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But first I need a bit of Ameri-picking, or rather Canadian-picking. Is 'froth-mouthed loony' something that's even possibly going to be said? Suggestions gratefully accepted as I'm aware it sounds more like Regal than anyone else.

With regards to matters Wrestlemania:

Okay fine, WWE, you win.

I still don't care about either title match, but I'll be damned if I don't care about HHH vs the Undertaker.

Spoilers, the RAW before Wrestlemania )

Wrestlemania Predictions )

Mostly RL

Feb. 26th, 2011 08:00 pm
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But with some wrestling, some fic writing talk and the film meme.


The best thing about being a wrestling fan on this side of the Atlantic, other than some of the PPVs being sort of free (we have Sky Sports as part of the attempted peace plan re: Nan and Colin), is that someone else watches it first, which means that I know which parts are worth watching.

Therefore I stayed up to watch the first half hour of RAW.

Totally worth it )


On a related but different theme, researching a sub-culture I have a lack of sympathy with for a fic is not fun.


Film Meme:

Day 25 - Favourite film villian

I find there is a problem with a lot of film villains. That they're more fun than the heroes. Sometimes the problem is that Hollywood seems to think hero = boring, which is annoying. Other times the problem is that the villains are sometimes a lot more sympathetic than the heroes, and not just in the 'sympathy for the devil' sense.

I grant a personal preference for 'there are no villains, just different people with colliding wants' as a philosophy, but if it's going to be a black and white dividing line sort of film, I want to cheer for the hero.

Before I give my top 2, I'm going to give three honourable mentions:

A - Commodus in Gladiator - has he been messed up by his upbringing? Yes. Does it justify his actions? No. I like how Gladiator does it. They give the bad guy depth while never buying into his belief that it's all Daddy's fault.

B - Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man. Spoilers )

C - The Killer Shark in Tom And The Waterbabies ( - written in on behalf of my Mum. Much like Simon Phoenix, he's great scenery chewing fun (and okay, my Mum finds it amusing because he's an evil shark with a broad Yorkshire accent [in context, it makes sense]) but again, he's balanced out by everyone else.

I think the balancing is very important. The good guys can't be too po-faced or else people's sympathies wander.

Now, onto my two choices.

The Kurgan from Highlander

It's a role that could easily have gone horribly wrong. (Actually, Highlander as a whole is a film that teeters on the brink of horrible wrong, that's what makes it awesome, it shouldn't have worked) The Kurgan could have been too interesting. He's a cool villain, he has awesome armour, he's got sword skills, he gets to insult nuns.

And yet, at no point do we cheer for him, because he's utterly horrible.

And scary. We shouldn't forget scary. Part of it is Clancy Brown's physical presence. He's huge. Part of it is the voice, the armour, the sense of an ancient evil. And of course, it's what he does.

The villain from The 6th Day

Spoilers )

The Other Days )


I just got into an argument about feminism with a (female) friend of a friend on Facebook. Yes, I know, but I suffer from XKCD syndrome (as described here -

I am also aware that I have a real double standard on this one. A man who declaims that woman aren't repressed gets the 'you're an idiot' glare, and maybe some useful numbers. A woman who says it causes frothing rage.

This woman came out with such wonderful comments, like 'women aren't repressed' and 'feminists should get over it'. I mean, the (male) friend whose wall this was on is conservative (both kinds) and even he thinks she's wrong. His line is that if she hasn't been, it's because she's high earning and educated, and that better education for all is the way forward.

She's of the 'I'm not a feminist because I (personally) don't feel I have been discriminated against, and therefore it doesn't happen. Also, I feel that feminists want female domination, and I believe in equality'.

Now, the second half of that, I at least understand (she obviously didn't have my year 9 science teacher who insisted that science was too difficult for tiny female brains), because hey, that's what I want too.

I want equal pay for equal work.
I want reproductive rights for all parties.
I want everyone to be equal and represented by the law.

That means I have to be a feminist because the party (if we look at the world in terms of the division between male and female) that don't get that are women.

I like to imagine she's sitting there thinking I'm one of those women. Because I really don't mind. I might not particularly agree with the wing that spell it womyn, and I have my own entirely objectional blind spots, but heck, I'd rather be with them than with the 'I'm alright, Jack' lot.


Jan. 30th, 2011 08:08 pm
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Wishtheworst's post reminded me that I have actually seen more than the usual fifteen minutes of wrestling this week. I blame/thank the tennis.

Because I saw SD before Bottom Line, this is out of chronological order.

- It's a bad sign when you start to look forward to the appearances of Dolph Ziggler. Admittedly it's only because I know Vickie will appear shortly afterwards, but still, not a good sign.

- I think the thing I enjoyed the most was exactly how much fun Michael Cole is having playing the pantomime villan. I want to chuck his evil little cheeks.

- Randy got one heck of a reception.

Now back to RAW

- Other than 'what a waste of Swagger, McIntyre and whoever the other one was (I looked it up, Tyson Kidd)', has Drew Mac done the evil things we expected him to do?

- I didn't actually get to see this but, in checking up on the RAW results, am I supposed to believe that Am Drag has three girls fighting over him?! I <3 Am Drag but really.

- Does Punk just attract cultists or what?

- Is there any explanation of why 'corre'? It must be said I'm pro-team 'we're equals, not a cult'.

- They've found a way to get me to cheer on Cena. Sneakiness is the way to my heart.


Dec. 27th, 2009 12:59 am
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I think a problem occurs when you've been watching too long, on those rare occasions that you get the chance to watch, you do, more to check how everyone is than any interest in watching.


Smackdown )

ECW, disturbingly, once again the best of the three )


Jan. 3rd, 2009 01:39 am
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I haven't been able to watch much wrestling while I've been at home. Mostly disjointed TNA which lends itself to thoughts such as Consequence Creed's music is exceptionally awesome, nothing in TNA makes any sense and why am I not inundated by Steiner/Williams fic? It has everything, cutesy nicknames and some fantastically kinky possibility. It's everything Nash/Shelley from last year was, only without the icky STDs. And then I realise I'm one of two people I know who even like Scott Steiner, and the other one doesn't do wrestle fic anymore.

I have stopped trying to have sensible thoughts when it comes to TNA. However, one sensible question re: the Motor City Machine Guns - why the masks?

I have, however, been able to see the following:

The Dirt Sheet on ECW. As I said before, I have no idea how or when, but the Miz and John Morrison have become the best thing on, quite regularly. The new year's resolutions in particular were amazing. I <3 them so much.

Smackdown - all of it Spoilers )

Raw - Only the bits they showed on Bottom Line )
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Although first news of a truly fucked up dream, wherein Mother Dearest was pregnant and getting married to Kid Rock.

Yeah, I'm thinking of checking what I ate before bed and swearing never to eat it again.


But on to wrestling. First Smackdown because it will always be my favourite )

Then I watched Bottom Line and mostly everything I wish to say can be conveyed with the non-spoilery I <3 Jericho, Flair, And the one spoiler )

Saw some of TNA but in the usual way (i.e. chaotic due to shopping) so it was even crazier than usual even if I wish to face-palm severely over the main event of the Christmas episode Because )

Also Eric Young is adorable.

I also caught the one before Turning Point (hence at least part of the confusion) and just want to say how damn good AJ and Tomko are. Tomko just does world-weary so well, and AJ's so earnest.

I also really want to punch Team 3D in the mouth for talking smack about the X-division.


Sep. 25th, 2007 11:21 am
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Dear people in charge of wrestling, when ECW, which you've all been treating like the illegitemate offspring, is the best damn thing on.

I loved the set up for the 4 way, and much though I knew that either Stevie Richards or Kevin Thorn would be the first one out, I really enjoyed it. I must admit to a fondness for the befanged one.

Balls Mahoney and Kelly Kelly should not be as cute and adorable as they are, and the Miz should not be so good at dickish heel. Not should the rest of the Extreme Expose girls, who appear to have at least vaguely got the concept of dancing now.

ECW reminds me of what I used to like about TNA back in the day (this week's episode terrified me with the prospect of Sting actually learning from his mistakes) just with no X-division matches.


The only other comment I have, is that after RAW of 17/09, given the last match and who ran in, why am I not deluged with fics about fathers and sons. I'd give it a try, only I've still never heard Cody Rhodes talk.
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For the first time in ages I have been able to watch wrestling. So you will all get squeeing about it.


Smackdown )

One of my 2 ECW thoughts doesn't have to be cut - I want Kevin Thorn's coat. And his manager, but you know, I can live with just the coat.

The other one is me squeaking over some brilliant ring psychology )

Impact )

I'm enjoying it. This could just be absense making the heart grow fonder though.
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- Some of the suplexes the Benoit did in his match were beautiful.
- Sylvain. Maybe not for long, but Sylvain.


- It disturbs me that when Dupree comes out and does his blatently heel spiel, that I know I'm supposed to boo and hiss at, I find myself nodding and agreeing. And that this nodding has nothing to do with it being Rene, heck even Cena could say it and I'd be nodding and agreeing.

- Long hair suits Dupree though, it makes him look slightly older and less fresh-faced.

- In following to that previous thought, damn me if Dupree isn't the only guy on any show that comes close to being as attractive as Sylvain.

- Interestingly, I think ECW had the best wrestling of the shows I've seen.


- Mickie James's punches are actually possibly worse than Lita's. This depresses me. Victoria getting a push, on the other hand, makes me very happy.
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Went to the dentist today, I only had to have one re-fill done and he did it then and there so I don't have to come back for another 6 months. See there is a reason I don't want to change dentists.

Other than that, I watched the first Great Britain test match versus New Zealand At Christchurch, 28th October )

It was probably just as well that the match got discounted because New Zealand were fielding an ineligible player.

Spoilers for Smackdown )

PS: Dear Smackdown and WWE in general, Belfast is not in Ireland.

RAW spoilers )

And a very silly meme, pinched from nhw:

Make a list of all the characters in your icons. (Although you may have more than one icon of a single character, they only go on the list once.) Alphabetize it. Take the first two people on the list; that's your first pairing. Second two people; second pairing. etc.

Jack Harkness
Owen Harper
The tenth Doctor
The third Doctor

Data and Elrond - Would actually be quite interesting because you have a non-human trying to become human and a half-human who chose not to be and there'd be issues and talking and everything.

Jack Harkness and Kurogane - Would probably end badly, what with one of them being an immortal who hates it and the other being someone who is skipping between worlds to try and get back home. I can kind of imagine them bonding over their shared dislocation but no more than that because Kurogane would leave once Sakura's feather was found, and then there would be angst.

Owen Harper and the tenth Doctor - I sense that the Doctor would not approve of Owen, and it would be even more bad wrong than the thing that I shan't mention because it's a spoiler for Countrycide, but you all know what I mean. I also feel that Jack would not approve of Owen having it away with any Doctor.

The third Doctor and Wolverine - It must be remembered that I'm a 'the Doctor doesn't dance' person. So no. But I can imagine them bonding over karate in Japan.
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Reason 1 that I know some of the coolest people on the planet - they have a spare RAW ticket and think of me. I can't go, due to my project being at an interesting stage, and me trying to get a day off this month anyway, but I'm pleased as punch to be thought of.

Cheer for Dupree in my absence.
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First a question - why do all* the wrestling fanboys hate TNA with such an unholy passion. Seriously did Jeff Jarrett or Dixie Carter going around individually peeing in their cornflakes or something?

* for varying definitions of all, in my case, any wrestling message board I have ever read seems to despise TNA.

Secondly, bitching about this week's RAW )

About Kid Kash being sacked - is it really bad that my first thought was 'well, that's Noble screwed, again!'. Because I think it probably is. And to think last week I was so happy to finally see the Kash and Noble tag team on last week's SD.

Actually, given the amount of squeaking I was doing over that and an old TNA Dutt v Kash match, I can kind of see why my Mum thinks Kid Kash is my favourite.


On to NCIS - please tell me I'm not the only one who spends most of her time hoping for Di Nozo to end up on the wrong end of a beating. A hard one, that might, you know, get him off my screen for good. Sorry, I realise he's supposed to be annoying with a heart of gold, and I know it's not the actor's fault, but seriously, Di Nozo pushes every last one of my 'kill' buttons.
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Went to the dentist today. Thankfully the re-fillings stayed as refillings and didn't suddenly mutate into a root canal as has happened twice in the past. The injections were probably the most painful part, especially since one was right where the two sections of my jaw meet.

Am going seeing 'Thoroughly Modern Milly' tomorrow.

Today was good. Didn't do anything, plus there was a Van Der Valk - let's just say my love of police shows is not a new thing. And it had Richard Huw in, and Ronan Vibert.

For those that actually saw the Richard E. Grant version of The Scarlet Pimpernel, Ronan Vibert was Robespierre.

But yes, that interspersed with RAW makes Red a happy enough bunny.

Finally seen the Disasterpiece, and I must rip-off Stasia by saying, 'Must he wear such tiny pants?' Because really, mate, I don't need to know how big your dick is.

To make up for my act of pilfering, I bring news which you might know already, that Jimmy Eat World have posted an on-line stream for the 'Stay on my side tonight' EP at


May. 26th, 2005 10:50 pm
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Just a short thing to say the draft set up sounds wierd but infinitely ficable. That's what amazed me about the last one, so many tag teams split up, so little fic written about that.
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I warned you that they were ancient.

Really there can be no greater opening to a show than giving me JBL and Angle on guest commentary. They're great and so very funny. Much love for them.

Carlito is most definitely cool.

Okay, is it just me or was there more gushing love between Rey Mysterio and Eddie than there are with all the other couply type couples on WWE? I ask only because well, they were much with the love.

MNM, doing that to that stunning paintwork is most definitely not cool. Of course the usual rule applies, the nicer the low-rider's paintwork, the greater the chance of something bad happening to the low rider.
BTW - I thought Mercury was supposed to be hot, and well, he's kind of not. Johnny Variable Surname makes up for it though. Stasia, are you still sure you don't want him?

Whee Sharmell is there. Much love for Booker and Mrs. Booker.

Heidenreich is far too much fun. But the poetry, oh the poetry is worse than Vogon poetry.
Matt Morgan meanwhile just needs to go. The stuttering thing makes no sense. How can he have no problem with "Matt" but a stutter on "Morgan", when they're very similar shapes.

MNMs entrance is kinda cool, and Melina is wicked bendy. I used to know a girl who could do that and I'm still in awe.
One of M or N needs to do red rather than blond because in ring, I'm having difficulty telling them apart. Admittedly I also have the occasional difficulty telling AMW apart but...
Also, the jeans effect tights are hideous.
Beautiful drop kick from Eddie.
And a nicely vicious looking gutbuster from MNM.
Melina, much though I maybe booing her right now, has brains. And is possibly part Alien. She's a face-hugger for sure.
Damn and blast.

From the RAW rebound I see that they're playing Limo-fu on RAW again.

Liking Cena's new music (this may be new only to me who hasn't seen SD since Christmas at the latest).
Part of me is all do not mess with belts, and part of me likes the bling-bling belt.
Not a Cena fan but that's one heck of a crowd reaction.
How is an inverted atomic drop not a low blow?
It's not quite the clothes line from hell but Cena's clothesline will do.
How did Cena win that? (is possibly sulking)
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Now normally WWE has to be good to make me this giddy, but since I've been deprived since Christmas I'm really madly hyper about this week's RAW, or what I've seen of it.

Possibly this was helped by catching the Basic Instinct commercial, and promptly laughing my socks off, which was followed by Flair gee-ing up the lumberjacks and doing a damn good job. (Much Flair love)

And then Batista and Bischoff. (Much Batista love.)

Plus Randy suddenly got interesting again Spoiler )

And then the Taxi Driver commercial. Much love for all of it, but especially Big Show, Batista and Heidenreich (that reminds me, must go reply to something on Terra Firma). And Molly. Molly was fun. As was Carlito. See much love.

Is big breasts and brunette Joy?

And the lumberjack match at the end was fun Once again with the spoilers )

My other question is, when is someone going to tell HHH that he isn't a walrus or a porn star and the walrus moustache of doom must go.

(And hee, the little mouse is a very good representation of me hyper.)

Edit: Knew I'd forgotten something due to amoeba sized attention span, Hassan can talk. As can shorter and angrier. Love the way HBK managed to shut him up though. Looking forward to that match muchly.

Does anyone else thing Simon Dean and Rico would have made a great tag team?
Has Sylvain been working out more or something? Because he was looking mightily buff and hot.

There was something else, but no doubt it will come back to me.
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Would someone explain to me why Raven is lying down in a ring and Shane Douglas is interviewing him? Also muchly digging the Dark Victory t-shirt, if only because that's one of the few Bat-comics I've actually read.
Also Shane Douglas doesn't make for a bad interviewer. As I know at least one person on the f-list who doesn't like him, I'd like ot apologise but he does talk clearly and that counts a lot for me.

Help, I'm feeling sorry for David Young, and cheering for him.
Could someone explain D-Ray 3000 to me?

Down with Team Canada (I trust the Canadians on my f-list will take no offense.) Much love to Hector Garza.

Why does Raven want a match with Sabu so much?

AJ Styles v Frankie Kazarian - I look forward to this with glee.

And it was worth looking forward to. A fair few of the moves looked more than ouch worthy. Dude it was that good that even Colin, I hate wrestling Colin, paid attention.
Ending seemed a little odd though.
Caught my first glimpse of Dallas though, definitely worthwhile.

Meanwhile over at RAW )
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Despite doing something interesting to one of my groin muscles. It's not agony it just annoys me.

Thanks to Mynx for suggesting where to go. I am presently missusing my favourite pic of AMW as my wallpaper at uni. I plan on getting as many odd looks as I can manage.

And I want RAW damnit!
Edit - I might be able to get RAW! I've got to go back up home for a job interview - not that I'll be in any state after getting up at 6 in the morning - and we get RAW. But what's this about Flair v Orton at Taboo Tuesday?!!!!
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Okay so I saw RAW yesterday, we got our baggage back today, then I saw some TNA, followed by the greatest 2-2 victory ever seen (yes, that's mostly a joke) then finally getting to see most of A Knight's Tale (which I love lots now that I've finally seen it), then Smackdown and then some of Threesome (there is naked Stephen Baldwin, and Josh Charles, what's not to love).

The only thing that could make the last 24 hours better (other than you know doing the things I was supposed to do but didn't) knowing what happened in Jarrett v Harris. I have a horrible, horrible feeling that Harris lost but I want to know what went down.

Basic RAW thoughts are all eee Randy, Especially )

TNA was mainly 'shut up Raven' especially when I was worrying about him being right about Chris Harris. It's always time to worry when Sabu is one of the voices of reason in a situation.

I've also discovered a terrible fondness for David Young.

Smackdown was pretty much its usual self except Eddie v Kurt which was so very cool and good.


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