May. 10th, 2017

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Title: Rough Cut
Author: Red Fiona
Fandom: WWE Wrestling
Characters: Randy Orton/Ken Anderson
Prompt: 13. Blood play
Word Count: 1923
Rating: 18 - explicit sex, blood play, knife play, sex of dubious safety
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, they themselves and the WWE do. No money is being made from this. This is complete fiction and doesn't resemble real life in any way.
Author's Notes: For those that don’t watch wrestling, this is Randy Orton and this is Ken Anderson.
Summary: If he called, Anderson might say no. Then again, Anderson might say yes, and that would almost be as bad.

Randy turned the phone over in his hand. )

End notes: Anderson was the face of one of TNA's Lockdown tours to the UK. The big selling point was that it was going to have the first TNA cage matches outside of the US. And in the advert, Anderson said, "some times I just like to bleed". Once my brain recombobulated itself, my first thought was "could it not have been somebody, anybody, else doing that line", and then I realised that could be the hook for a fic.


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