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Film Industry:

Director Andrea Arnold 'shocked' by lack of women in film -


Syria conflict: Life under siege in rebel-held Aleppo -


Megan Rapinoe - Why I Am Kneeling - Although this could go under sport just as easily.

How Hong Kong's Cantopop scene went from heartbreak to protest - Which could go under music.


Chasing the Sun: The woman forgotten by science -


Tottenham Hotspur player receives damages for suffering brain damage -

Sparta Prague: Players to train with women's team after 'sexist' comments - This may be the definition of 'I see what you were trying to do but'.
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Last call: What's happened to London's nightlife? -

Why is the exposure of Elena Ferrante causing such outrage? -


Abandoned fire station basement in Dudley rediscovered -

Germany Reunified 26 Years Ago But Some Divisions Are Still Strong -


The Psychology of Victim-Blaming -

An ex-FBI interrogator's tips on handling debate lies -

The Real Life Monopoly Board -

Why can some people study as they listen to music, while others can't? - Video not text

WTF Secret Lives Your Favorite Celebs Keep Under The Radar -

Liverpool FC's first black player Howard Gayle wants MBEs changed -

Archbishop Desmond Tutu 'wants right to assisted death' -

Is magic's glass ceiling vanishing? -


Compassion fatigue and the optician of Lampedusa -

How Sweden became an exporter of jihad -


Molecular Machinery: the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry -


Women's Sport Week 2016: Laura Kenny on equality, hair and Elton John -

Women's Sport Week 2016: Hannah Cockroft on Paralympic prize money -


Tyson Fury: Barry McGuigan calls for new mental health fund for boxers - In which Barry McGuigan is right, as usual.


Kosovo footballers to make home debut - in Albania -


How the street light has been given a hi-tech makeover -
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The Real Cost of Fast Fashion -

Ford and other firms to miss Paris Motor Show -


Young women at 'highest mental health risk' -


World War Two spy's row with wife 'almost ruined D-Day' -


The reality of life as a disabled clubber -

US presidents can have everything - except the car keys -

A world without Down's syndrome? -

What's it like to be the child of a survivor? -

Teesside's last blast furnace closure made men cry - what happened next? -

Journalist Noor Tagouri to become first Muslim to appear in Playboy with a hijab -

Eight times Terry Wogan made us cry with laughter -

Why the story of body-swapping teenagers has gripped Japan -

Counterfeit drugs: 'People are dying every day' -


Colombia Farc ceasefire: The man who photographed a little-pictured war -

California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case -

Thai women take dip in the road in pothole protest -

Syria war: The toy smuggler bringing bags of joy to children -

Will and Kate's Canada tour highlights First Nations fury -

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi: The vandal of Timbuktu -

South Asia's 'disposable women' -


The transgender Republican trying to change her party -


Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list -

First 'three person baby' born using new method -



Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: An imperfect love story -

Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: How will he be judged? -


Arnold Palmer: How golfer defined sports marketing -


Customers 'bewildered and fearful' about use of their data -
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Award Ceremonies:

Jackie Chan awarded honorary Oscar - I suspect I may have shared this before.


Slum photographs spark charity appeal -

Oscar Wilde love letter celebrated 'behind bars' -

What Al Capone can teach India about prohibition -

Mary Rose shipwreck skulls go online in 3D -


Single mum drags up for 'Donuts with Dad' - 1 - this Mum is awesome. 2 - why is it always 'x with Dad' events. It's like once again, father's get cookies for just doing the basics.

Downton's effect on the political mood -

Dying mum's letter found in book in second-hand bookshop - Update: letter's intended recipient found.

Marvel, Jack Kirby, and the Comic-Book Artist’s Plight -


What Is Aleppo? This Is Aleppo -

Workers must not pay the price of Brexit, says TUC -

Mapuche community in Argentina fights fracking site -


Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries -


The Old Firm rivalry opens new chapter -

USA star Megan Rapinoe kneels during national anthem to support Colin Kaepernick -

Football tackles conflict on the front lines -

FA Cup: Rio Ferdinand's body double & the ex-Man City player looking to spend £500 -

Formula 1:

Felipe Massa: the closing of an F1 career that has experienced ecstasy and agony - Obviously from before the un-retirement

Ice hockey:

Lightning's J.T. Brown speaks out on life 'as a black athlete in the NHL' -


Rio Paralympics 2016: GB stars hoping to shine on the big stage -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Lee Pearson to be Great Britain flagbearer -

Rio Paralympics 2016: 'It's not about how full the stadiums are' -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Ex-Liverpool junior Sean Highdale is heading to Rio -

Rugby League:

Batley Bulldogs fan banned over Keegan Hirst tweets - You'll notice that it's a life time ban because rugby league does not tolerate this.


In pictures: The Prisoner at 50 - Just ignore some of the text. I'm not sure the unnamed writer has ever watched the show.
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Oh, you thought I was joking about the number of links ;)

Data visualisation:

A Compendium of Clean Graphs in R - Really useful R graph examples.

Food and Drink:

Sneaking a taste of North Korea's finest beer -


Grunwick dispute: What did the 'strikers in saris' achieve? -

Law and Order:

The terror of young offender institutions -


The cartoonist called the 'Walt Disney of Brazil' -

The man who squeezes muscles - Okay, so conflict of interest warning, St. Helens is one of the towns where Purple Aki used to do his muscle squeezing. I also can't help but think that if some weirdo was going round squeezing girls's muscles, the article about him would be less sympathetic.

What we know about Ri Chun-hee, the most famous woman in North Korea -

Grammars debate trumps expert consensus -


7/7 bomber's former brother-in-law: 'There were no signs' -


Ail to the chief: A history of US presidential bad health -

How Hillary Clinton can get that ‘presidential look’ - From before the US election. Glorious satire.


Paolo Macchiarini: A surgeon’s downfall -

Science Fiction:

What if Star Trek Had Never Existed? -

Amy Adams takes control in Arrival movie -


Get Inspired: Great North Run and six inspirational stories -


Sylvia Gore: England women's first goalscorer dies aged 71 -


Rio Paralympics 2016: Kadeena Cox aims to inspire black athletes -

Rio Paralympics: 50-year-old Kazakh woman sets new swimming record -


Cybathlon: World's first 'bionic Olympics' gears up -

The ultra-Orthodox Jews combining tech and the Torah -


Apr. 10th, 2017 12:00 am
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Only one, and very late, but still important.


At Standing Rock, women lead fight in face of Mace, arrests and strip searches -
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Re: this post about writing to ministers ( - the Foreign Office have won the Westminster stakes, because their reply letter arrived today. It's mostly politi-speak but they did at least address my concerns.
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Or whatever they and their Northern Irish branch are called this month

A Londonderry man left in a permanent vegetative state following a sectarian attack has been asked by the Social Security Agency if he is fit for work. -

I'd love to say this surprises me but after the hoops K went through with her brother's paperwork recently, it really doesn't. Basically K's brother was born severely brain-damaged, and presently lives in sheltered housing. At the end of last year, they had to go through a whole song and dance and umpteen forms and medical appointments to prove his condition hadn't improved at all (as brain damage so frequently sees improvements /sarcasm) and that he could still keep his place in the sheltered housing where he lives. Oddly enough, no, his condition hadn't changed and thankfully they were still going to fund him, but for a government that wants to save money, I'd suggest this is not the way to go about it.
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Remind me again how good a manager Brendan Rodgers is? Because I'm not seeing it. Now, I'll admit to a bias against him because of how horrid he's been to Andy Carroll (see also, footballers I am not reasonable on the subject of), and I think his much vaunted man-management skills are third-rate psychobabble that worked fine on the young footballers at Swansea but have been shown to be useless with grown ups.

But right now, it looks like they're going to finish lower in the league than they did last season, and they're out of the League Cup (whatever it's called this year) and I give them no chance in the FA Cup.

The main reason for those last two predictions is that he has a grand total of 3 recognised strikers, one of whom is a 19 year old winger, and one of the other two is Luis "walking disciplinary offence" Suarez.

And he knew that before he sent Carroll off to West Ham. And it's not that I think Carroll is particularly brilliant, but he is at least a striker.


The Bogglement:

The Society of Black Lawyers have made (possibly are going to make) a police complaint about anti-Semitic chanting by Spurs fans ( So far, so sensible. Offensive is offensive, even if it's not aimed at you.

The problem comes when you get the context of a lot of Spurs fans being Jewish and them being at least a large section making the chants of "Yid army". Because they do this (and have done it for many years) as a sort of reclamation.

Cue accusations by the Society of Black Lawyers that it's a terrible excuse and context doesn't matter.

Which has lead to much debate on the nature of racial/ethnic/religious identity, language and its uses and abuses, whether you can reclaim words, who gets to say who can say what and footballing rivalries laid on top of that. The word messy doesn't come close.


Formula 1 Opinions Sought:

I have been doing some thinking about blown diffusers, and how they interacted with driving styles, in particular, how smooth a driver is.

I'm also aware that having just me judging how smooth a driver is is not a good idea, and so I've set up a survey on Surveymonkey and I'd be grateful for any responses -
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Rugby League

Robbie Hunter-Paul made the best Freudian slip re: this England team. He called it the Wigan team. Which it basically is. I know Roby and Wilkin are two of the ones that are sitting it out for injury/general tiredness related reasons, but, given that McNamara has put out an A minus team without any of Makison, Foster (even if he's basically at Hull now) or Lomax, I don't think I'm being paranoid. I suspect none of the Saints babies are going to get much of a look in under this regime. Which I ought to be selfishly grateful for, because fewer matches mean fewer injuries, but at the same time, I want the world to see how awesome our babies are.

That and I expect a sudden finding of Irish grandparents to occur. It's amazing how often Saints players have Irish grandparents.

Oh hells bells, Gareth Ellis is playing for Hull next season. (I know it's because he's now too slow for the NRL, but he's still damn good.)

Against a better side (no offense intended towards Wales, they're young and learning), England would be pulverised. So many mistakes.


Discussion of the Terry affair, therefore some quoting of racist comments, and other foul language )

Formula 1

Indian Grand Prix - My liveblogging can be summarised as Shut Up Coulthard )


Like everyone else I know, I am convinced I have a novel in me (or at least a couple of novellas of dubious quality), but I was stuck so I took some advice from [ profile] saruwatari, and set myself the task of writing 100 words of it a day. And it's working. So thanks for the advice.


Fic writing:

The numbers (of hits) on AOOO (which will send you crazy) also give you some interesting information. For instance, I had a huge jump in the number of hits for Walking In These Shoes, which was because I got a rec from beth_h (for which I am immensely grateful). And Skyfall has lead to an uptick in hits on Let Slip The Dogs of War.

I fear the increase in the number of hits for the fics with Stacy Kiebler are to do with her famous boyfriend. Which makes me a bit eek! because I don't know if I've made it clear enough that I write about Stacy Kiebler (TM) rather than the lady herself.
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No disrespect intended to anyone who ships the pairings I don't.

Six ships you're into right now

1. Fai/Kurogane
2. Crimson/Matt Morgan
3. Black Widow/Hawkeye
4. Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr
5. Moriarty/Moran (from the RDJ Holmes)
6. Sherlock/John (Sherlock version - only not / more John is Sherlock's most important person, for whatever value that Sherlock is capable of. Not that I have excessive numbers of WIPs on this topic, more or less.)

Three ships you liked, but don’t like anymore

7. Phil Coulson/Pepper Potts
8. Jack Harkness/Toshiko Sato
9. Cap/Tony Stark, but only in the movieverse

Four ships you never liked

10. George Smiley/Peter Guillam
11. Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy
12. Mycroft/Lestrade
13. Thor/Loki

Two ships you're curious about, but don’t actually ship

14. Mystique/Angel
15. Mystique/Azazel

(Um, those last two might tell you which character I'm writing a lot of at the moment)

On to the meme )

The jubilee, whatever my own personal views* appears to have gone off well. Also, I believe, that political commentators, both on the left and chunks of the right, over-estimate the general public's dislike of Prince Charles. He might be a nimwit, but he's generally viewed as mostly harmless. Also, and this might just be my generation, if I wanted to make sure that people didn't vote to get rid of the monarchy, all I'd have to say would be, "imagine the other option, how would you feel about President Blair?" People really underestimate the dislike most people have for today's politicians.

And of course, there was Handel, Holst and Elgar. And Beethoven. I make no comment about the last.

* I am, needless to say, a republican (in the monarchic sense)


I thought the ITV Euro2012 build up thing was good, if silly ( The BBC one is better ( It makes me want to go storm castles.


Shakespeare Meme - Day 22 - Underrated Play

True story time.

So the RSC do a cheap ticket for students thing, and after the wonderful Stu volunteered to drive (because trains to Stratford at the weekend from Leicester are terrible), I thought game on. So I looked for tickets, and the only play on at the right time with student tickets left was 'Coriolanus'. I knew the name of the play, but that was about all that I knew about it. It wasn't one of the big hitters, it wasn't even in the second rank. It might not lurk in quite as much confusion as the Two Noble Gentlemen Kinsmen of Verona (yes, I know neither play is called that but I still get them horribly confused) but not one I'd ever considered watching.

I wavered a little on whether or not to buy some tickets. In the end I decided yes, because I didn't know when the next time I'd be able to see the RSC do anything would be.

And I'm really glad I did because I loved Coriolanus. Both the play and the character. One day I will get round to watching the Ralph Fiennes version to see if it is the character himself or if it was just the version that I saw first that I loved quite so much but he's so ...

Well he's fine as long as you give him an army and a battle to fight, it's after that where it all goes horribly wrong. He's a man who keeps getting pushed into positions he's terrible for/at by advisors and his somewhat all-powerful, utterly terrifying, she-who-will-be-obeyed mother (who is all these things and still loves him and only wants the best for him). And no, I don't over-identify at all :P

It's very much one of those plays where you find yourself wanting to yell 'no, don't do that' at the main character. It doesn't help, he keeps doing that, the rolling stone of Roman tragedy stopping for no-one.

I really don't get why it isn't better known and better loved.

Other Days )
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Mostly because Question Time last night brought home the fact that most politicians are neither trained orators nor particularly good at rhetoric. David Aaronovitch, ye though I have undoubtedly mis-spelt his name, on the other hand ... Although Tim Farron did a really good job of selling the most recent budget, a far better job of it than the Chancellor ever did.

That being said I am annoyed at the number of people in Britain involved in political and judicial life who seem to think it's okay to send Abu Quatada (a bad, bad man, I know) to Jordan because they've got a promise that *his* trial won't use evidence gained by torture. How about, you know, we don't treat with countries that use torture, or does that only apply when they're torturing people we like.

I'm similarly miffed by the lack of government response re: the Bahrain Grand Prix. I seem to recall reading that the French government actually banned the French F1 teams from competing at the South African Grand Prix back in the apartheid era. Could we not do that again? (And no, there's no hope of convincing Bernie, and Bernie will fine the teams if they don't turn up without good reason.)

Anyway, on to the links -

With a grateful nod to [ profile] nwhyte who posted a link to a defendant's own blog, which then provided a link to the British and Irish Legal Information Institute's link to the judges summation of a recent libel trial where two of the defendants were Amazon and Richard Dawkins (and his foundation) -

Now judge's judgements, summations and what-have-you are normally worth reading, because it's good way of learning about law in a country where precedence has a strong weight, and it also clarifies a lot of legal issues. It's also useful when the judgement is being spoken of, because this is being spoken of as a victory for the forces of reason, when mostly the judge's summation seems to be, 'yeah, he was rude, but that's not actionable'.


The BBC posted an interesting link about Norway's legal system -

Which it is talking about because of the Brevik trial. About which the BBC posted another interesting article here - 'Singled out' Breivik survivor tells of trial necessity -


On a less serious front, in the football news, this makes me glad - Turkey's Emre banned for insulting Zokora -

While I have nothing against Fenerbahce or Turkey, that the Turkish FA are willing to ban players ought to be a signal to UEFA that it really needs to get it's own house in order, and I'm talking about the fact that Arsene Wenger got twice the fine for complaining about the ref than Porto did for it's fans shouting some vile things at Mario Balotelli and the rest of Man. City's black players.

So during the Featherstone vs Castleford Challenge Cup match, Rangi Chase accidentally broke Tangi Roopati's jaw. He, understandably, is very apologetic (it's one of those odd situations where I actually believe that the player throwing the punch didn't mean to break the other man's jaw). The problem lies in the UK's bloody-minded visa system which says that Roopati can only earn money from rugby-related activities, which means he's basically paid to play. If he can't play, he can't get paid. This is a problem when you've got a 12 week injury lay-off. So Featherstone Rovers are organising a fund to help out, which I'm very tempted to contribute to -

But then again, that's the thing about rugby league, it is very much a community sport, like when Bradford had to get out their begging caps for money, I know Saints fans who chipped in (admittedly because you can't get the joy of beating them if they don't exist), and the Widnes chairman gave them £10,000.


I do love that Fergie doesn't like it when his players dive - Or rather, I suspect, he wishes that they'd keep it for the big matches so people don't get suspicious.


And on an arts theme we have:

Giant Puppets invade Liverpool -
Images here -

And shots from the Avengers red carpet here -
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In light of three recent deaths, I have some comments:

In these times of twittering, one of the downsides is that suddenly ones idols have feet of clay. The opposite is sometimes true. I remember footage of Graham Dilley playing cricket, but Aggers's twitters remind me that he was a person, not just a cricket player.

In August, when Steve Jobs withdrew from Apple, Die Welt wrote the most wonderful article about him. Sadly it's in German, but if any of you read German, I heartily recommend it -

I'm pleased that the Nobel committee have seen sense on the matter of Professor Steinman's Nobel. I think their logic is that they didn't know he was dead so it's not posthumous. Interesting article on him here - . There's something admirable about him.


In an attempt to cheer this post up, I shall talk about the rugby. It shall be a busy weekend for me, with the Super League Play-off final, with Saints up against Leeds (oh please let us win).

Then there's New Zealand v Argentina, which, even with Dan Carter being injured I can't see Argentina winning, although this is New 'choking' Zealand we're talking about.

This is followed by South Africa v Australia, now while SA have a minor injury problem and a certain level of disarray, Australia have reached the 'if it's not actually falling off, you're playing' stage of injury crisis. I can't see Australia winning because of that.

I refuse to predict the result of the France v England match because if any team can turn around that kind of terrible performance, it's France. Even if Marc Livremont will insist on playing Morgan Parra instead of Francois Trinh-Duc.

Wales v Ireland is giving me conniptions because I don't want my team being the team to end Shane Williams's career because as flying wingers go, he's one of the best. However no force will compel me not to cheer for a team that contains both Brian O'Driscoll and Paul O'Connell. I love how the Welsh team are all about don't be complacent, while the Irish are playing mind games (however accidental because I can't actually believe Donnacha O'Callahan has the wherewithal to play them) by being incredibly lovely about the Welsh team. Who have Dan Lydiate back. Only bad things will come from this match.
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I do that any way (unless I'm on holiday). Rice Krispies continues to be an awesome breakfast. This has a lot to do with me being very change averse and Krispies being one of the few things that don't make me nauseous first thing in the morning.


With regard to the royal wedding, avoidance is working. I know writing about it counts as avoidance fail, but I feel the need to make some points in regards to my feelings about it.

On a personal level, I wish both of them nothing but the best. I want them to have a long and happy marriage, and the exact number of children they want, be it 0 or 900, and I want no cloud to pass between them. But you know who else I want that for. Everybody else that gets married. Because I like it when people are happy.

What I don't get is why there is such a big brouhaha about it. People in love get married every day, what's so special about these two. Two of my friends are getting married at the end of May, where is the countrywide celebration for them?

Also, for RL peeps, imagine the awesomeness of the shoes C would get if she had whatsherface's budget.

Then again, I suppose the advantage is that at least my friends don't have the Archbishop of Canterbury enquiring after the state of their virginity (no, I'm not joking about this. I really rather urgently want a soundclip of the Self-Righteous Brothers going 'oi, Williamson, no!'). And at least it's only family and friends that my friends have to decide whether or not to invite, not foreign dignitaries of various parts repressive and unpleasant. Then again, that does somewhat lay the lie to the whole thing about this is a private ceremony.

What I don't really understand is why William and Kate haven't just gone 'stuff y'all, we're eloping'. But I think that might be why they're both going to be richer than I could ever hope to be.
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Given that I always complain when LJ makes their questions, I'm going to commend them on getting this one right. Happy not quite Thanksgiving to the US-ians on my flist and happy unThanksgiving to the Canadians, who I think I forgot to wish happy Thanksgiving to when theirs rolled round.


I am mostly getting over a cold, which I think I picked up from S. That's why I haven't posted about N&S's visit to the frozen North. The moment my nose works again, I shall post about that.

And also about a couple of the comic book movies coming out soonly.

It's either that, or worry about D, who I probably haven't mentioned before, who is presently near the border between the Koreas teaching English. I know, logically, that he'll be fine, but logic is not coming into my thoughts right now. I blame the cold.
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Because it's a one-stop shop for all your news needs, and, and this the thing that makes me love it even more, it will annoy Rupert Murdoch, and anything that annoys him is a good thing.

It also has some of the best sports coverage in the world. Frequently I "watch" sports via their text service rather than on TV. That's how good it is.

Also, music meme:

Day 05 - A song that reminds you of someone

Actually, all of Employment by the Kaiser Chiefs reminds me of my old housemate N.

The first song of theirs I heard was 'Oh My God (' on CD:UK, and I fell in love. I had to have more of this band. One of the other tracks off this album was on the NME 'Best of' CD for the year. That track was 'Na Na Na Na Naa' ( I played it to my housemate N because it was the only track of theirs I had to hand. Her reaction was 'that's not music'. Then 'I Predict A Riot' ( was released. She was hooked. So yeah, Kaiser Chiefs converted a bhangra and RnB fan to indie. N went to see them live at Brixton. She said it was a fantastic night. I was talking to her one night, and she'd left this playing quietly in the background. We went to talk to our other housemate N, and 'Time Honoured Tradition' came on, but so quietly the second N couldn't hear it. According to her, the two of us breaking simoultaneously into the chorus was wierd and freaky ;)

The other days )
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Firstly, I'm in shock after hearing about Paul Gray's death -

I hope the riffs are particularly heavy where you are, 2, the maggots miss you already.


Then you've got the Murdoch press complaining about the 2 boys who've just been found guilty of attempted rape at the Old Bailey. While I agree with their general point that children shouldn't be tried at Crown Courts, no matter how heinous the matter, I could do with the tone being less 'those poor boys'. In defence of a couple of the articles in the Times, it's only the leader and the editorials taking that line, both the legal expert and one of the opinion pieces are at 'the poor victim'.

Let's be honest here, those boys deserve punishment, but they also need a small army of psychologists, because what have we (as a society) done when pre-pubescents think 'let's go rape a girl'.
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1) Why, despite Tzipi Livni also being a native Hebrew speaker, does she seem to sound so much more uncertain in it than Binyamin Netanyahu, at least to my entirely non-Hebrew understanding ears?

2) Why is Thomas (?) Vanek not on the injured reserve given that he's out for a month probably?

3) Yorkshire rat population explodes - The article blames the mild winter and the floods. It also goes on to mention the increasing in fly-tipping and bins that are easy for rats to get into. At no point does it mention the fact that it's starting to be a major task to convince the binmen to take your bins.

4) This makes me sad - 'Bang' sculpture to be taken down - because I was quite fond of mentioned sculpture, even if it was a death trap that threatened to rain metal spikes down on people at random intervals.

5) The horse 'angel of the South' thing - typical Southern bollocks, take a Northern idea (the actual Angel of the North which is a fantastic bit of figurative sculpture -, make it cuter (horses beat out a rusted steel angel) and bigger (same size as Nelson's Column) and then probably end up claiming its better and that they thought of it first. It's not even like the horse is original, Glasgow already have one that looks a lot more effective ( I know that the White Horse is Kent's symbol, but what they're planning looks so bland and pointless.
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15 Pairings You Like in 15 Words or Less (now with a second set of clues)

I think the original meme asked for OTPs but I have about 5 of those, so I've changed it to just pairings in general. Guess away, most are screamingly obvious if you know the fandom.

1. He knows she doesn't speak Minbari. She's the right hand of vengence.
2. Big Puppy/Big Kitty. The king of repression/possibly the only one who might challenge him for that title/
3. The major X-men on and off train wreck. Rogue and Gambit as guessed by [ profile] angstbunny
4. She let him be valedictorian. He knows. She knows that he knows. And so on. In the end, she stands by him.
5. Tea and a country girl. The snobby Brit, and and his best girl. Regal and Molly guessed by [ profile] one_more_cherry
6. A green slinky dress of a pairing. "You ever have a warrior woman"
7. My reason for a thing for mentor/mentee.Flair/Orton as guessed by [ profile] scoobydumblonde
8. One day he will stop putting his foot in it when he talks to her. And on that day, he won't call her a whore.
9. He can't copy her nose. But he did a lot of other things for her, mainly bad
10. His dark queen. He brought her to Sunnydale to make her better.
11. Three part name and why unrequited love is awesome. Manchester edition. He can name all the Doctors. In order.
12. He took her to the hangman of Lille. And won't ever get over her.
13. He's still atoning for the Marquis de St. Cyr. And is still the man she married, however much he hides it.
14. Light it. Not even the Allience could keep them apart.
15. A techie and a dead guy.Tosh/Owen also guessed by [ profile] scoobydumblonde


So I was on yahoo, and they had an article about Obama's inauguration, "Five Things to Watch Out For" ( and I loved the fifth thing )

This man sounds so very, very cool.


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