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Yes, it's yet another good Virgin Media advert. Now if only they'd improve their customer service.

And my favourite out of this bunch:

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Since Movie Day was a great success (except for London Midland screwing up so I missed Book of the Dead), have some short comments on the trailers first.


The Penguins of Madagascar is on my to be watched list along with Get Santa which looks like my kind of nonsense. And my hat is off to Rafe Spall for managing to look/act so differently in everything I see him in.

The Bizarre:

The Spongebob movie trailer looks like Hollywood has been imbibing the nose candy again.

Not My Thing:

The Imitation Game - probably one of those things where I know slightly too much about the cryptanlysis side of things (I am terrible at cryptanalysis, but I enjoy reading about it) to enjoy the film.

Nativity 3 does not look like my kind of nonsense.

The Drop

I'd love to know why in Virgin Trains's advert for their Birmingham to London route, they're using footage of Liverpool Lime Street. To the point of asking them on Twitter. I have spent too much time at Lime Street, New Street and Euston not to recognise them all instantly, but more importantly, the rock formation and color at the back of Lime Street is unmistakable.

Is that Kevin Spacey I see in the new Call of Duty ad? And is that Taylor Kitsch in the ad for whatever military shooter that was?

They're letting ad agencies at the crack again, aren't they? As evidence, I would like to nominate this Just Eat advert (, this O2 advert ( and this Freederm advert ( Not that I don't like them, but bzuh, what?! The other main theme seems to be Busby Berkley as done by Dyson (in an advert I can't find on Youtube) and Currys/PC World (


Apr. 30th, 2014 10:31 pm
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Yes, I know I am the reason for the decline and fall of civilisation, but I really like adverts. The two that have really caught my eye are:

Partly it's a good, fun ad, partly "hello Clive Russell" and partly "maybe Wilkos are trying to expand and might finally have a shop near me".
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I really like this Green Flag advert

Mostly for the pitch perfect take off of the 24 news channels.

Fiat Advert -

I would like to suggest that the ad-writer may have had something to get off his chest.



Mad props to the Man United fans who decided to sing "Cum On Feel The Moyes" at their new manager. I applaud the ingenuity. The original, before footie fans happened -

Also Jose Mourinho, you are a bald faced liar. And I love you.


Football and Music

So when MCA died, the awesome Sunil of the BBC F1 highlights put the highlights on over Sabotage. The footie highlights dude (or dudette) did the same thing for Jon Brookes (of the Charlatans), and had "How High" ( It's such a nice touch. They didn't make a thing of it but if you knew the band you knew why.


Aug. 3rd, 2013 11:12 pm
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Muller Rice advert -

Now normally I'm not a one for adverts that sound like the main idea has been produced by madlibs, but there's something about this one. Possibly because there's a bear with a quiff singing "rice, rice baby".

The Toyota Auris advert -

Because I like their version of the future.

Alpen advert -

The one with the Swiss who have mysteriously up and down Swedish accents, given that they're Swiss.

And, despite the bias which my final comment is going reveal, I will give Swiss muesli this much. It is a lot better than Alpen. Because Alpen is cardboard and sugar. I have a sweet tooth, and it's too sweet for me. But the no-added sugar version is literally cardboard.

My final point, the revealing one, wishes to make it clear that the Swiss know nothing about having been robbed in the skiing. Because it's normally them reporting the Austrians to the powers that be leading to our boys being stripped of their victories. Bloody Swiss skiiers!

Ahem. /skiing rant
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Because I'm having a real disconnect. All my friends, whose tastes I trust, keep assuring me that this film is fantastic, and features plot and characters and interesting stuff. Also, it's directed by Guillermo del Toro who, whatever else, makes interesting looking films.

The only problem is, your adverts do not suggest any of this. They suggest:

In the first advert - this is Real Steel robots fighting in what looks like Battleship's background and sets. It looks like humungous mecha: the movie, and that's not a genre I'm even vaguely interested in.

In the second advert - generic geek is going on (and on, and on) about how cool his job is to Ron Perlman in front of neon futuristic city lights. He keeps saying that he can't give any details. But his work is cool. I understand the intent of the advert but it just doesn't work for me.

They are bad adverts. They make me not want to watch what appears, in reality, to be a cool sci-fi film. I'm used to trailers lying to over-state their case, I don't think I've ever seen a trailer that makes a film look worse than it is.


Apr. 26th, 2013 10:56 am
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A couple of adverts I am loving at the moment:

Please ignore that they're both for alcoholic drinks.
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They've just helped me find something I've been looking for for ages.
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Due to a mass power outage in Birmingham, I missed the start of Impact. Apparently Magnus is British and evil. On to actually spoilery matters )



I really like this Ikea advert -

I also wish Tesco would stop using the Thunderbirds theme for their adverts, it gets my hopes up every time.

US Election stuff )

Brief gap for question - Can anyone explain why Nebraska and Maine's various Districts get separate mentions?

Back to the cut )
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Caught up with the end of Revenge. OMG, as Nolan would say, OMG. Also brilliant use of music ( - Seven Devils by Florence and the Machine).


Other things I liked recently - this Heinz advert -


Book Review:

Who Saw Her Die - Patrica Moyes - Interesting characters and situation, let down by an unsatisfactory resolution. (3.5/5)
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Every time I see the advert for Looper, I want to congratulate the make up / costume/ general effects teams on not making Joseph Gordon Levitt not look like himself, not in a bad way, but in a oh, it is him sort of way.



Okay so I sometimes lurk on chemistry blogs. One recent set of posts was all about the French government managing to save a few jobs at Sanofi Aventis. Most of the blogs have mostly US-based commenters. I am amazed at the number of people who are annoyed at the French government looking after their own citizens, rather than at the US government for not looking after theirs.



No, idiots in the Impact crowd, Chavo does not suck.

Not counting those idiots, there was actually a lot of fun crowd stuff, in between Storm getting the crowd to help him beat up Roode, and Bully Ray and Austin Aries causing havoc. Oh how I love thee, Austin Aries, even though I can see the thick, strong roots of your heel turn.


I suspect many people I know will be deeply amused by this advert -


Book Review
The Science of Discworld -

Very enjoyable book, with the science clearly explained. I loved the Discworldy-insert bits, especially Ponder Stibbons. It's terribly accurate about academics wizards. The only extra thing I could have done with is a bibliography so I can track down some of the books they mention.

Suggestions )

I've already read one of the suggestions and am looking to read another 2, so it's accurate. The unsuggestions seem to be mostly the kind of books I avoid reading so again, reasonably accurate.

A Post

Aug. 23rd, 2012 11:16 am
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Not that I don't appreciate it (and given the Manics love their sport, I'm sure they love it too) but an instrumental version of "Design For Life" is an interesting choice for a Paralympic advert. I'm assuming, if any thought went into it beyond whee! good music, it was chosen because of the theme of the song, fighting against the tide of life that wants to wear us down.

(Actual advert -


Virgin Media still suck, but this is a good advert -


Person of Interest has been moved to 9 pm. I'd love to believe it's because Channel 5 have seen sense, but I suspect it's because of Big Brother scheduling.

Person of Interest )

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Dublin report to follow.

TNA - warning, not compliamentary )

I have no shame in admitting I like this lottery advert.

Yes, it's grossly sentimental, but it's well done.
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No disrespect intended to anyone who ships the pairings I don't.

Six ships you're into right now

1. Fai/Kurogane
2. Crimson/Matt Morgan
3. Black Widow/Hawkeye
4. Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr
5. Moriarty/Moran (from the RDJ Holmes)
6. Sherlock/John (Sherlock version - only not / more John is Sherlock's most important person, for whatever value that Sherlock is capable of. Not that I have excessive numbers of WIPs on this topic, more or less.)

Three ships you liked, but don’t like anymore

7. Phil Coulson/Pepper Potts
8. Jack Harkness/Toshiko Sato
9. Cap/Tony Stark, but only in the movieverse

Four ships you never liked

10. George Smiley/Peter Guillam
11. Matt Hardy/Jeff Hardy
12. Mycroft/Lestrade
13. Thor/Loki

Two ships you're curious about, but don’t actually ship

14. Mystique/Angel
15. Mystique/Azazel

(Um, those last two might tell you which character I'm writing a lot of at the moment)

On to the meme )

The jubilee, whatever my own personal views* appears to have gone off well. Also, I believe, that political commentators, both on the left and chunks of the right, over-estimate the general public's dislike of Prince Charles. He might be a nimwit, but he's generally viewed as mostly harmless. Also, and this might just be my generation, if I wanted to make sure that people didn't vote to get rid of the monarchy, all I'd have to say would be, "imagine the other option, how would you feel about President Blair?" People really underestimate the dislike most people have for today's politicians.

And of course, there was Handel, Holst and Elgar. And Beethoven. I make no comment about the last.

* I am, needless to say, a republican (in the monarchic sense)


I thought the ITV Euro2012 build up thing was good, if silly ( The BBC one is better ( It makes me want to go storm castles.


Shakespeare Meme - Day 22 - Underrated Play

True story time.

So the RSC do a cheap ticket for students thing, and after the wonderful Stu volunteered to drive (because trains to Stratford at the weekend from Leicester are terrible), I thought game on. So I looked for tickets, and the only play on at the right time with student tickets left was 'Coriolanus'. I knew the name of the play, but that was about all that I knew about it. It wasn't one of the big hitters, it wasn't even in the second rank. It might not lurk in quite as much confusion as the Two Noble Gentlemen Kinsmen of Verona (yes, I know neither play is called that but I still get them horribly confused) but not one I'd ever considered watching.

I wavered a little on whether or not to buy some tickets. In the end I decided yes, because I didn't know when the next time I'd be able to see the RSC do anything would be.

And I'm really glad I did because I loved Coriolanus. Both the play and the character. One day I will get round to watching the Ralph Fiennes version to see if it is the character himself or if it was just the version that I saw first that I loved quite so much but he's so ...

Well he's fine as long as you give him an army and a battle to fight, it's after that where it all goes horribly wrong. He's a man who keeps getting pushed into positions he's terrible for/at by advisors and his somewhat all-powerful, utterly terrifying, she-who-will-be-obeyed mother (who is all these things and still loves him and only wants the best for him). And no, I don't over-identify at all :P

It's very much one of those plays where you find yourself wanting to yell 'no, don't do that' at the main character. It doesn't help, he keeps doing that, the rolling stone of Roman tragedy stopping for no-one.

I really don't get why it isn't better known and better loved.

Other Days )
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First a story of personal silliness.

So the estate agent rings me at quarter to nine. Now for those of you who don't know, it's not that I don't do mornings, it's that anything I do in the morning goes horribly, horribly wrong.

I am so discombobulated that I try to answer my alarm clock, and am most distressed when it won't let me answer the ringing. I then, with the special logic of the barely awake, decide that I must have fallen asleep with my mobile and it must therefore be in my bedding. I turn my bedclothes upside down, literally, and get freaked when I can't find it because the spiders must have eaten it.

I repeat, I am not a morning person.

Eventually, I woke up enough to realise that at night, I actually have functional brain cells, and therefore I'd probably left my mobile in my trousers. Unfortunately, by the time I got to the phone it rang off. Since I've been playing phone tag with this man most of the week, I don't think it bodes well.



TNA - you know you're on a warning right.

Spoilers (oh and some pretty strong language) )

In which I rant about the state of TNA, also containing spoilers )

A smaller rant, specific to this year's Lockdown )

Given the adverts for 'Smash' (, I take it Jack Davenport is there to be the smarmy Brit who gets his comeuppance. He's looking decidedly ... rafish.

Oh dear god, they're using the wrestlers to advertise the new Blockbusters. The wierd, it does not compute.

I know it isn't, but I swear it's Tchecy Kayro in the Stella Artois cidre advert.
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It must be said, the adverts have been getting good again recently. My mother's favourite is this Dulux advert:

Matters are made more amusing that my bedroom at home is that shade of yellow.

While I really like this BT advert which, annoyingly, I can't embed -

Again, possibly funnier if you've ever been over-the-phone tech support for parents. Also, I'll put money on it being baby photos that his Mum has just put up.


The Grand National

The BHA will undoubtedly come up with better suggestions than this, but my suggestions for making the National safer are:

1) reduce the maximum number of runners to 30, which should lead to less crowding over the jumps, hopefully making it easier for horses to avoid each other.

2) if a horse unseats its rider before the race, or runs loose for any other reason, the horse doesn't get to run in the race.


Shakespeare Meme - Day #15: The first play you read

Skipping quickly over the thing about how plays are meant to be seen/acted, not read (or certainly not read silently), my dusty memory would like to say Macbeth, but I think it was probably Romeo and Juliet.

Other Days )
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Just wondering whether nitrous oxide (or whichever NO-variant it is) has suddenly become a party drug in the US, because after many years of hearing it's name in the past tense for that usage, suddenly three krimis in a row have had it as the drug of occasion (Miami, SVU and then New York).

NCIS is back in my good books because the wildly right wing military krimi is the one that pointed out how wrong it is was that it's so much easier to get a warrant to raid a mosque than it is for any other religious building.


The uptick in US drama has had a good effect on UK drama, and even better, they've realised that British TV doesn't have the money to outslick US TV so they're going back to the kitchen sink. Score one for realistic drama. It's even more fun when it's the fantasy dramas that are doing kitchen sink (a la 'The Fades').


I know it doesn't need saying, but Danny Houston ( can act. Just seen 'The Proposition' ( and yes, well, it plays exactly how you'd imagine an Aussie based Western written by Nick Cave would run.

Enjoyed is the wrong word, but it's good.



The adverts have been doing some fun things again.

I particularly like the new Guardian one, even if I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be getting from it.

One of the Aldi ones is class too - although they're all quite fun (, I particularly recommend the tea one.
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I have recently been introduced to a concept which greatly amuses me - deja moo, the feeling that you have heard this bullshit before.

Other than that, Birmingham city centre in the run up to Christmas is the very definition of too many people.

Covert Affairs:

It passed the German test. After far, far too much bad German on TV I have three categories:

Ultimo-fail - which is basically 'cherman' accents in non-comedy programmes.

Minor failure - Grud-awful German passed off as good German.

Pass - all parties have at least attempted German, in-character excuses are made for the people who can't quite manage it.

Alias, despite some of the most awful German I've ever heard is only a minor fail. Covert Affairs gets a resounding pass. Actor who can't quite speak German gets given an in-character reason why people are accepting his German as German as it is spoken (plus, it was Oded Fehr trying to seduce someone into dancing, I think he counts as a distraction from his own German). Character who is supposed to be able to speak German speaks something that is actually half decent German.

It's totally not their fault that all the Swiss characters were speaking German German, in a situation where they probably wouldn't. And that this viewer happens to know that that's not what Zurich airport looks like ;) But I think if a TV programme was actually able to get German-speaking Swiss characters to actually speak Swiss German, I'd have to produce another category of ultimate pass.

But yes, anyway, any episode that features Oded Fehr as a slightly dodgy secret agent, and Auggie lying to a lie-detector machine and making it quite clear he was lying because he was annoyed by the whole damn thing, and Annie being the kind of compassionate awesome that is becoming her thing is a good episode.


Like everyone who watched football in the last 15 years, I'm still in shock about Gary Speed. I think it's because, for so long, it was his name and 10 others on any given team sheet.

I think it's that that's causing the mass and heartfelt reaction, because every team has someone who played with him, or managed him, or played under him.

It's been a bad week on the sporting legends with the death of Arthur Betson, one of the great Queensland, Australia and rugby league greats, and someone, who more importantly than that realised that being a great sportsperson is good, being a good person is better.


Dear less fun Mourihno - stop calling the referees by their first names only, it's rude.

Dear commentator, if you're asking 'could Knight have got there?', the answer is always 'no'.

Anyone know why it's Lindegaard in the net not de Gea?

Stephen Maguire is looking healthier.

Barry Hearn is trying to turn everything into speed snooker, and short matches and generally ruining everything I like about snooker.

Gratuitous Misuse of Music

On the 'wrong music usage' front, I'd like to report two Christmas howlers:

1 - Tesco - 'Fairytale of New York' ( is not something to be playing, even in a nice tinkly, twinkly arrangement, over your Christmas adverts. This is a song that goes 'merry Christmas, your arse, I pray God it's our last'. It's is not the 'family friendly' Christmas tune of choice.

2 - Various stores - I get it, 'Do They Know It's Christmas Time' ( just happens to be on the Christmas tunes CD. However, when I'm doing my best to stir myself into a orgiastic frenzy of shopping, it's somewhat off-putting. I tend to want to turn around and go, 'stuff it all, I'm giving all my money to charity instead'. While this is probably a better thing than spending the money on presents, I can't see it being good for shop profits.

Things that never stop being fun, when CSI mentions a brand name for equipment in particular. I'll give them this much, they get those details right.

Rugby Union
Does Chris Ashton lack all common sense, or is he trying to get punched by every Tuilagi brother? I ask after the 8 man brawl he started by pulling Alessana Tuilagi into touch by his hair.

It was the most ridiculous thing, you can tell by the fact that Geordan Murphy got involved. And it managed to literally engulf one of the pitchside cameramen!
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Covert Affairs

Guys, could I ask you a favour, exactly how cancelled is Covert Affairs, I'd look it up but I fear spoilers.

I also fear it's the show that replaced my beloved Human Target so I feel I'm cheating on it by even liking Covert Affairs and yet ... come on, it has a female lead character who is a kick ass linguist. How am I not going to enjoy it.

Yes, it's hideously obvious and the pilot in particular suffered from whichever script law which is that no speaking character is not vital to the plot but I'm willing to give it a go.

But I need to know how emotionally invested I ought to get because Spoiler, and more importantly, flailing )

More plot related spoilers )

Also the stunts and the fight scenes are well done.


Dear PC World, you might want to remember Darth Vader was the bad guy - You probably don't want it made clear that your staff work for him and thus the Empire.


In RL, it turns out that the interview didn't go as badly as I made it sound because I got the job. It's a three year position, which is not bad in the present economic climate.

I also managed to get an apology out of the friend mentioned a couple of posts ago. He hadn't even noticed that what he'd said was insulting. The boy is stupid, rocks should probably be thrown at him.
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Human Target )

Dear Andre Villas Boas, there'd better have been a translation issue because otherwise you have called my adored Peter Cech injury prone and then I will be forced, forced I tell you, to call you 'the less fun Mourinho' and I know how much you hate being compared to the Special One.

Discussing he who must be mollified, dear Gillette, you may have Federer and Henry as your faces, but Braun have Mourinho. I may have to change my gift manufacturer of choice. (Except I know I won't because Gillette have sales near Christmas like sensible people and unlike Braun.) Advert here -

Discussing adverts, I meant to post this when it first came out, but I love this set of adverts for Albert Bartlet Rooster Potatoes -


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