been over-the-phone tech support for parents. Also, I'll put money on it being baby photos that his Mum has just put up.


The Grand National

The BHA will undoubtedly come up with better suggestions than this, but my suggestions for making the National safer are:

1) reduce the maximum number of runners to 30, which should lead to less crowding over the jumps, hopefully making it easier for horses to avoid each other.

2) if a horse unseats its rider before the race, or runs loose for any other reason, the horse doesn't get to run in the race.


Shakespeare Meme - Day #15: The first play you read

Skipping quickly over the thing about how plays are meant to be seen/acted, not read (or certainly not read silently), my dusty memory would like to say Macbeth, but I think it was probably Romeo and Juliet.

Other Days )
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Robbie Paul (sorry, Robbie Hunter-Paul) has won my admiration, which for an ex-Bradford player takes some doing. He's taken his wife's name when they got married. It takes v. little to gain my liking.

Sylvain Distain I <3 you, so much, for being able to calmly joke about the putative Moyes hairdryer treatment. He manages to make David Moyes sound like some terrifying cross between my Nan and Sir Alex Ferguson. Given that he looks like a ginger version of what's his face from In The Loop, it's scary.

In terms of general sport, I wish May would stop happening to various sports stars and commentators. I'm sorry but I grew up with Ted Lowe commentating on the snooker, the legend of Our 'Enry and Seve Ballesteros making golf interesting.


Post script - No, really, May, you can stop now, just heard one of the Leicestershire and Rutland fencers was taken very ill over the weekend.
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I'm not sure either of them is really the answer, I mean, I know far too many clever people who are deeply bitter because they feel that life has not rewarded them for their braininess, but at the same time, someone who is stupid and has lots of money is not going to keep having money for long. Personally, I need my brains more, and would be more than happy with an average amount of money.


Speaking of fools who are soon parted from their money, I need some information on how US (and Canadian) sports teams are run. It's this fiasco at Liverpool (and, to a lesser degree, Manchester United).

The reason I'm wondering is because, over here, it's sort of a fait accompli that if you buy a sports team, you will end up poorer at the end of your term of ownership than when you started, and the Russian oligarchs and the various Sheikhs seem to understand that (ignoring Portsmouth, because well, Portsmouth is a terrible thing to happen to anyone's hypothesis), but the various American owners don't seem to. This lead me to wondering if it is because you can turn a profit owning a sports company in the US. Any thoughts are greatly welcomed.
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First, Gareth Thomas came out. The article, on the BBC website, must have been taken from a pretty long interview (for the Daily Fail, hence no link to that), and it's totally worth a read -

And don't worry Alfie, I'm sure people are far more likely to remember those awesome tries you scored than anything else.

The Times have put up it's top 5 sporting moment of the decade: I disagree with number 5, but I like the rest:

4. 2005 Andrew Flintoff offers hand of friendship to Brett Lee )

3. 2005 Liverpool triumph thanks to the 'Miracle of Istanbul' )

2. 2003 Jonny Wilkinson secures World Cup with that kick )

1. 2008 Usain Bolt sets world record on his way to gold )

I cut the blurb but you should read it, because it's a perfect piece of Simon Barnes writing. Because he's not wrong. By the time Bolt ran, we had twitter, we had facebook, everything was instant, and in that instant, the only thing anyone wrote was, 'wow'.
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Title of the first post each month:

January - My conscience is giving me trouble, new years and a fic
February - Scoreboard Update
March - What I've been doing
April - We meet again, Mr. Split Infinitive
May - Champions League
June - An Update
July - Musical PSA
August - Caribbean Carnival
September - Back From Germany
October - Fencing
November - Coventry Open
December - It's all the little things

It's mostly real life stuff and sport.

Sporting Moments

19. 2005: London awarded the 2012 Olympic Games, Singapore )

17. 2008: Usain Bolt wins the Olympic 200 metres, Beijing )

15. 2005: Gary Pratt runs out Ricky Ponting, Trent Bridge )

8. 2000: Cathy Freeman’s Olympic 400 metres, Sydney )

7. 2000 Steve Redgrave’s fifth Olympic gold, Sydney )

6. 2001 David Beckham’s late free kick, Old Trafford )

I'd also like to recommend another article from the Times, from Simon Barnes who is a great sports writer, and one of the best journalists working today in any field, summing up why he's not fed up with sport.

Final paragraph:

Sport is not only about good things, why should it be? Sport is rich, sport contains all manner of moods and emotions. But here are nine wonderful athletes and a half-decent manager, all of whom have filled my year with good things. Fed up with sport? Actually no. A person who is tired of sport is tired of life.

There, my friends, is a man who gets it.
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Today's are more heart-warming.

59. 2001: Liverpool 5 Alavés 4, Uefa Cup final, Dortmund )

57. 2009: Harlequins and rugby union’s “Bloodgate” scandal, London No cut for this, or blurb, just remember it next time Union fans try to claim the moral high-ground over, well, anything.

54. 2008: Rebecca Adlington in the pool, Beijing )

52. 2007 Joe Calzaghe outclasses Mikkel Kessler, Cardiff )

51. 2002: Rhona Martin’s curlers win Olympic gold, Salt Lake City )

41. 2009: Andrew Flintoff runs out Ricky Ponting, Kennington )

On non-list, but still sporting related matters - why the heck have Milton Keynes been made part of the 2018 bid when Leicester haven't? It can't be our stadium, it was one of the ones they used while Wembley was out of action. It can't be sporting history because Milton Keynes has none. I am assuming bribery.


Aug. 20th, 2009 07:39 pm
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The man Bolt did it again.

Guy from Halls up in 110 m hurdles final. Insanity may commence.


Aug. 16th, 2009 08:38 pm
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Jessica Ennis went and won. And how. I <3 her so much.

I also <3 every single other heptathlete. Score one for the mass victory lap/survivors lap.

I also love that Berlin is so mad about the field events.
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There's a secret in the last edition of [ profile] fandomsecrets (number 123 - which states that the secret writer thinks that Michael Schumacher would have been sorted into Slytherin.

I have to say I totally agree, so I've been thinking where I'd sort other people.

Gryffindor )

Hufflepuff )

Ravenclaw )

Slytherin )

Personally, I think sports people are going to skew to Slytherin just because being sucessful in sport involves being determined and ambitious.

Anyone want to suggest anyone?
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Excellent article by Martin Brundle on the Massa thing -

Cricket Quotes

"I'm not very good, Aggers!"
Flintoff's reply when asked by Jonathan Agnew why he hadn't taken more five-wicket hauls.

"All eyes on K.P..............Nothing daft required........did Phil Collins record that , by the way?"

"Sporting Gods' breakfast... Botham ...bacon roll...Warne.. bag of chips."
David 'Bumble' Lloyd twitters during the second Ashes Test at Lord's.

(I am not getting Twitter just to follow David Lloyd)


"He's one of those players you'll stand naked in the snow to watch."
RTE commentator Martin Carney after Paul Finlay scored a point for Monaghan against Derry.


"Stop preening like a peacock!"
Real Madrid captain Raul's playful shout to Cristiano Ronaldo as he boarded the team plane to Ireland.

(Dear Lord a mercy, I think I just wanted to high five Raul)
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Rocco Mediate, who will be playing off against Tiger Woods for the US Open tonight, for this quote - "And Mediate, who could become the oldest ever winner of the title, said he is enjoying every moment and relishing the prospect of taking on Woods.

"I get to play for the national Open against the best player on earth, that maybe ever played," he said.

"How much more could you ask for? To go up against the best player in the world and have a chance to beat him, there's nothing else you can ask for, period."


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