Nov. 6th, 2014 11:42 pm
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Which is apparently facing up to it's problems by suddenly being decent again. (facepalm)

I mean, there were a couple of places where the execution wasn't quite exactly what was needed but everything made some sort of sense (for wrestling values of that).

Spoilers )
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I once again wish to laugh bitterly at TNA pretending it has a tag team division.

Spoilers )

Eric Young as the defender of the poor, the downtrodded and Spud made me so happy. He is awesome.

Back to the spoilers )

Discussing other people who really should have been in the tag team tournament, James Storm and his harem of brainwashed cruiserweights was recruiting again. Storm was trying to recruit the Wolves because ... we've still not been given a reason for Storm's brainwashing. It does however lead to the most wonderful WTF expression on Little Wolf's face (


Oct. 8th, 2014 09:59 pm
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I've not been saying much about TNA most because I've been busy and it's been kind of meh, with the only things standing out having been the James Storm plus harem of kidnapped cruiserweights vs Tajiri, Austin Aries and a variety of annoyed Japanese wrestlers, and my feelings of extreme suspicion as to where the Sam Shaw angle is going (if we're lucky, it's heading towards Single White Female territory but we're never lucky).

This week's was been better it's amazing what actual giving people characters, and having the bad guys do bad things actually does. )


Aug. 27th, 2014 06:26 pm
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Stop me if you've heard this before but TNA are doing that thing where some things, the majority in many ways, are good and then they go and do something stupid.

The Good Things )

The thing where I'm sure I'm the one with the problem: The Storm and Sanada thing. Mostly because it's switched from evil mentor and pupil to cult leader and pupil and I DNW. This is not the fault of Sanada who is doing a bang up job of making me want to rescue him from whatever lunatical thing Storm has planned for him because he's just a little lost X-Divisioner, and it's not the fault of Storm who has evil cult leader down pat (of the fire and brimstone variety rather than the slinky evil Daniels variety). It's just ... TNA, if you don't want people comparing you to WWE, don't suddenly write an evil hillbilly bearded cult leader when the 'E have one. I don't get to watch WWE and even I know they have that covered.

The Bad )

The thing that really annoyed me was the Dixie interview )


Aug. 18th, 2014 07:10 am
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I feel I am being mean by not posting about TNA because it has not been bad. I mean, bits of it have been outright good, by which I mean:

The Good Things )

Unfortunately, there's been a fair bit of blah too.

Two of the things are not anyone's fault in particular but I had hoped for so much more from the Hardy Boyz vs the Wolves, even if the bit at the end made me squeak happily, and the Abyss vs Bram match was remarkably meh for a match with that much blood and danger. How about we don't have hardcore matches unless there's a need for them.

And I don't like how they showed Dixie going through the table before the "episode" where it happened. And I don't care for their excuse that they were doing it to be like soap operas. Have they never watched soap opera ads?! They never show the money shot, it's all the build up and showing five characters and then a black screen with the sound of a gunshot, leaving it excitingly unclear as to who got shot and who did the shooting.

The way to have done it would be to have the shot of Bully Ray hoisting Dixie into position, then the fade to black with the sound of someone going through a table and then having it be "does Dixie get what she deserves or did EC3 rescue her in time?" It sells it much better, there is possibility there.

I am the wrong person to expect to disapprove of Dixie going through a table, and I think if they're going to have someone who isn't trained put through a table Bully Ray is the right person to do it. If I was going to get put through a table, Bully Ray would be the person I'd want to do it because I know he can do it safely, and I'm not sure if any of the Knockouts have experience of putting people through tables.


Jul. 30th, 2014 11:22 pm
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I should probably start with the Spike news since that's overshadowed everything else. I have to admit I'm a bit bemused by it, because I thought TNA were starting to turn a corner on-screen. Lots of people I enjoy watching up and down the card who were, if not quite home-brewed, then at the very least stolen from non-WWE sources.

But, if nothing else, let this be a lesson. Do not lie to your financial backers.


As I said, the in-ring stuff was solid again this week. The main storylines progressed in solid ways, entertainment was had, future stories were begun. It was, short, good.

Spoilers beneath )

As I said, there's been a solid run of Impacts so the other news has left me severely confused.


Jun. 11th, 2014 09:41 pm
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There have now been two good Impacts in a row. They're bound to screw it up at Sacrifice, but right now I'm enjoying it.

Spoilers )
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Note to self - the reason why that fic wasn't moving ahead was because you hadn't written the expositiony bit at the front. Write the expositiony bit at the front.


Since I'm normally mean about Impact, may I say this week's was good. The bad guys were bad, the good guys were good, storylines moved forward. More of this.


May. 14th, 2014 07:26 pm
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Which could be subtitled - "Look at your choices".

No, really )


May. 7th, 2014 08:42 pm
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The crowd are loving Spud!! He is also adorably worried about Dixie Carter and looks truly ridiculous in a singlet.

Who is random friend of Magnus's with the nice voice?

I worry that they're going to go for Anderson vs Storm. Mostly because I will be supposed to be cheering for Anderson and Storm will do his best heel bit and I will still find myself wanting the bad guy to win.

(Sorry I've said nothing about Sacrifice. Unfortunately it was pretty middling. Although at least there was a minimum of stupid finishes. I just didn't want the Wolves winning and Angelina Love (w/ Velvet Sky) does a good job of making me cheer for her opponent.)

Wolves + Sanada vs Bromanz + DJ Z was totally worth it.
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Written up while I watch the beginning of Sacrifice.

Oh Eric Young, you are lovely. Basically there was a backstage bit, after his match vs Abyss, where he's having thumbtacks removed from his back, and going "I have a lot of bad ideas, and this [the Monster's Ball match vs Abyss] was one of them. But then again, this [holds up world title belt] might have been a bad idea. Here's to having lots more of them." I can't convey his tone of voice. It was so lovely. (Annoyingly TNA do not have this up on Youtube.)

Spud is also love. Even if he was fed to Kurt Angle as a human sacrifice by EC3. And I'm not exaggerating, much.

The Samuel Shaw / Anderson thing got even more ridiculous, with Anderson tracing Shaw to his "family home". They've gone with the original Psycho as their theme, so Shaw lives (in the basement) with his Mom who is also called Christy and has red hair. Anderson does actually do some damn good reaction shots to all of this. But it's all very silly.


Apr. 16th, 2014 01:02 am
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This bit doesn't need to go under a cut - Spud is my favourite. And those of you whose tastes run to cruiserweight in peril should enjoy his perpetual peril whenever Willow appears (and Willow also frequently carries Spud off to parts and purposes unknown).

Huge Spoilers )
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The only thing I'm really going to say about the Impact before Lockdown is that it nicely set up Lockdown, and that it made Davey Richards (if I've got that Wolf's name right, when I say I call the American Wolves "little wolf" and "big wolf", I am not joking) look a million dollars.

Oh and it turns out the way to get me to like Anderson is to get him to actually do something to actively be a good guy, like defending Christy Hemme.


Now I know I always say I hate cage matches because of the level of danger, but I do like that they've gone back to Lockdown being all cage matches because what's the point in calling your event "Lockdown" if they're not all going to be locked down.

I approved of the Wrestle-1 crossover matches, even if I could have done with the X-division title change actually being announced before the match. I get what TNA are going - 'go to our house shows, stuff happens' but I'd like to have actually seen Aries vs Sanada. It was also quite clever to put the guys who have experience of wrestling in Japan in the match.

The Sam Shaw match set its shenanigans up quite early on and it even got me to cheer for Anderson )

Hello there new masked people and hello there Manik. Flippy flippy nonsense of the good kind.

Loved the Gunnar vs Storm match, especially Storm's new evil music. The Knockouts match was also good, as was the little bit with EC3 and the surprise return of Bobby Lashley.

That was where the goodness ended. Spoilers )

I can't complain too much, it's TNA, land of enjoy the under-card and try to forget the main event.
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They're starting to give the bad guys separate and defined characteristics and solid, sensible reasons for the good guys to be fighting against them (and for them to be fighting the good guys).

You've got Bully Ray who is beyond the pale because what he threatens to do to people (who are not wrestlers) and wants to hurt people because that is how he communicates his feelings.

Then there's James Storm, heel turn fully established, and beyond the pale for criticising the troops (the man is good, he got a UK audience to boo him for being mean to US troops) and his reason is that he feels that Gunnar has used him.

Then you've got Magnus, who is a high heel, king of cheap heat - like bringing in a German to do his beating up of Joe because no Brit is up to the job. In *London* - it's brilliant and perfect.

Then there's Roode and Aries who aren't evil, they've just fallen into temptation.

EC3, a momma's Auntie's boy, who, again is the king of cheap heel heat - saying the US is going to win the *soccer* World Cup, again in *London*.

There's the BroManZ and Bad Influence having a sneak-off and Rockstar Spud being a tiny comedy heel, who is too useless to be dangerous and too annoying to adorable (unless, like me, you have a soft spot for small, annoying, flippy wrestlers).

On the good guys side, you've got Gunnar, who is now defending the good name of US troops, Samoa Joe, the man who cannot be bought, MVP, pulling double duty as Dixie and Bobby Roode's foils, the American Wolves (I could do with them getting a bit more character), as yet unknown vs Aries and Kurt Angle, standing up for being your own man vs EC3.

Admittedly there's things I'm choosing to ignore, like Sam Shaw, serial killer in training, which has got worse and I want someone to punch him only they've stuck Anderson in that slot and well know how I feel about Ken Anderson.

They don't seem to know what to do with the Knockouts, but since their way of dealing with it is random matches rather than getting rid of them, I'm not going to complain.

Not sure how I feel about Jeff Hardy's new character. On the one hand, American gothic gone LSD is actually right up my street. On the other hand, a Jeff Hardy character that can only be described with drug references ...
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I feel bad for not having commented about it before, because it was good*. I don't know if that's because good or becausie it's giving me the things I wanted - Samoa Joe as the defender of all that is right and good, a conflicted Bobby Roode, giving me a reason to believe in Gunnar and a James Storm heel turn the like of which I haven't seen in 8 years. I want someone to thump him and good.

It's so nice to be enjoying Impact.

*ignoring the Sam Shaw, Serial Killer In Training bit
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I have been watching both, it's just that incoherent flailing at one, and a level of mostly approving bemusement at the other do not count as constructive comment.

Revenge, spoilers up to episode 7, probably )

TNA meanwhile, despite my deep disapproval of there being yet more business fu, has had two whole episodes that were mostly good. Which is odd. I mean, there were things I didn't like, like the whole Sabin/Velvet Sky mess and Sam Shaw (serial killer in training), and I thought the Bully Ray stuff went too far, but they've given me a new knockout (Alpha Female, large, terrifying, German) and that's to be applauded, even if I wanted her to smack Sabin. They also seem to be giving me Samoa Joe, the saviour of TNA. And Rockstar Spud, Magnus, EC3, Bobby Roode, Zeema Ion and the Bromance are always worth a watch.
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I have smooshed the two together because they're both really short.


I have little to say other than Victoria is even more devious than expected, Nolan is the king of bad decisions (really, Patrick's ex-wife said he was a liar and is visibly afraid of him, you don't think those are warning signs!!!) and I am going to lamp Aiden if he continues to go off-plan. No, loving Emily is not an excuse.


TNA continues to do odd things.

I mean, I'm entirely okay with Velvet Sky finally not doing Sabin's bidding and Aries winning the X-Division title. And I like that Eric Young doesn't have Abyss under control.

I wish they'd just pull the trigger on the Storm heel turn already.
However, I also wish they'd let Madison Rayne chase the belt a bit longer.
I also want someone to take Kurt Angle to one side and go "no, you don't need to do that cage bump."

I'm desperately trying to forget that we seem to be in for another round of business-fu. But with Styles, Sting and J. Hardy gone, they might have to do something different. And I'm definitely behind Samoa Joe, saviour of all that is good and true (even if putting him against Rockstar Spud is not fair).


Jan. 15th, 2014 01:13 am
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Spoilers )

I have no idea what TNA is going to do without AJ Styles.

There's part of me that thinks it might be good for them because they can't keep relying on "have written ourselves into a hole, throw in a Styles match and it will be okay". But at the same time, as long as they had him, that was 15 minutes at least on each PPV sorted, plus TV time.

And he was the face of the company. Grab a wrestling fan, ask them to name the firsts thing that comes into their mind when you say TNA, after clustercuss, and I'll bet you a penny to a pound that Styles's name will come up. That's despite the last two years having mostly been wasted on two angles of great sucktitude.

It's going to be a weird few months getting used to this.


Jan. 8th, 2014 08:43 pm
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I keep forgetting that one of the problems with TNA is that if you skip a few weeks you have one of two reactions:

1 - They're still doing this!!

2 - Who is a bad guy now!!

Although this week's show was actually good.

Spoilers )


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