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An Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond book set during the Long Night.

It's a fun book, with a nice line in good ridiculous and some wonderful descriptions. There's a wonderful bit at the beginning of the book that makes New York seem as alien and awesome as a completely different world. I thought the ending was a bit rushed, but that might just be me.

But the real stars are the Vykoids, who are just the most glorious, impossible-to-do-on-TV (or impossible to do well) villains. They're just ... listen, I know they're actually horrible and mean but I too am short so I am taking notes. They're just so well done.

In terms of continuity, there's a nice call back to the Daleks of Manhattan, and a wonderfully sinister reference to Nile penguins are previous victims of the crack. I also suspect that the Doctor gave the Vykoids Amy's name to help her withstand the crack. Which is a clever way of doing it. I <3 Eleventy so much.

Night of the Humans by David Llewellyn
Prisoner of the Daleks by Trevor Baxendale
Bay of the Dead by Mark Morris
Doctor Who: Official Guide on How to be a Time Lord by Craig Donaghy
Who Travels With the Doctor?: Essays on the Companions of Doctor Who by Gillian I. Leitch
The Chains of Olympus by Scott Gray
Rama: The Complete Rama Omnibus. by Arthur C. Clarke, Gentry Lee by Arthur C. Clarke
The Lost Island by Paul Kearney
The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton by Noel Fielding
The Doctors: Who's Who: The Story Behind Every Face of the Iconic Time Lord by Craig Cabell

I think a couple of those are lurking on my to be read pile.
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