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I did warn you there'd be more of these Torchwood book reviews.

The actual review

The plot is a bit flimsy but it's more than made up for by the excellent characterization of the main characters, Owen and Tosh. Ford really does capture the brittle anger of Owen and Tosh's brilliant intelligence and weaknesses in other areas. The remaining Torchwood crew are well-drawn, especially Gwen and Rhys.

It reads a lot like an unfilmed season 2 episode, and I mean that in all the best ways since season 2 rocked my socks.

Spoilery stuff that will only interest Torchwood fans )

LibraryThing Suggestions )

All of them are Torchwood books, several I might well have.

No unsuggestions.
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I picked up a bunch of Torchwood hardbacks from one of the local charity shows so there might be a few of these in the next few weeks.

Not actually part of the review, just some notes )

On to the actual review:

A good solid book, which uses an interesting and plausible premise, and is pleasingly creepy in places. I loved a lot of the little details about the alien (and the alien tech). The characterisation of Toshiko was spot on and Jack, Gwen and Rhys were also very well done, even if a few of Jack's speeches made it clear we really haven't given John Barrowman enough credit for making some really bad dialogue sound like human speech. I thought the characterisation of Owen was a bit broad. The lack of Ianto made sense since the book is from the period where Ianto was just the teaboy.

Definitely worth a read.

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As you may have guessed, while LJ was out I did nothing but write and watch Torchwood.

Torchwood - Miracle Day - Episode 2 )

Other than that, RL is doing some mostly good things, I met up with a bunch of people in Leicester at the weekend. The only downside is that I came down with a stomach bug which meant I missed half of Monday, and when I did turn up (direct quote from colleague V) 'I thought, oh hell, she's died and no one told her'. Apparently I was zombie green.
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Details )

My non-spoilery general opinion is that you can tell other people have been at this, there's only been one m/m kiss and that was in the trailer. In fact, all in all, it's all been a bit horribly restrained. What have you done to my terrible/wonderful show of choice. People are competent and sensitive. And no one has a sense of humour. And generally, I miss the things I loved about TW.
However, I felt that way about the glory that was season 2 so I shall give Torchwood version 3 more chances.
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Mr. and Mrs. Beaver all the way. With Gwen and Rhys (Torchwood) and Aunt May and Uncle Ben as possible substitutes.


Sep. 15th, 2009 01:00 pm
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Pick five of your favourite shows, in no particular order, before you read the questions below, then answer them!

1. Buffy
2. Torchwood
3. Being Human
4. Dr. Who
5. Star Trek (original series version, thank you very much.)

Questions below )


Jul. 11th, 2009 12:56 am
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I appear to be the only person who liked the way it wrapped up, mostly because RTD has fallen out of love with the reset button.

I like Torchwood, it is my happy consequences place )

I live in hope for season 4.
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And with numbered points:

1) Most shows, being moved over onto the "big channel" (ignoring temporarily ones own preference for BBC2), would ramp up the ingredients that they're known for, which in Torchwood's case are sex, violence and swearing. Torchwood, not being most shows, go for a morality play instead. There was no one in that meeting room who didn't act their socks off.

2) On an acting front, they've taught John Barrowman how to act for the TV. No offense was intended, but he had the problem that a lot of mostly stage actors have, where they seem to be convinced that there is one deaf little old man somewhere on row ZZ that they need to be louder for. He stopped doing that just in time for this set of 5. Damn him!

3) RTD, never leave me. I do not care particularly what you do next, as long as you keep writing.

The rest of the points are spoilery )

Really looking forward to tonight's episode.
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You are bastards. Absolute and utter bar stewards. How dare you?

(Certain of us are picking holes in the science to prevent crying)
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The lovely and glorious Tommy Voeckler did indeed win yesterday's stage. His maiden victory and the boy's all grown up. Pic and vid spam coming on Friday.

Bit of stuff also from yesterday's stage, but reported today:

>>12:56 - Gesink Abandons With Broken Arm

It was an incident that he couldn’t avoid but at the 120km mark of the fifth stage, Robert Gesink touched a wheel and tumbled into the ditch at the left side of the road. He landed heavily, cutting his left elbow and knee but quickly stood back up and returned to the race as fast as possible. The Dutch rider rode 77km with a fractured radius and although he came close to rejoining the peloton that was speeding ahead and splitting up because of the rapid pace of the Saxo Bank and a few other teams. Eventually Gesink limped home to last place with the support of faithful team-mate Grischa Niermann, finishing 9’35” behind Thomas Voeckler.
The Dutchman has abandoned the Tour after five stages.<<

Bolding mine. Any wonder I love all of these guys.


Housemate, or rather housemate's girlfriend had a screaming row with him yesterday. Well it makes a change from it being them having sex that's keeping me awake.



Spoilers and some speculation )


Jul. 7th, 2009 10:32 pm
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Oh beloved show. Never leave me again.

Spoilers )


Jul. 7th, 2009 01:47 pm
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Housemate has realised he has made a huge error and has apologised. I have mostly forgiven him, so revenge will be dialed down from prawns in radiator to loud nu-metal for the next couple of days.

Krod Mandoon has finished over here. This makes me :( I'm aware it's mostly bawdy jokes in faux-epic setting but damn if it isn't good, and one line in particular last night caused much amusement.

Torchwood was good.

Spoilers within )

I can see what John Barrowman means with this not being the best way of showing it, because it's an awful lot of time to set aside, and almost no-one is in all 5 nights this week.

I do think the serial format suits it better though.
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For the tropes meta/fic thing [ profile] penknife is running.

So I had the choice of three tropes, Chained to the Bed ( which I have no real interest in, Vichy Earth ( which I have a real and extreme interest in but my view points are possibly obnoxious, terribly long-winded, and require references and actual research so I have settled for the third option - ultimate job security (

Why is it a trope? Because TV drama has two needs, it needs drama, often caused by inter-personal problems, and it needs continuity, because you can't keep hiring and firing actors, you end up with a bad reputation. Also, a lot of drama hinges on personal, shall we say abrasiveness, that you don't get in real life. If we take my work as an example, it's a pit of vipers, several layers of nested vipers at that, but we're terribly polite about it and always do it behind each others backs, and that just doesn't work for TV drama.

Drama also needs a setting and since the two most common settings are work and home, and home tends to be the setting for comedies, while work tends to be for dramas. So you have a situation where people do things that should get them sacked and they don't for reasons that have nothing to do with the story and more with backstage reasons. Cue trope.

Another thing that tickled me was that two of the shows named in the tropes are things I'm into, and two others I know well enough to understand that their rationalizations work. The latter two are House and MASH, and yes, doctors are nigh on impossible to sack.

Onto the two I'm fannish about which are Torchwood and Wrestling. Torchwood first:

You can almost forgive them for this one because there is an in-canon reason not to replace them, because it would be damned difficult, given that it appears that it took Jack a fair few years to get a team post the thing that happens in Fragments (why the hell Torchwood fandom doesn't go 'Oh Jack' like Supernatural does is beyond me. Possibly because we're too busy doing it about the whole lot of them). Except, especially in season one, they were that bad it might have been worth it. So why was no one making them behave - well the whole unpleasant thing at Canary Wharf went down, but I refuse to believe someone, like say UNIT, didn't come and smack them down and hard. So yeah, there's something totally bizarre in canon (except I think they enjoy pretending UNIT doesn't exist unless they need to use it). House at least explains why the lead character cannot be sacked. Torchwood never does. It's not like they're running low on ret-con.

Wrestling: First a quick definition for the non-wrestling fans who read this - kayfabe is the story we see on screen. I'm going to use that world as the real one, mostly because what goes on backstage is even more convoluted.

TV tropes chose Austin as the example of someone who never gets sacked no matter what. This makes me believe that whoever it was really didn't watch that hard because he was forever getting sacked and just ignoring that fact. The person I'd put up there is Vince McMahon, the chairman himself, because really, if a real executive behaved like that, he'd be kicked off the board and possibly thrown in jail. Admittedly he does get shoved out of the way at various time by the rest of his brood but much like the Maxwell family, I'm reasonably sure all the members of the McMahon family cluster should have been up before one magistrate or another a long time ago.

This is also one of those tropes that people notice a lot, possibly because very few people in the real world are lucky enough to have this. I've noticed that people spot and object to its existence more when the person is incompetent (see Torchwood, series one especially) than when they're good at their job, but obnoxious (see House). It really grates a lot of people because it's so different to how the world works, but is found a lot more often in real-world based programmes than in absolutely and resolutely non-reality related ones.

It's a very silly trope, but due to confines of television, one that will be with us 'til doomsday.

Doctor Who

Jul. 7th, 2008 03:50 pm
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Um you know that thing were you liked something but at the same time want to smack someone over the head. Yeah. That thing. RTD causes it sometimes. He's done it again.

Spoilers )
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I'd say spoiler has gone crazy, except I think crazier would be more fitting.

Spoilers )
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In which there are spoilers for Torchwood, Doctor Who, the Spiderman films, Marvel comics in general and 2000 AD comics.

Did I mention that there are spoilers )

Some Captain Jack related thoughts )


Apr. 6th, 2008 01:35 am
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A short reaction )

Longer reaction. )

Not that it was perfect or anything because I think )

More general Whoniverse talkage )
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There are many reasons why I think I am extraordinarily lucky to have you all on my f-list, beyond that I get a response to my begging for betas. Right now I am grateful because, since it will be tomorrow at the earliest before I see Torchwood, I can do so happily in the knowledge that I won't be spoiled by my f-list because you are awesome.
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Discussion of some rumours re: Torchwood )

Onto more amusing matters. I find it funny that the moment that Max Mosely, possibly the most hated man in motorsport whose name is not Alonso or Ecclestone, is in trouble (short synopsis - orgies with hookers in Nazi-style fetish gear. From the man whose Dad was the leading figure in British fascism.), the entire F1 world seems to circle the wagons and come out in his favour. Admittedly I also want to know how he's annoyed Bernie enough to cause him to leak this because you know that Ecclestone's got to be behind it some how. When in doubt assign to Bernie Ecclestone those powers you would assign to an evil, omniscient dwarf God.


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