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Data Journalism Type Stuff:

Hacking the world’s most complex election system: part 1 -
I suspect this might be of interest to [ profile] nwhyte as it's about the Bosnian election system.

Seven Ways To Create A Storymap -


A map of every death on every road in Great Britain 1999-2010
Morbid but interesting.

Disability and the Japanese art of mastering chopsticks -

Artist attempts to create most frustrating products imaginable -

Some French Parkourists recreating Assassin's Creed around Paris -
Unfeasably awesome.

The man who helped save 50 million lives -
A brief history of the oral re-hydration therapy that saves millions.

Silicon: After the chip, another revolution? - Actually a history of the human uses of silicon.

Death By Cardio -

Ignore the title and the bit about cardio and read the bit about the frustrations scientists feel when they come up against pseudo-science. Never have truer words been written.


Rwandan teenagers cycling out of poverty -

What different methods have managers adopted to get their players up to speed for the new season? BBC Sport consulted five seasoned pros, past and present, to discover some of the more unorthodox ones, and also what constituted their 'nightmare' pre-season routine. -


Diva Dish With Celeste – How The Life Of A WWE Diva Is Truly The Definition Of Glamour -
As written by the diva formerly known as Kaitlyn, who writes well. Please can we keep her :)
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Thanks to the ever wonderful Kerrang radio I heard this today - I Am Electric by Heaven's Basement which I like immensely.

Also on the morning show this week, Mick Foley is picking a tune a day. Today's tune was Stiff Upper Lip by AC/DC. He added this tidbit. He was on one of the talk shows on the same day as AC/DC, and they played this while warming up. Cue Mick headbanging away. HHH taps him on the shoulder and tells him to look to the other side of the studio, where, horror of horrors, Vince McMahon is also happily (and apparently the expectedly awkwardly) headbanging away.


TNA continue to do their best to segregate the stuff I like away from their main event scene.

Spoilers )

TNA once again leads to face-palming.
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LJ ate this the last time I tried to post it.

I didn't catch much wrestling over the Christmas break, and most of what I did see was NXT. However a few things did come over.

1 - When did Heath Slater morph into Tim Minchin? Evidence below )

2 - The WWE have finally found a foreign heel I will willingly boo just because he's foreign. Antonio Cesaro being Swiss aids him enormously in this :)

3 - Several of the NXTies looked familiar, and thanks to googling (all hail Google), I realise it's because they were the indie darlings of my youth. I have no idea who the indie darlings of now are, but it's nice to see the last batch doing well. Now if only several of them didn't have forgettable gimmicks and or forgettable names. The commentator also sounds vaguely familiar :)

4 - The joke about them only doing stuff with Kane when I'm not watching still holds true.

5 - I love the Rhodes Scholars more than should be possible. See also Dolph Ziggler.

6 - I would like to see more of Tamina Snuka murderising everyone. I have simple tastes.
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I'm halfway through the minimum wordcount for my [ profile] queerfest fic, and I've just started the middle third, thematically anyway. It's probably the shortest third in terms of length. There's already one paragraph that I know is going to need serious reworking, but so far so good.


Finally seen some WWE for the first time in ~ 9 months. Um, yeah, no, I think it's the usual rebuild after Wrestlemania, hence not much go forward but my main question is this:


No really. Why? Also, I hope one smart mouth face has called him Little Red Riding Hood, or else I shall be very disappointed in them.

Other than that, I wasn't struck by much, other than yay, Kane is masked again and I really need to read up on why Kane and Orton are feuding, even if the coming to the UK promoette that Randy did is mildly terrible. I think he was going for ice cold range, it came over more as mild consternation and much cross-eyed-ness. Never mind, we love you anyway.

I still don't get why it's always D. Bryan and any number of girls.

I am embarrassingly pro-Funkasaurus.

John Cena looks tired. Not 'I had a bad night's sleep' tired, full on 'John, for goodness sake, take a six month break and don't even think about wrestling for the first three months' tired.

The wear and tear of a couple of years looks good on Brock Lesnar, I think he's finally grown into himself. Even his ears.

The Teddy Long bit worked.

I see they've finally stopped trying to get the Big Show over as terrifyingly scary and gone with loveable and cuddly. Which is good.

I should be all over Punk vs Jericho. I am not. This angle reeks of fail.


Jan. 11th, 2012 10:09 am
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In other news that will amuse only a few people, TNA spoilers )

On to WWE, where what I have to say is not spoilery.

Mason Ryan needs to check his roots. It become readily apparent that if he isn't dyed to look like Batista v2, he would look like a bigger Heath Slater.

Why is Yoshi Tatsu not master of all that he surveys?

Not directly related, but one of the darts players comes out to HHH's music. Most bizarre sporting cross over ever (unless one of the figure skaters decides to skate to the Undertaker's entrance music).
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Happy Easter to those that celebrate it. Happy Sunday to anyone that doesn't.

The snooker has been a mixture of fun and not fun, in that people I like keep playing each other (Mark Selby vs Stephen Hendry being the major case in point).

Saints lost the Good Friday game. I was travelling back up, so I caught the last of the crowd. I <3 rugby league crowds, because you had all these big, bladdered, skinheaded, tattoos and gold-chained men, whose team had just lost the big local derby in the last minute of the match, and there wasn't a hint of trouble and I didn't feel in the slightest bit threatened.

Saw bits of the wrestling. The thing that excited me the most was seeing the trailer for Awesome Kong. I did the happy dance.

It remains the best thing despite several things I liked )
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The links are mostly for Opera but if anyone else is interested:

Game of Thrones trailer.

It ate another of those actors I like far, far too much, Nikolas Coster-Waldau.

The whole things looks like someone went, 'What does Red want out of a cod-medieval fantasy?' and then made it. Sean Bean, Aiden Gillen, Nikolas Coster-Waldau and Harry Lloyd!!!

Wade Barrett being adorable on UK TV which I somehow missed despite it being my local news area -


As for the wrestling, I saw the last hour of Smackdown last night. No spoilers, but Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio was good fun, and I have no idea when Cody Rhodes started being interesting, but he did. I am far, far too psyched for Sin Cara's debut.

Brodus Clay reminds me of someone but I can't think who. The tiny black singlet does not work on him.

They also need to change the graphic for the HHH vs Undertaker 'Mania match. HHH is doing his best 'I am glowering and angry' while 'Taker's look is less terrifying and more 'boy, you have done something so stupid that I am not angry, I am confused'. It's not a good look.


Jan. 30th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Wishtheworst's post reminded me that I have actually seen more than the usual fifteen minutes of wrestling this week. I blame/thank the tennis.

Because I saw SD before Bottom Line, this is out of chronological order.

- It's a bad sign when you start to look forward to the appearances of Dolph Ziggler. Admittedly it's only because I know Vickie will appear shortly afterwards, but still, not a good sign.

- I think the thing I enjoyed the most was exactly how much fun Michael Cole is having playing the pantomime villan. I want to chuck his evil little cheeks.

- Randy got one heck of a reception.

Now back to RAW

- Other than 'what a waste of Swagger, McIntyre and whoever the other one was (I looked it up, Tyson Kidd)', has Drew Mac done the evil things we expected him to do?

- I didn't actually get to see this but, in checking up on the RAW results, am I supposed to believe that Am Drag has three girls fighting over him?! I <3 Am Drag but really.

- Does Punk just attract cultists or what?

- Is there any explanation of why 'corre'? It must be said I'm pro-team 'we're equals, not a cult'.

- They've found a way to get me to cheer on Cena. Sneakiness is the way to my heart.
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I was in the middle of writing something about how the only wrestling matches that I seem to able to enjoy at the minute seem to feature William Regal or Doug Williams, and then Superstars gave me Regal v David Hart-Smith, which was deeply pleasing and actually quite beautiful.

BTW, am I supposed to be scared of Tyler Rex's terrible dreads?

Meme Answers

[ profile] saruwatari asked for my thoughts on Elrond )

Film Meme - Day 12 - A film that permanently altered your point-of-view

This one's a difficult one because I can't think of one. The nearest I can think of is 'My Fair Lady', not because it changed the way I think, but it phrased it rather nicely, because I do think you should treat people equally, and I would far rather treat everyone like a duchess rather than as flower-girls.

This is not an excuse to show clips from this, I swear. The section of interest is from about 3.20 to 5.40.

The Other Days )
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1) I have now seen two episodes of Human Target. I like it when they make shows that cater to my whims.

Heroic, but not stupid, lead good guy. Decidedly shady secondary character, working for the good guys out of principle (oh Guerrero, my fondness for you is probably a bad thing) and Chi McBride's character, Winston, who is my favourite thing about the show. I think it's his look of exasperation at the other two. My favourite bit of the last episode I saw was that Winston spent most of it going either "this is a stupid plan" or "you, behave!" and then when he talks to the bad guy, it was quiet and measured and totally wrath of God.

2) Saw Inception again Spoilers for Inception and a warning for talk of death )

Other than that, it holds up on second viewing, even if the same things that perplexed me last time still perplex me.

By the by, what is the correct form if you spot a prompt on a community, totally misread it, get a fun idea, write it and then realise that the fic doesn't fit the prompt? Are you obliged to credit the prompt at all.

3) Wrestling

-How do we know Cole isn't lying about the whole mystery e-mail thing?

-Also, the whole Cole <3's the Miz thing. What?

-Not a question but hello Randy!
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Which means I got to watch wrestling, which I enjoyed greatly. I don't know if it's because I don't get to see it that often that I appreciate it more or what, but it was such fun. All the wrestling was from before No Mercy. I got to watch ECW ) and Smackdown. )

Then I went fencing on Sunday.

A particular female fencer who can't stand my reffing once again denuded me of the responsibility. Can't say I minded. She minded when I then beat her 5-3 in the pool. Which was deeply unexpected, and deeply enjoyable particularly when she looked so confused and frantic at this nobody beating her. My joys, they are small. She even asked the ref to test her foil because she had to have hit me on one occasion (She did, btw, just not with any force or penetration). Sadly didn't get her again in my knock out, and ended up 6th. Bah!
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Got to the final of the county foil. Lost to that 13 year old again (although she's now 14). Beat one of our girls in the semis. She may never forgive me, given that she beat me in the pools. I always said I was better at longer matches.

I spent most of the time trying to figure out where S got his jeans from, given that they were pretty much the perfect jeans. But then again S also has a BMW (a nice one, I didn't know BMW made nice cars) so I imagine they are far out of my price range.

My Nan was in hospital, or so I have been told, nothing major (well as unmajor as hospital treatment at the age of 86 can be) something to do with her bladder I think. Of course no one told me because they thought I'd worry. I do feel like turning round and pointing out that I actually spend most of my time worrying that the next phone call is them telling me Nan's dead and they didn't tell me she was ill.

Other than that, Phil walked out of another job, his Dad's threatening to throw him out, Mum's put her foot down and said we're not having him. Christmas may well be hell again. I'm probably escaping up to Cumbria for New Years which should prevent murder.

On to media/fandomy matters:

I presently have a copy of Q for the first time in years, just for the Manics. Oh what you do to me boys.

Have read the Survivor Series spoilers Am presently a-squee )

Also Robin Hood, in the last two episodes Might finally be getting good )

Also, how did I not know that Ridley Scott was a Sir?
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- Some of the suplexes the Benoit did in his match were beautiful.
- Sylvain. Maybe not for long, but Sylvain.


- It disturbs me that when Dupree comes out and does his blatently heel spiel, that I know I'm supposed to boo and hiss at, I find myself nodding and agreeing. And that this nodding has nothing to do with it being Rene, heck even Cena could say it and I'd be nodding and agreeing.

- Long hair suits Dupree though, it makes him look slightly older and less fresh-faced.

- In following to that previous thought, damn me if Dupree isn't the only guy on any show that comes close to being as attractive as Sylvain.

- Interestingly, I think ECW had the best wrestling of the shows I've seen.


- Mickie James's punches are actually possibly worse than Lita's. This depresses me. Victoria getting a push, on the other hand, makes me very happy.
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First of all hi to Rya. I'd love to say that the incoherent love of CSI and wrestling is nothing like what I usually post, except that would be a lie.

Just saw CSI episode "Burden of Proof". Somehow I've missed out on seeing that one before. And it's taken immediate residence as my favourite episode ever, because everyone is so very much themselves and there's quirkiness and good gore and a body farm. Yes, much love.

This comes on top of yesterday's episode of Chicago Hope which was so brilliantly off the wall and different that Joss Whedon would have been proud. Also it is feeding my crushlet on Eric Stoltz that I've had for ages. But it was brilliant, it was a take off of a E! Report on the death of this actor on a show that was a blatent mickey take on "Touched By An Angel" and the chaos surrounding it. I mean, they even managed to make the way it was shot and looked totally different.

Medical dramas really aren't my thing but Chicago Hope might be the one exception.

BTW is that Jimmy Smits in season six of the West Wing?

Saw this week's Bottom Line )

The only un-fun about today has been writing up my lab report. Bloody scientific English.
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Sorry to anyone I have annoyed recently, I've only just realised, and apologies for the TMI, I was all pre-menstrual and therefore more than slightly tetchy.

However since WWE wrestling seems to be determined to make me more techy I thought I might as well rant.

There are three things I like above all others in wrestling. They are cruiserweight/X-division/light-heavyweight wrestling, women's wrestling and tag team wrestling.

WWE right now provides one of those, and that's only when it feels like showing the cruiserweights. I can't get SD at the moment (no fault of the WWE's it's due to bloody Colin) so I have to rely on TNA for my fix.

Someone needs to tell them that La Resistance, the Bashams and whatever made up tag teams they've got to face them this week do not two tag team divisions make. Where have all the tag teams gone? I seem to recall that WWE used to be almost drowning in tag teams. Once again, I am forced to rely on TNA for that fix.

And now that WWE seems to have decided that its womens wrestling division, as opposed to it's womens t 'n' a division, is surplus to requirements. I can't fall back on TNA because TNA doesn't have a women's division either. So where the hell am I supposed to go for my women's wrestling fix?! I can't really watch Japanese women's wrestling, unless it's been subbed or dubbed because my Japanese extends to the numbers 1-10, hello and goodbye and weapon names. And before someone says sit back enjoy the wrestling don't worry about the noise, I quite like the noise, or at least I like to know why woman 1 is wrestling woman 2.

Anyway that all made sense, kind of, so now on to the random bitchiness, catty and petty though it be
- I am not one for being mean about the looks of other women, it's a solidarity thing, but two of the new t'n'a blondes on Smackdown are fugly. And I mean fugly, painful to look at, dogs, mingers, should audition for the ugly step-sisters in Cinderella. Since they are there merely too look good, I feel I have a right to complain.

- on a similar but unrelated tip - Jake Gyllenhall is not attractive or good looking. He has a weird chin.
Also unspeakably unattractive is Dominic Monaghan. Look at him, he has sticky out ears, a pushed in nose and bad teeth - he is a terrier-pug cross in human form. 9/10ths of these girls that are ga-ga over him would ignore his veritable double if they met him in the streets.

Things that confuse me-
Chris Candido in the X-division. I realise it's not about weight limits, it's about no limits but he's always stuck me as being a heavyweight rather than a cruiserweight.

Actually about that, how did the alliance with the Naturals come about?

May I say how glad I am to see the Naturals back. I really do like them for all that I merrily boo the heck out of them. And as an AMW fan I'm worried because they're the one tag team that I don't think my boys can beat.
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Twig said something once about how most writers have one theme they keep coming back to, and I took a look at my fic, and found that this was true of me. So I said, okay, stretch yourself and don't write about it.

Reviewing the fics I'm working on now my grand theme of communication (or more exactly mis-communication normally) is sneaking in through the backdoor. Of five active fics, one is all about the two parties not communicating, another two are fics where the problems would have been solved had anyone bothered talking to each other, one is all about how what you say isn't always what you mean and the other is the one exception in that communication isn't mentioned except in the sense that an awful lot of the misery would have been avoided if one character actually paid attention to messages he gets.

And it's kind of aggravating to know that I've tried to avoid the topic but here I am stuck back on it again.

Other than that, I'm only miffed at WWE letting M. Hardy go because it makes no sense - he's a proven good mid-carder. But at the same time they've got enough people to not make it an issue. They've got people who are better talkers, and people who are more over.

And look on the bright side - TNA might pick him up and then he might actually get a belt. And hey, you never know he might be the guy that finally beats Jarrett. I work on the principle that someone has to be the guy that finally beats Jarrett. I have my heart set on it being one particular person, but at the same time my heart is dead set against it being him for other reasons.

The only thing actively aggravating me, uni work is passively aggravating me by its existance and my unwillingness to do it, is all these people getting on Lita's case being all 'she's a slut'. Dude, sleeping with one guy who isn't your boyfriend at the time does not make you a slut, it doesn't make you little miss perfect but it doesn't make you a slut either. And since we don't know any of the parties involved all kinds of anything could have caused it so I think it's a little bizarre to be finger-pointing.
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Pick five fandoms. List for each of them:

1. The first character you first fell in love with
2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now
3. The character everyone else loves that you don't
4. The character you love that everyone else hates
5. The character you used to love but don't any longer

Don't have time to do all five right now so I shall start with WWE wrestling.

>>1. The first character you first fell in love with<<

Kane. I blame the big red machine for the whole wrestling love. (Well, him, Lita, Chyna and Essa Rios) Basically cousin Phil was watching it and I became intrigued by who the tall red person was because he always looked so sad, even with the mask on. So I found myself cheering for him 'cause I just wanted him to feel better and be happy.

>>2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now<<

Chris Benoit. I mean I always liked him because when I first watched he put the Rock in the Crippler Crossface and that made me very happy. So I liked him but I never expected it to grow into the full blown 'I don't care what else happens at WM as long as Benoit wins' kind of adoration.

>>3. The character everyone else loves that you don't<<

Austin. I mean I dig that he's cool and whatnot, I just don't like him. I have the same problem with the Rock.

>>4. The character you love that everyone else hates<<

Um Kane. Really, I mean the present storyline is sucktacular beyond belief but I don't see why people hate him.

>>5. The character you used to love but don't any longer<<

No one really. It is unfortunate that the longer I watch WWE wrestling the more I like everyone.

Fic Alert

Sep. 16th, 2004 01:10 am
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In which I foolishly write TNA gen fic starring AMW -;article=514;title=JAWS%20-%20Just%20Another%20Wrestling%20Storyboard

Dear WWE, what has happened to all your tag teams? I finally get an interesting idea for a gen tag team fic and you don't have any long established ones. And I can't use the Dudleys since they're brothers, for all intents and purposes, and that involves a dynamic other than that which I want to write.

Also dear WWE, you are idiots. Why did you release, and before that not do anything, with one of the cruiserweights that can talk as well as wrestle.
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Went to the gym today so I feel all post-gym and bouncy.

Then I came back and watched wrestling. Colin wasn't home so I had the backroom to myself.

I saw a fun little womens match from Japan. Not the greatest ever or madly technical but one of the funniest deliberately funny matches I've ever seen.

Followed by AMW v the Redshirts. All I wish to say is damn the Naturals. I love AMW. I'm hopeless.
Since I've never seen Survivor, who, pray tell is Johnny Fairplay, or is the TNA introduction enough to know? He's good at making people boo.
I take grave exception to AJ Styles being the voice of the people - this people demands a less southern accent ;)
El Lionie (or whatever, my Spanish being up there with my Martian) looked horribly familiar but I didn't recognise the tattooes so I'm going to presume my brain is playing tricks on me.
Mike Tenay does a good pissed off.

All this was interspersed with bits of Velocity. I caught the end of Jindrak v Haas which looked to be good. As did Miss Jackie wearing an awful lot of material covering barely anything. Miss Jackie and Charlie, the ambiguously straight duo ;)
And Paul London and Kidman v the Dudleys. Which was good. I really like not liking the psycho Dudleys. And there was cheering for crusierweights. Hear that Vince, they get cheers if you give them time and matches.
And Josh Matthews sounds like he's losing his voice, either that or it's finally breaking ;) (Yes, I know I should stop being mean about him since he's stopped saying 'What's popping?' but I can't help it.)

We also had decent food. Lets just say that it won't be me that loses it with Colin, it'll be Nan. I should explain - Colin has moved in. Quite sensibly he did this while Nan was in hospital and in no position to complain. Colin has his way of doing things, Nan has hers. They are not the same. And neither of them will back down. It's amusing mostly, when you're not getting caught in the crossfire.
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Randy should wear a suit more often.
Starts the campaign for less splatting of Regal.
Word to Batista - you are now Dave until such time as you stop with the silly posing. And also desist with the splatting of Jericho.

Sorry that there's not more of them but the Prisoner was on and I like that programme far too much. That and Glastonbury coverage featuring Franz Ferdinand who I think I love now.

TOTP had them on as well, along with Razorlight. Why yes, I grew up during the Britpop era and am enjoying the revival. Also Razorlight > Libertines, any day of the week with their hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded. Okay maybe not by that much but still way better.

I'm trying to decide if JC Chasez's new song "All Day I Dream About Sex" is the worst thing ever recorded or actually quite good. The confusion comes about because it is electropop and I love electropop. Really. New Romantics, Gary Neuman, anything.

Only saw one match of TNA - Redshirts and Abyss v AMW and AJ Styles. But I was happy enough because there was also random bits of Rowdy Roddy Piper just before, a recap of other things that had happened. And Kid Kash annoying Trinity, who I think I like if only for the comment about all the TNA guys being up themselves.

I read Powerslam, which is a wrestling mag, and someone wrote in and asked "Are Randy Orton and Batista married in real life?" You can guess where my mind went with that one.


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