Apr. 26th, 2017

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One of the knock-on (but obvs. less minor) effects of the job was that I had either no time to write, or when I did have time, I didn't have the mental energy. Which was annoying. I don't think I would have written all that much more fic last year even without that because most of the things I'm working on are being tricky. But it was also the case for my non-fandom writing and that's annoying. I didn't even have the energy to edit the novel (I am aware that civilisations have risen and fallen in the time it has taken me to write one very short novel). So that is on the to-do list, but it will be a lot more enjoyable that tidying the flat.


With regard to fic, I was wondering if any of the North American wrestling fans on my flist would mind reading over a ~4000 word fic that I hope to have finished in ~ 6 weeks. (I have two more scene to write and some set dressing to do.)

Normally I would be so specific but the fic features CM Punk being ... himself and a few more very wrestling specific things.


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