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Model train prices are rising because of pound's devaluation -


Dorothy's Wizard of Oz slippers to be saved after campaign hits $300,000 -


London Is Still Paying Rent to the Queen on a Property Leased in 1211 -


'I don't': Why choose civil partnership over marriage? -

Halloween: Meet England's most interesting ghosts -

Your pictures: Witches' marks -

Putting the fun back into fitness - This is one of those ones where I disagree. I enjoy the suffering of training. It pleases me. I am aware that this says nothing good about me.

The “432 Hz vs. 440 Hz” conspiracy theory - This is your actual lunatic fringe conspiracy theory/

Russian bullet train whirrs past bleak lives -

An uncanny mixture: God, alcohol and even cannabis -

Snail mail: The postcard that arrived 50 years late -

Does it pay to sell a home online? -


Ugly US election race a poor ad for democracy in China - From before the last US election.

Why we lost the Brexit vote - Behind the scenes of the flawed campaign to keep the UK in the EU. - Obviously a little partisan but interesting nonetheless.


I’m a Doctor. If I Drop Food on the Kitchen Floor, I Still Eat It. -

Breast-Feeding the Microbiome -

Nine colourful facts about chameleons -

Cancer care: Is world class status a distant dream? -


Blockchain bandits hit crypto start-ups -

Clicks and bricks: How building is going digital -
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The Real Cost of Fast Fashion -

Ford and other firms to miss Paris Motor Show -


Young women at 'highest mental health risk' -


World War Two spy's row with wife 'almost ruined D-Day' -


The reality of life as a disabled clubber -

US presidents can have everything - except the car keys -

A world without Down's syndrome? -

What's it like to be the child of a survivor? -

Teesside's last blast furnace closure made men cry - what happened next? -

Journalist Noor Tagouri to become first Muslim to appear in Playboy with a hijab -

Eight times Terry Wogan made us cry with laughter -

Why the story of body-swapping teenagers has gripped Japan -

Counterfeit drugs: 'People are dying every day' -


Colombia Farc ceasefire: The man who photographed a little-pictured war -

California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case -

Thai women take dip in the road in pothole protest -

Syria war: The toy smuggler bringing bags of joy to children -

Will and Kate's Canada tour highlights First Nations fury -

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi: The vandal of Timbuktu -

South Asia's 'disposable women' -


The transgender Republican trying to change her party -


Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list -

First 'three person baby' born using new method -



Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: An imperfect love story -

Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: How will he be judged? -


Arnold Palmer: How golfer defined sports marketing -


Customers 'bewildered and fearful' about use of their data -


Oct. 31st, 2014 12:37 pm
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Awesome people:

Pakistan's 'miracle' doctor inspired by NHS -


'Sweeping change' narrows gender gap -


Why are so few WW1 heroines remembered? -

French World War One bedroom of soldier who never returned -


Escaping Boko Haram: How three Nigeria girls found safety -

The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed -

Your life on earth - How you and the world have changed since you were born. -

Old Masters at the Top of Their Game -

Infographics Lie. Here's How To Spot The B.S. -

The Most Expensive Typo in Legislative History -


I spoke with ninety members of the House and Senate about what's gone so wrong in Congress. Sometimes it got a little emotional. - via [ profile] nwhyte


Uranium - The element that causes arguments -


May. 5th, 2014 06:59 pm
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Game of Thrones: Discover the real Westeros - Or the Northern Ireland tourism board now has consultant dragons. Link care of [ profile] nwhyte.


Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan Speculate On Their Characters' Futures 25 Years after 'When Harry Met Sally' -


The strange case of the 'time travel' murder (and other tales from the UK Forensics service) -

Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat', WHO warns - That sound you can hear is lots of scientists going "we've been trying to tell you this for years."


The Man Who Made South Africa's Flag -

Music/Music Industry:

Cee-Lo Green Originally Recorded 'Happy' (and other could have beens) -


Legal aid row leads to halting of serious fraud trial - Where the Prime Minister's brother is on the side of right and good.

UK Cost Of Living Changes Over 10 Years -


World's oldest surviving Olympian, and sharp-shooting FBI agent, dies aged 106 -


World Snooker Championship: How to survive Crucible marathon -


Crystal Palace: How Tony Pulis achieved Premier League survival -

Footballer Fabrice Muamba launches defibrillator campaign -

Rodney Marsh cleans Stoke City players' boots after losing online argument -

Formula 1:

Senna's death: Hill still full of disbelief 20 years on - The whole article is worth reading, because Damon Hill is honest and capable of great insight.

Senna's death: The practical joker whose laughter is still missed -

Formula 1/Football:

Brazilian footballers pay tribute to Ayrton Senna by wearing helmets -
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Economics is one those those things where I know enough to know I don't know enough to comment. So I don't. But for the parties trying to convince us that we're in a recovery, the number of shops closing on the high street really isn't helping their argument. I know they're going to say this it takes time for recoveries to show but empty shop fronts are loudly saying "business are going bust". Part of the problem is that the last boom was unequal in terms of which regions did well i.e. the South East vs large chunks of the rest of the country, so, for instance, my home town (the closure of whose WH Smith brought this post on) had multiple pound shops and charity shops, even at the height of the boom so you can imagine what it's like now. It's hard to convince me that the economy is booming when charity shops, as a sector, are the largest faction on the high street.


Dec. 8th, 2013 05:34 pm
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Most people classed as being in poverty 'have job' - - which given the state of inflation and the minimum wage doesn't surprise me.

As the imprisoned Nelson Mandela became the face of a global campaign against apartheid, within South Africa a ban on his image meant people weren't sure what he looked like - and he became a mythological figure, recalls author William Gumede. - I have to admit this interested me because I'm old enough to remember when you couldn't hear Gerry Adams's voice on TV, which I didn't understand at the time and still don't. Mostly because the replacement voice was so much nicer than Adams's real voice when it finally got revealed.

In 1994 I voted for Mandela over a thousand times as prisoners in Rooigrond wispered his name in my ear - from [ profile] nwhyte


Oct. 29th, 2013 05:01 pm
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Why is broadband more expensive in the US? -

10 old letter-writing tips that work for emails - I'm quite fond of the 10th one.

The Talmud: Why has a Jewish law book become so popular? -

MIA: Pop's provocateur comes of age -

The Fiji-Rochdale connection -

Pretty pictures of military aircraft -

LSE paper asserts that social status is more strongly inherited than height, and social mobility in England in 2012 is little greater than in pre-industrial times -

Guardian article about the Rugby League World Cup -


Oct. 18th, 2013 06:10 pm
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UK news - Working parents in Britain "simply do not earn enough to escape poverty", the government's social mobility tsar Alan Milburn has warned -

Science - Where Drug Names Come From - via @chemjobber /

International news - Azerbaijan's election has been tainted by a host of bizarre events, crowned off by a mystical smart phone application. - via [ profile] nwhyte
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I'm a rat, and so is my mother. Which is one of the more glorious sentences I will ever type ;)


In politics, I bring you a BBC article - "Economic gap between UK cities 'widening'" - Because yes, once again, we're all in it together, provided we're in the South East of England.


In the football, the Arsenal fans calling for Wenger's head are idiots, and I'm enjoying the torment of the Real Madrid fans by and because of Mourinho. Ah Real, you may be able to beat Barcelona, but only by destroying yourself.


Saw yet another part of Alexander (the film) last night. I continue to be amused that every different version of the Alexander mythos (including that peddled by various eminent historians) has an utterly different version of 'when things went sour'.
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I'm watching England v France. There is a rumour there was another match on, but I've reached an agreement with a friend that, if I'm nice about England, he won't mention the other match. I spent the entire night tossing and turning having nightmares about Wales beating Ireland, and I wake up to find out I have remarkably prophetic dreams. If only I could dream up the lottery numbers.

A sign of how bad the recession is - the most recent Waitrose advert trying to rebrand Waitrose as a value retailer.


The Much-Delayed Book Meme - Day 10 - Favourite Classic Book

With my usual complaints that this is a difficult question, and I'm also deliberately not giving one answer because I plan to use that book as an answer for a different question.

So I shall give another of my favourites as the answer to this.

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Ignore all your preconceptions, because 9/10ths of what people who haven't read it imagine as being prototypically Dracula is from the Bela Lugosi film.

It's not a gothic horror, if anything it's the forces of late 19th/early 20th century engineering and progress versus old feudalism and superstition. For some unknown reason, very few of the adaptations play upon that.

And then you have the Count himself. While he does have a bit of a tragic line about being the last of his clan, it's also made quite clear that's because he's an agent of the devil who sold his soul / forfeited it at what basically amounts to a demonic seminary.

Also, it's quite clear that the reason he's in the state he's in is that the local peasants know how to protect themselves, and the only people he and the brides can attack are the aged and babies. This is not a heroic demon, he's a monster. The reason he wants an English country house is because the locals in England don't know the rules to keep him and his out, because one of the downsides of progress is that it consigns local knowledge to the dustbin of superstition without considering whether it might be useful.

It's very much of it's time but in a good way, and it's full of interest and it moves forward and the different character who write the different parts of it all sound different.

It's also quite a quick read if anyone's interested.

The Other Days )
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I'm not sure either of them is really the answer, I mean, I know far too many clever people who are deeply bitter because they feel that life has not rewarded them for their braininess, but at the same time, someone who is stupid and has lots of money is not going to keep having money for long. Personally, I need my brains more, and would be more than happy with an average amount of money.


Speaking of fools who are soon parted from their money, I need some information on how US (and Canadian) sports teams are run. It's this fiasco at Liverpool (and, to a lesser degree, Manchester United).

The reason I'm wondering is because, over here, it's sort of a fait accompli that if you buy a sports team, you will end up poorer at the end of your term of ownership than when you started, and the Russian oligarchs and the various Sheikhs seem to understand that (ignoring Portsmouth, because well, Portsmouth is a terrible thing to happen to anyone's hypothesis), but the various American owners don't seem to. This lead me to wondering if it is because you can turn a profit owning a sports company in the US. Any thoughts are greatly welcomed.


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