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So I'm trying to write this romance novel, because, why not give it a go. Most of the original things I write are sci-fi or fantasy and are nowhere near finished, this at least has the advantage of having a beginning, middle and end of story.

The problem is, in both the original idea and the very short draft, the girl ends up with boy A. There is boy B, but he is boy A's best friend and is mostly adorable comic relief (and okay, does do one awesome thing). Why, when I am writing it down, do I keep ending up nearly writing girl ending up with boy B?

The problem is mostly plot-related, as in the plot only works if boy A is the valiant hero who ends up with the girl.

I know why I like boy B more, he's infinitely more my type. To put it another way, whenever I engage with Pride and Prejudice, I can't understand why anyone would want Darcy when Mr. Bingley is there. And he's just so lovely and nice and I don't care that he has horrid sisters and only 5000 a year.

And A is very much a Mr. Darcy type while B is more Mr. Bingley. But I am not writing this book for me and the plot will be written.
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When you’re tempted to write that “why are there no women in science” article, could you maybe change it to “why are there so few women in science” or something, because as a female scientist (and by no means the only one), I’m starting to think you’ve not done any research, because there are a fair few of us out there.

Not enough, and certainly disproportionately fewer as you go up the hierarchy, and asking and discussing why that is will be of more use that asking why are there no women in science, when there’s actually quite a lot of us.
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(Added note 1 - I'm trying a different posting method, so one post per major topic. Any views or preferences, please feel free to comment)
(Added note 2 - possibly the first of many posts today. I am babysitting other people's students. I am a bit narked off about this as I have a major deadline today. Not a deadly deadline for unrelated reasons but still ...)

The actual rant:

So I get home from a long days work to be greeted by Cancer Research UK's most recent fundraising campaign.

The big headline is "Cancer doesn't care if you throw this in the bin". I presume it goes on to tell me what awesome things I will be funding if I don't throw it in the bin. I presume this because I'd already thrown it in the bin.

This is because, while I am entirely behind Cancer Research UK's fund-raising attempts (guess whose money built the building I work in), and while they're right that cancer really doesn't care if I chuck the damn thing in the bin, cancer also doesn't care if I give them money. Because it's not fucking sentient.

Um, I have this thing you see, possibly because I'm a scientist, where I prefer my fundraising efforts to be slightly less stupid and slightly more technically correct. I know "Cancer treatment will not be affected by you throwing this in the bin, but it will get better if you give us money" is less eye catching, it's also less likely to make me turn puce and swear.
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The only explanation for recent events in the lab is that we have a Kobold. Please consider how messed up stuff has to be for little sprites to be the sensible explanation.
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Other than the housing thing, which is just generally argh! at the moment, I bring you the following:

1) proteins - argh! Basically producing protein for a colleague, and there's a deadline and foreign travel involved. One of the blighters is not expressing. I can see it thumbing it's proteiny nose at me. This has meant I can't go to a friend's housewarming party in Oxford. Which is very annoying.

2) people criticising the drivers for going to Bahrain and/or their not speaking up about it. Now, I don't know if it's escaped people's attention but for several of the drivers, car driving is just about the only thing they're any good at. I wouldn't expect the little darlings to have thought out opinions about anything other than tire choices. I'm thinking of two in particular who have basically done nothing but drive since they were 12. Even if we discount that this particular bunch of drivers (excepting the 3 way, way, way outliers) skew stupidly young, the mental horizon of most F1 drivers is foreshortened and they're driving towards it at 120 mph.

It also seems to discount that both Nico Hulkenberg and Mark Webber have both suggested that the race might not be a good idea.

And before anyone says, why don't they boycott it, well, shall we see what happened to Force India who didn't boycott it but did cut short their participation in free practice 2, after some of their mechanics got caught up in a riot the day before. Oh wait, we won't see anything, because the cameras mysteriously didn't show their cars. And having your cars shown is the financial life blood of an F1 team, the most expensive sport in the world to participate in. I am not going to expect any team to do anything that's going to put them out of business. And that would be before the F1 governing business sued them for breach of contract.

3) Why yes, poor unfortunate staff member at Smiths having to wear that stupid t-shirt, I will ask you about your e-book reader. I mean your shop must know so much about books, with a whole 3 of it's 8 shelving units dedicated to books. Grr. Argh! (Not the guy's fault but seriously Smiths, either sell me books or stop trying to claim authority.) Don't worry, I did nothing, I just bought my newspaper and went.

4) Mobility scooters. I am aware they are necessary, and a wonderful boon to people who need them, but could we maybe start to institute driving tests? I ask after nearly having my foot run over by some woman who was weaving along the pavement, a pavement I hasten to add a mere 1.75 scooters wide. At least when it's prams running my foot over, it's unlikely to cause a crushing injury. Given that someone in my family circle has recent had to have his foot amputated after a crushing injury, I don't believe my fears are excessive.



The Vatican vs North American Nuns - I would suggest that the Vatican needs to be careful, as, as we all know, there is nothing in this world more terrifying than determined nuns. (Your blogger went to a nun-run nursery.)

I am sad to hear of the death of Lord Ashley -

The most recent iteration of the best ever Premiership XI is still wrong, as they always are - - but looking at the distribution of the teams played for tells you everything you need to know about why Man Utd have been winning things.

Timeline pictures of the Giant Spectacle over in Liverpool - I particularly like the one of the (non-giant) little girl and the Xolo, seventh down.
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So, for reasons I am not at liberty to discuss, I spent last week producing protein for someone else. He finally coughed up his protocol which I followed to the letter. And guess what, it didn't work. Not a major problem, because I'm 9/10th certain I know where it went wrong, but it's very annoying when you're in work most of Good Friday doing something that didn't work.


Dear clothing retailers of Great Britain, a word please about your ladies shorts.

This message comes from someone with no major bodily hang ups. I am not ashamed of my derrière. In the parlance of our times, I have an ass like that.

That being said, I like to have control over when I flash my flesh, so if you could find a way of designing shorts that don't lead to automatic under-cheek flashing, I'd be obliged. I mean, I realise this may be hard for you to grasp but some of us want to wear shorts to walk about in in the hot weather. Some of us even wear shorts while doing such excessively energetic things like our weekly shopping. We'd like to do that without everyone getting an eyeful of all that we've got. Why do all of your shorts make this simple task impossible?

Yours sincerely,

Red Fiona, who would like to not be an obligate cross-dresser in the field of shorts.



Some notes from the Birmingham Open )
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Is no spider where there used to be one. I live in hope it has run away, but fear it may be lurking.


Annoyingly, Five US have scheduled the 2nd series of Human Target against The Fades on BBC3. I assume they presume that there isn't a cross-over audience. Being part of said cross over audience, and with no Tivo/Sky Plus box, it's a bit annoying. I know both of them will be repeated later, but that's not the point, because I don't know when later.

Discussing The Fades spoilers )
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Dear May, you've done it again. Stop it.


Feb. 28th, 2011 06:46 pm
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Okay, so first, the promised terrible 'how to purl' instructions. In defence of the person writing them, it does come with photos, and it is on the DVD, which I should probably have watched given that I'm one of these people that learns by seeing, and purling is difficult to describe. However, the instructions as written are still pretty terrible.

(Text copied without permission from 'The Art of Knitting' part 2)

1 - Keep the yarn to the front of the work. Insert the right hand needle from right to left into the front of the first stitch on the left-hand needle.

2 - Use your index finger on the right hand to take the yarn that is attatched to the ball over and around and under the point of the right-hand needle.

3 - The second stage is to take the yarn around. To do this, use your index finger to take the yarn that is attached to the ball around and under the point of the right-hand needle.

4 - This forms a new stitch on the right-hand needle. At the same time, slide the original stitch off the left-hand needle.

5 - You now have a new stitch on the right-hand needle and the yarn is still to the front of the work. You are now ready to make the next stitch by repeating these steps.


Okay so terrible might be putting it a bit strongly, but so far no one hasn't been non-plussed by step 3.

This week's square, for all that it took me six goes not to mess up, is actually really nice. It's stocking stitch with ladders in. Little ladders square )
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Snooker - much is being made of this being the first all-Chinese final of a major. I live in hope this means that there will be a minimum of the kind of commentary that verges on 'jolly inscrutable, these Orientals'. The advantages of Stephen Hendry being on commentary is that, as Marco Fu was his training partner for a while, he just commentates on the snooker. It's mostly the older commentators who cause me to face-palm, but they do get pretty chronic.


On to happier matters (because I will be sad no matter who loses the snooker), a meme pinched from [ profile] saruwatari.

Tell me a pairing (current fandoms, former fandoms, whatever), and I will tell you:

1. When or if I started shipping them:
2. What I think their challenge is:
3. What makes me happy about them:
4. What makes me sad about them:
5. What moment I wish had never happened:
6. Who I'd be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other:
7. My happily ever after for them:
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No actual spoilers though.

Hey TV writers, how about we come to an agreement, for every episode that features Chinatown or a sinister Oriental conspiracy, you have to have one character in another episode be of Chinese descent. I'd like to think you're not using people just as local colour, because I haven't seen another character of south-east Asian descent in any of the other episodes. It is very vexating when you keep doing this.
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I am, in general, in favour of health and safety legislation, because I know companies would kill people with neglect if they could. I am less fond of our department's "unique" interpretation of such.

Our machines are getting a new cooling system. Because it is dusty we are forbidden from running experiments. However, the person who set up this exclusion zone still need to have the magnets filled with liquid nitrogen. So, it's not safe enough for me to be there for the ~ 30 minutes it takes me to set up an experiment, but it is safe enough for me to be there for the ~ 45 minutes it takes to fill them up.

Does that make any sense to anyone?


Just had the Labour leaflet through the door. I still want to vote for the Lib Dems but I feel horrible for even thinking of voting against Peter Soulsby.


General grr

The whole bigot bit. I'm with [ profile] elmyra ( on this one.

We now have an interesting situation where a politician is in trouble for speaking the truth about someone. The woman did have some mad bee in her bonnet about foreigners.

The interesting thing has been the response of people I know on Facebook. Amazingly, the people I know who were born abroad seem to agree with me and the Brits who've never lived anywhere else seem to agree with the rabid Tory press. I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.


Jul. 10th, 2008 11:16 am
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Okay, so we all know that slavery is the only thing like slavery. Good.

Could someone tell Sepp Blatter -

The only good thing to come out of the mess is the first half of today's Early Doors on Eurosport -
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Basically 2 of the Top Gear presenters light up in a studio (which since it's big probably has air-conditioning like woah) and the BBC gets complaints from the anti-smoking lobby.

Nimbys, that's what they are.
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Both you yourself and your e-mail list will thank you for this. Exact details here - but basically they're a site that bind together your e-mail addresses and your journals and your e-bay accounts etc, all without your permission mind, if someone searches on their site using your e-mail address as the search keyword.

This would be bad enough, except that if you join they use information you give them to get info on your friends. Which is what's thought to have happened to a bunch of people who are talking on the entry I've linked to.


Jul. 24th, 2007 03:46 pm
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Have seen the trailer for the Keira Knightley abominable version of Pride and Prejudice. I want to slap all involved with a wet haddock.
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Because, basically, I've done a DVD review on a website, and a couple of people have made what are constructive criticisms. Then this one idiot wants to know why I haven't talked about extras, when I explicitly mention them three times, and I'm like, seriously, if you can't read and understand English, then just admit it, don't get onto my back about it.

See, I really can't blame all my bad moods on low blood sugar.
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Would it be wrong to want to say to various people not to annoy me when I'm already short-tempered from back pain and lack of sleep?

And also that winding people up is wrong in general.
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Real life has decided to bite me in the posterior again. Guess who's start date for her PhD has been moved back to January? So yeah, that's my life totally screwed, vis a vis accomodation. And I need a job. Unfortunately, it appears there's no such thing as temporary jobs in the biological sciences sector so I have to look for normal, office, temping which isn't going to look anything like as useful on my CV.

Actually, I'm also going to double check the Astra-Zeneca and GSK websites but I'm not very hopeful at all of them having anything for me.
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For what I have to say is important.

If you are foolish enough to do a Science degree and the rest of your life depends on your final year report do try not to lose vital pieces of your proof of results.

There probably was something else, but it was most likely to be yay TNA.


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