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Award Ceremonies:

Jackie Chan awarded honorary Oscar - I suspect I may have shared this before.


Slum photographs spark charity appeal -

Oscar Wilde love letter celebrated 'behind bars' -

What Al Capone can teach India about prohibition -

Mary Rose shipwreck skulls go online in 3D -


Single mum drags up for 'Donuts with Dad' - 1 - this Mum is awesome. 2 - why is it always 'x with Dad' events. It's like once again, father's get cookies for just doing the basics.

Downton's effect on the political mood -

Dying mum's letter found in book in second-hand bookshop - Update: letter's intended recipient found.

Marvel, Jack Kirby, and the Comic-Book Artist’s Plight -


What Is Aleppo? This Is Aleppo -

Workers must not pay the price of Brexit, says TUC -

Mapuche community in Argentina fights fracking site -


Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries -


The Old Firm rivalry opens new chapter -

USA star Megan Rapinoe kneels during national anthem to support Colin Kaepernick -

Football tackles conflict on the front lines -

FA Cup: Rio Ferdinand's body double & the ex-Man City player looking to spend £500 -

Formula 1:

Felipe Massa: the closing of an F1 career that has experienced ecstasy and agony - Obviously from before the un-retirement

Ice hockey:

Lightning's J.T. Brown speaks out on life 'as a black athlete in the NHL' -


Rio Paralympics 2016: GB stars hoping to shine on the big stage -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Lee Pearson to be Great Britain flagbearer -

Rio Paralympics 2016: 'It's not about how full the stadiums are' -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Ex-Liverpool junior Sean Highdale is heading to Rio -

Rugby League:

Batley Bulldogs fan banned over Keegan Hirst tweets - You'll notice that it's a life time ban because rugby league does not tolerate this.


In pictures: The Prisoner at 50 - Just ignore some of the text. I'm not sure the unnamed writer has ever watched the show.
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Well, the BBC's four-yearly attempt to convince me that Moguls is a sport is once again not working. It's not that I don't think it involves skill, and knees of steel, it's just not a sport.

Before anyone looks at me funny, I am willing to accept aerials and half-pipe as a sport so it's not like I'm totally biased against new winter sports.

Back to more traditional sports, I am sorry for ever complaining about the Eurosport commentators. The BBC ones are even worse. For the ski-jumping we had Michael Airman (Uhrmann) and Adam Malysz's little known brother Thomas. For the luge, in between the usual severe naming problems, it was great fun that every time either of the commentators pontificated, the lugers then did the exact opposite or received the exact opposite time. What makes it worse is that one of the commentators, Colin Bryce, is an ex-bobsleigher.

One of the Canadian lugers, Ian Cockerline, had a pretty spectacular way of delivering a Valentine. It was written on the inside of his gloves that he got to show off when he finished. Well played that man.

I also liked the fan in the stadium with the sign that said '[luger's name that I didn't catch] ride faster than Santa'.

My mother, meanwhile, is of the belief that there is a Franco-Canadian plot in the biathlon, but I think that's just because her beloved Norwegian's got the worst of the weather on the biathlon course.

Either way, age does seem to be catching up with Bjorndaelen and Hannevold, but I think the 15 km races could get very interesting.

Other crowds I am in love with include the ice hockey crowd who were loudly cheering for China rather than against the US, which is a small, but important, difference.
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First, James's about remarks re: the all-star team in the ice hockey. I find myself agreeing, even though ice hockey isn't my sport, because no one gives defenders enough credit in anything. It really annoyed me when I played grass hockey (I was a goalie) when, if we won, the attackers won it, and if we lost, I lost the game. Ah, high school hockey, how I strangely miss you despite that. It annoys me in professional sports too, because Zidane shouldn't have won the Best Player at the 2006 World Cup, either Buffon or Cannavaro should have. It's not that I'm not a Zidane fan, there is a reason why he's the player on my football icon, it's just that those two were so excellent (2 goals conceeded in 7 matches, one was a penalty and one was an own goal). At least Buffon got a shiny for best goalie, but it's not enough. I want more recognition for defensive players.

The one goalie who does get the credit he deserves is Shay Given. Oh Shay, how I wished that you played for a better team. How I love that Juventus are chasing after you. Amusingly, he let in 7 goals over two games over Christmas and was still being praised to high heaven, and that was, and this is no hyperbole, because most other goalies would have let in 20 in those two games. Newcastle are terrible.

Secondly, Twig's about Leverage and their reasons for doing their thing. Only I'm not going to be talking about Leverage (see this is why I do spin-off posts). Basically, the discussion was about motivation and how one of them is a retributor, but are the others?

Which leads me into caper films, and heist films and that kind of thing. Because I like them. It's the plotting and preparation, I think. And I like a film which gives them a reason for it. They can be robbers who do it because it's their thing (the original Ocean's 11), robbers who do it because it's their thing and because they have a particular reason for pulling off this job (the remake of Ocean's 11), because it's their job (Sneakers), because they steal from the rich to give to the poor (Robin Hood, etc) and so on. My favourite caper film "How to Steal A Million" has a guy and a girl doing it for love, well, kind of, but what matters is that the characters are true to themselves.

Which was always my problem with "Hustle". Because of the whole "you can't con an innocent man", which is bullshit, and this whole thing of 'we're the good criminals, honest', which they don't ever back up. I think the BBC were stuck in a situation where they couldn't have them being 'bad guys' but couldn't really pull of something like Leverage, where they use illicit means for a good purpose.

Thirdly, nhw's post on Starship Troopers ( Which I haven't read, nor have I seen the film (much to the disgust of my housemates). My housemates did try to get me to watch but were most confused by my enjoyment of the school disection bit.

When it normally comes up is when my friend, L, uses it to explain his belief that voting shouldn't be a right and should be a reward for services rendered to the state. Not in a military sense, mostly because, while he disagrees with me re: uselessness of 9/10th of wars, he accepts that mine is a well-thought out, immovable position, and that I am not alone, plus he, rather sensibly, thinks that stuff like teaching, firefighting and policing etc are just as worthy as military service.

I'm not sure I agree, my view normally being that you then almost self-select the electorate, and they will vote for what they think is best for the country, but it might not be, and you'd get a much better picture of what is possibly best for the country, in the views of most people, if you give everyone the vote.

Ice Hockey

Oct. 25th, 2007 12:07 pm
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Hockey peeps, I need you help.

1) Has David Aebischer actually been playing badly enough to be waivered?
2) Are the rumours of said waivering true?
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Group G )

Seriously, why am I watching Italy v Ghana, do I want to give myself a heart attack? Also, Marcello Lippi has a lovely voice. And there was a good point to watching the build up - apparently Buffon has been cleared of his small betting-related problem. Meanwhile, Zambrotta and Gattuso are both injured. This is bad.

Although, Lippi has once again proved his goodness by surrounding Totti with Roma players so they'll be able to help him. Marcel Desailly is a fantastic pundit. Much love. When did Cannavaro reach 32. I remember when he was only a young 18 year old who was going to be the future of the Italian defence alongside Nesta. And goodness gracious me, haven't they been.

Why do I watch? I sit there for 90 minutes calling the Italian team every name under the sun and then some, and do myself no good. And goodness me, Toni and whoever else it was, get onto the end of those kind of crosses.

Missed the second half, quizzing, but saw the end of the World Cup Match of the Day and Leonardo was on. Such love for the man.

Ice Hockey - the goal allow disallowage and allowage in game three confuses me, but not as much as baseball does. Very few things confuse me as much as baseball. Having now seen some of them without their gear on, I wish they wouldn't. Eric Staal, especially, looks like one of my friends and it's very disturbing. And dear me, could Edmonton afford a better singer please.

The other stuff that I forgot to mention yesterday was that I went on a mini-spending spree and bought myself a new pair of jeans (baggy cargo style) and a new pair smart shoes that are quite comfortable and that I can wear to interviews. I also bought a top to cover my arms for the Sports Awards tomorrow, since I've had both an acne outbreak and an unpleasent bruise on my arm. I could only find one suitable top, it's a bit boobalicious, but it'll have to do.
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See, this is me totally ignoring all three of the Italian injuries and Nedved's injury and Smicer being totally out. I do feel really sorry for Cisse though, that was nasty.

Onto Group C )

Other than that, I watched some of the second game of the Stanley Cup finals, and I have to ask, did both teams just agree to stop shaving at random because really, it's kind of hard to tell them apart now. And also because it really doesn't suit some of them.

It also reminds me of why I like Ice Hockey, it's one of the few sports that actually recognises the importance of goalkeepers.

One thing I found amusing was that after the first game one of the Edmonton players was complaining that he kept losing face-offs because the other guy was cheating, which not only smacks of sour grapes, but also makes me wonder what he expected, of course the other guy is going to do anything he can to win. I know I would be.


Spent last night at Danny's with Stu, Claire, Glen, Naomi and one of Danny's housemates, playing board games. Mostly 'Munchkin' which is so much fun. Seriously, I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe at various points. And then we played 'Killing Dr. Lucky' which I must also recommend for it contains a good mix of strategy and twistedness that makes for lots of fun.
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The fencers are trying to kill me. Mostly with overwork.

Other than that, I don't mind Japanese ladies winning the ladies figure skating half as much as I would have objected had an American won. I am well aware I'm biased in Slutskaya's favour, and I'm still pissed about Sara Hughes winning in 2002.

Also - to Frala- Eurosport is really bigging up Daniel Alfrederson. Thought you might like to know.
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Darius Kasparitas doesn't look as though he could be evil. But when even the Yahoo journalists say that you are, then you must be bad.

Meanwhile Roy Keane looks evil and is evil. And gets away with everything :(
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Well this is what I got drafted with. (Goes off to research the various players)

C Bonk, Radek (C-Ott) C
C Oates, Adam (C-Anh) C
LW Fleury, Theo (LW-Chi) LW
LW Thornton, Scott (LW-SJ) LW
RW Iginla, Jarome (RW-Cgy) RW
RW Palffy, Zigmund (RW-LA) RW
D Housley, Phil (D-Chi) D
D Modry, Jaroslav (D-LA) D
D Hill, Sean (D-Car) D
D Rozsival, Michal (D-Pit) D
Nieuwendyk, Joe (C-NJ) C
LeClair, John (LW-Phi) LW
Zednik, Richard (RW-Mon) RW

G Burke, Sean (G-Pho) G
G Johnson, Brent (G-StL) G
Irbe, Arturs (G-Car) G


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