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Film Industry:

Director Andrea Arnold 'shocked' by lack of women in film -


Syria conflict: Life under siege in rebel-held Aleppo -


Megan Rapinoe - Why I Am Kneeling - Although this could go under sport just as easily.

How Hong Kong's Cantopop scene went from heartbreak to protest - Which could go under music.


Chasing the Sun: The woman forgotten by science -


Tottenham Hotspur player receives damages for suffering brain damage -

Sparta Prague: Players to train with women's team after 'sexist' comments - This may be the definition of 'I see what you were trying to do but'.
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Last call: What's happened to London's nightlife? -

Why is the exposure of Elena Ferrante causing such outrage? -


Abandoned fire station basement in Dudley rediscovered -

Germany Reunified 26 Years Ago But Some Divisions Are Still Strong -


The Psychology of Victim-Blaming -

An ex-FBI interrogator's tips on handling debate lies -

The Real Life Monopoly Board -

Why can some people study as they listen to music, while others can't? - Video not text

WTF Secret Lives Your Favorite Celebs Keep Under The Radar -

Liverpool FC's first black player Howard Gayle wants MBEs changed -

Archbishop Desmond Tutu 'wants right to assisted death' -

Is magic's glass ceiling vanishing? -


Compassion fatigue and the optician of Lampedusa -

How Sweden became an exporter of jihad -


Molecular Machinery: the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry -


Women's Sport Week 2016: Laura Kenny on equality, hair and Elton John -

Women's Sport Week 2016: Hannah Cockroft on Paralympic prize money -


Tyson Fury: Barry McGuigan calls for new mental health fund for boxers - In which Barry McGuigan is right, as usual.


Kosovo footballers to make home debut - in Albania -


How the street light has been given a hi-tech makeover -
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The Real Cost of Fast Fashion -

Ford and other firms to miss Paris Motor Show -


Young women at 'highest mental health risk' -


World War Two spy's row with wife 'almost ruined D-Day' -


The reality of life as a disabled clubber -

US presidents can have everything - except the car keys -

A world without Down's syndrome? -

What's it like to be the child of a survivor? -

Teesside's last blast furnace closure made men cry - what happened next? -

Journalist Noor Tagouri to become first Muslim to appear in Playboy with a hijab -

Eight times Terry Wogan made us cry with laughter -

Why the story of body-swapping teenagers has gripped Japan -

Counterfeit drugs: 'People are dying every day' -


Colombia Farc ceasefire: The man who photographed a little-pictured war -

California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case -

Thai women take dip in the road in pothole protest -

Syria war: The toy smuggler bringing bags of joy to children -

Will and Kate's Canada tour highlights First Nations fury -

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi: The vandal of Timbuktu -

South Asia's 'disposable women' -


The transgender Republican trying to change her party -


Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list -

First 'three person baby' born using new method -



Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: An imperfect love story -

Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: How will he be judged? -


Arnold Palmer: How golfer defined sports marketing -


Customers 'bewildered and fearful' about use of their data -
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Italy earthquake: Why so many houses collapsed -


Frank Pantridge, the 'father of emergency medicine' -

James Lind: The man who helped to cure scurvy with lemons -

The hidden trauma of being torn during childbirth -


10 Bars at the End of the World - Should it worry me that I have been to one, and past another.

Humans: Unusually Murderous Mammals, Typically Murderous Primates -

Will Brexit be a boon for tourists? -

Do the clothes we wear define us? -

Plastic bag charge: Could fee be applied to other packaging? -

The magpie that saved a family -

Louis Theroux: Looking back on Jimmy Savile -


What a stupid Scrabble article taught me about Welsh -


A summer with Blossoms: 150 gigs, 45 festivals and two weeks at number one -


Whistle-blower who took on Spain's ruling elite -

Why Our Wonderful NHS Is So Close To My Heart -


Right Hand, Left Hand, Either Hand - Containing one of the best explanations of chirality I have ever read.


Daniel Wilkinson death: 'Too many are being lost to cardiac issues' - experts -


Rio Olympics 2016: Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten on horror crash -

Rugby League:

Jack Smith: Ex-Royal Marine shot on duty in 2010 becomes full-time RFL referee -


Is the world wide web a waste of water? -
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He was murdered 1,400 years ago -


Around the World in Pancakes -


Laws and Original Order -

We've been using the Gregorian calendar for 434 years. It’s still bizarre. -

Where are the blue plaques for black and Asian people? -

Blundeston Prison: Inside Reggie Kray's old prison cell -


Maltese Phrases You Just Can't Translate
- At least in part because I love the sub-title 'Well, you can... but you'll sound crazy.'


Life on the road as a female lorry driver -

M6/A38: Why so many road works into Birmingham? -

The MI5 spy who saved children from a UK bomb attack -

Operation Julie: How I infiltrated a drugs gang -


More Wealth, More Jobs, but Not for Everyone: What Fuels the Backlash on Trade -


The leap second: why 2016 will be exactly one second longer than expected -

How We'll Tackle Diseases That Are Becoming Untreatable -


What You Don't Know About Being a GM -

The NFL Is Losing to English Football in the Export Game -

Figuring out fatigue: A tired brain can hinder performance as much as a tired muscle -


Mercedes to enter Formula E in 2018 - This is big news.


McKenzie: The real story of how Corsi got its name -


These unlucky people have names that break computers - Not so much her name, but my Mum once caused problems because her father's DOB was 1909 and the pulldown box at her job's HR system only went back to 1920. It was hilarious.


Jul. 9th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Notes from Holland -


Illnesses associated with lifestyle cost the NHS £11bn -

The doctor who wants to make his town better -


Seamus Heaney: A fitting home for a much-loved poet -


Making Sense of Modern Pornography -

Redcar steelworks: Health fears over steelworks clean-up -

Garbage City: The scavengers making a fortune from other people's rubbish -

Maria da Penha: The woman who changed Brazil's domestic violence laws -

One woman's lonely struggle against famine in Yemen -

Mosul: Smuggled diary reveals life of fear under IS -


The race for North Carolina's early votes - From before the last US election

Can you be politically active if you have young children? -


Genetically modified mosquitoes could wipe out the world's most deadly viruses. If we let them. - I think this is excessively optimistic on the GMO animals front but interesting nonetheless.

Man v rat: could the long war soon be over? -


Arnold Palmer obituary -

Horse racing:

Frankie Dettori: Jockey recalls 'Magnificent Seven' at Ascot 20 years on -


World Rugby’s zero tolerance on head injuries is not just a pipe dream - Refers to other sports as well.

Ben Ryan: Pacific Islands becoming rugby's 'Wild West', says ex-Fiji sevens coach - The man's got a point


Is artificial intelligence permanently inscrutable? -

Meeting Cellebrite - Israel's master phone crackers -
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The Custodian of Forgotten Books -


Silicon Valley Brits: 'We had to leave the UK behind' -


The night the clubs fell silent (for a minute) -


St John's Wort 'stops emergency contraceptive pill working' -


Broadside ballads: When the news was spread through song -

The pilot who stole a secret Soviet fighter jet -


Solitude, Space Junk and Sea Monsters: the Eerieness of Point Nemo -

The rare Afghan deer that survived wars -

The Free-Time Paradox in America -

Why Do Tourists Visit Ancient Ruins Everywhere Except the United States? - Title should be 'why do American Tourists visit ancient ruins everywhere except the United States?'

The Painstaking, Secretive Process Of Designing New Money -

Why Luck Plays a Big Role in Making You Rich -

The village building homes for young families -

Why Americans don't take sick days -


Larry Kane: The reluctant Beatles fan -


5 Ways Losing The Presidency Sucks Even More Than You Think -


Scientists reveal most accurate depiction of a dinosaur ever created -

University study will examine long-term health of rugby players -

Grasshoppers - the new sushi? -


How do you charge your phone when the sun doesn't shine? -
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A United Kingdom: The interracial marriage that made front page news -

The man stuffed and displayed like a wild animal -


Jackie Chan Hasn't Seen His Original Stunt Team In Decades. Then Realizes They're All Standing Behind Him -

Why is the US 'tampon tax' so hated? - Ever get the feeling the headline was written by a man? There is trying to remain impartial and then there's this.

World's oldest man, Yisrael Kristal, 113, to hold bar mitzvah -


These are the last 10 tracks Carl Cox played at his Space residency in Ibiza -

Skepta: Seven things you should know about the 2016 Mercury Prize winner -


Is India in the throes of a fever outbreak? -


Rachel Atherton: 'I don't need an Olympic medal' -

A fresh chance to banish the curse of Mayo - Of course they lost, because they are Mayo.


Head injuries: Football's continuing failure highlighted yet again by treatment of Anthony Martial -

Naismith earns Goodison cheers despite helping sink Everton -


Rio Olympics 2016: How last-second gold changed taekwondo fighter's life -


Gold medallist welcomed back from Rio – with gold wheelie bin -

Rio 2016: The people who fix broken legs at the Paralympics -

Rugby League:

Women's Rugby League World Cup to be held alongside men's -

Leigh Centurions: Journey from despair to Super League delight -

Rugby Union:

Saved from the dark side: how Hong Kong’s rugby ‘Pigs’ are giving Philippine street kids a chance -


German Masters: Anthony Hamilton beats Ali Carter to win first title - Yay! and Finally!


My grandfather Roald Dahl, the magician -
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Oh, you thought I was joking about the number of links ;)

Data visualisation:

A Compendium of Clean Graphs in R - Really useful R graph examples.

Food and Drink:

Sneaking a taste of North Korea's finest beer -


Grunwick dispute: What did the 'strikers in saris' achieve? -

Law and Order:

The terror of young offender institutions -


The cartoonist called the 'Walt Disney of Brazil' -

The man who squeezes muscles - Okay, so conflict of interest warning, St. Helens is one of the towns where Purple Aki used to do his muscle squeezing. I also can't help but think that if some weirdo was going round squeezing girls's muscles, the article about him would be less sympathetic.

What we know about Ri Chun-hee, the most famous woman in North Korea -

Grammars debate trumps expert consensus -


7/7 bomber's former brother-in-law: 'There were no signs' -


Ail to the chief: A history of US presidential bad health -

How Hillary Clinton can get that ‘presidential look’ - From before the US election. Glorious satire.


Paolo Macchiarini: A surgeon’s downfall -

Science Fiction:

What if Star Trek Had Never Existed? -

Amy Adams takes control in Arrival movie -


Get Inspired: Great North Run and six inspirational stories -


Sylvia Gore: England women's first goalscorer dies aged 71 -


Rio Paralympics 2016: Kadeena Cox aims to inspire black athletes -

Rio Paralympics: 50-year-old Kazakh woman sets new swimming record -


Cybathlon: World's first 'bionic Olympics' gears up -

The ultra-Orthodox Jews combining tech and the Torah -
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Why a Bollywood film has been accused of distorting history -


These charts show how much of your life you will spend being sick -

What is the food that can really improve your eyesight? -

'I know cannabis is illegal, but it is medicinal' -


What I learned about languages just by looking at a Turkish typewriter -


Starting university: What to bring, who to avoid - Some of this is reasonable, some of it, not so much.

Vogue: Nine down-to-earth discoveries I made at the fashion bible -

Fabric closure: What next for the UK's club scene? - Or the further death of UK nightlife

What Is A Data Scientist And Should We Instead Be Talking About Data Teams?

Illness forces 12% of workers to quit before pension age - TUC -

Why the former USSR has far fewer men than women -


Puberty calorie burn fall 'could explain obesity rise' -

DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague - As I had to explain to a friend of the time, yes, Y. pestis was the main suspect, but this is the first proof.

What's the evidence for the gluten-free lifestyle? -

Meet the Greater Honeyguide, the Bird That Understands Humans -



Tour of Britain: How cycling is helping flood-hit Cumbria recover -


FFP forces Inter to effectively split into two teams - There ain't no sneakiness like Inter sneakiness

Kosovo ready to rock the boat in Finland despite eligibility confusion -


Team USA should dominate the Paralympics. So why doesn't it?

Rio Paralympic Games: Why bookies won't be taking many bets -
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Today's will be in several parts because there are many and I want to leave comment/notes next to several of them.


Champions League: Why Nissan uses football for its sponsor goals -

How Zara's founder became the richest man in the world - for two days - Ignore the title, it's more about the fast fashion industry.


10 Lies You Shouldn't Tell Your Doctor -


New polymer £5 note is out today - here's where you're likely to see it first -

How new bank notes will help the visually-impaired community -

How verified Twitter users are connected and who they are. -

How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children -

Why Walking Helps Us Think -

Middle-aged parents are now more likely to smoke weed than their teenage kids -

IN DEFENSE OF HOBBIES: If you want to be a better person, find something to do outside of work -

Why are there crushed stones alongside rail tracks? -

Steven Spielberg in Birmingham: Why film directors come to the city -


Confessions of a presidential speechwriter -

Cameron quits as MP: What other ex-prime ministers did next -

Does the left have a future? - Written before the recent election. Some points I agree with, some I disagree with.


Why Freshwater Fish Are Awesome -

Why Are Babies So Dumb If Humans Are So Smart? -

Pioneering 'diaries' reveal the secret lives of animals -

Science Fiction:

The Enduring Lessons of “Star Trek” -


Rugby Union:

Neil Francis: Our game needs to rid itself of heavy gang - 150kg props are a parody of the way rugby is going -


Nov. 14th, 2014 05:51 pm
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The blind sculptor who thinks everyone should touch art -


Government to 'retire' some of its WW1 debt -

The interesting bit to me comes later on in the story "The continued existence of the war bond debt illustrates the lasting shadow cast by World War One. According to the UK Treasury there are currently 11,200 registered holders of the bonds. Winston Churchill first issued “4% Consols” in 1927 when he was Chancellor partly to refinance bonds from the First World War. In addition to the war bonds, some of the debt being refinanced by the Treasury dates back to the 18th Century. One of these bonds was issued by William Gladstone in 1853 to consolidate the capital stock of the South Sea Company, which was founded in 1711. The South Sea Company collapsed during the South Sea Bubble financial crisis of 1720, leaving behind it a lot of debt."

Windscale Piles: Cockcroft's Follies avoided nuclear disaster -


This 81-Year-Old Wrote a Dictionary to Save Her Tribe’s Dying Language - Just ignore the editorialising about the death of English because, horror of horrors, new neologisms are entering the language.

Law and Order:

How Louisiana Became The World's 'Prison Capital' -


Meet the metal detectorists saving marriages - Other people are apparently as bad as I am for losing jewellery. Their's is just more important ;)

The Adventures of the World's Greatest Counterfeiter - Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

How to Buy Food: The Psychology of the Supermarket - Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

How Different Groups Spend Their Day - The results of the American Time Use survey 2008. Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

Five Ways to Lie with Charts -

What lies beneath London? - From deep-level air raid shelters to the colossal Crossrail construction, beneath London lies a labyrinth of tunnels. BBC News delved underground to visit some of the capital's rarely seen subterranean spots.

Watch a Japanese Kokeshi Doll Emerge From a Spinning Block of Wood -

Baroness Trumpington profile: From Lloyd George to the Lords - She has worked at Bletchley Park, served as a headmaster's wife, mayor of Cambridge, a government whip and as a health minister. Besides this, she famously flicked a V-sign to her colleague Tom King during a Lords debate.

Who The Hell Keeps Calling Me? - Or the gamergate idiots can't even dox the right people. Via [ profile] nwhyte.


Geneticists tap human knockouts - - Sequenced genomes reveal mutations that disable single genes and can point to new drugs. Although part of me wants to agree with the commenter on inthepipeline who pointed out that these aren't knockout mutations.

Ebola crisis: A village fights back in Sierra Leone - Or, yet more evidence that local knowledge is vital.

Why NASA Blew Up a Rocket Just After Launch - A National Geographic staffer's on-scene account of the Antares rocket failure.


Two football/free speech articles:

FA made £350,000 from Twitter fines in just three years -

Pornhub sponsored team banned from football league -


Rayo Vallecano fans produce brilliant, Simpsons-themed protest banners - Or, the Rayo Vallecano fans would like for their matches to not always be the Monday night match.

Formula 1:

Formula 1: Where does all the money go? - Really interesting if you've got even a passing interest in F1, and it explains why the gap between the big teams and the rest never seems to get any smaller. (And when it does, it's because Ferrari have stuffed up, again. Why can you not hire engineers as good as your lawyers, Ferrari?)

Caterham & Marussia struggles highlight need for cost-cutting - FIA - We've been saying this for years.

BBC pundit slams ‘disgraceful’ and 'unfair' Formula One -


Oct. 31st, 2014 12:37 pm
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Awesome people:

Pakistan's 'miracle' doctor inspired by NHS -


'Sweeping change' narrows gender gap -


Why are so few WW1 heroines remembered? -

French World War One bedroom of soldier who never returned -


Escaping Boko Haram: How three Nigeria girls found safety -

The Laborers Who Keep Dick Pics and Beheadings Out of Your Facebook Feed -

Your life on earth - How you and the world have changed since you were born. -

Old Masters at the Top of Their Game -

Infographics Lie. Here's How To Spot The B.S. -

The Most Expensive Typo in Legislative History -


I spoke with ninety members of the House and Senate about what's gone so wrong in Congress. Sometimes it got a little emotional. - via [ profile] nwhyte


Uranium - The element that causes arguments -


Oct. 17th, 2014 03:55 pm
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The Man Who Saves Cranes -

Quagga mussel: 'Dangerous' mollusc found near Heathrow Airport -

I know this is actually serious but I can’t get past the vision of a mollusc with a knife threatening everyone for their lunch money.


What It’s Like to Carry Your Nobel Prize through Airport Security - via [ profile] nwhyte


The fatal attraction of lead -



Boxing journeymen: sport's biggest losers or unappreciated artists? -

Even if you're not into boxing, this is an interesting insight into boxing as an industry.


England v San Marino: Simoncini - cheating death to facing Rooney -

Or a little bit of background about the San Marino team. And why I, along with all right thinking people, was cheering for them against England.

"I remember walking the dog thinking, 'This ain't for me'": The England star who quit to run a restaurant -

It must be said, he seems a lot happier now.

Price of Football: Ticket increases outstrip cost of living -

Some of the details are significantly more interesting than the overall view, like how Sheikh Mansour seems to be keeping Man City's ticket prices down.

Hedgehog stops game between Hitchin Town and Arlesey Town -


Oct. 10th, 2014 05:43 pm
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The historical meanderings of the Mississippi River [by W. O. Dement for Harold Fisk, 1944] -


Tabloid readers, nationalists and the distrusting are most likely to be anti-immigration - Which I know comes under 'well, duh' but it's nice to see some numbers.


Chagas disease - inheriting a silent killer -

Caesium: A brief history of timekeeping -


Oct. 3rd, 2014 04:32 pm
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Urban kingfishers making a home on London's waterways -

US reroutes flights around Alaska beach in attempt to avoid walrus stampede - Walruses are the latest victims of global warming (via [ profile] nwhyte)

The freedivers who swim with whales -


Greeks captivated by Alexander-era tomb at Amphipolis -

Temple of Mithras: How do you put London's Roman shrine back together? -

Beyond Angkor: How lasers revealed a lost city -

Data Visualisations:

Mapping Murder - - American homicide rate per 100,000 people (2012) I just really like the way they've visualised the data.

Map: Most Popular Female Names by State - From 1960 - 2012 Useful for the writers out there.

Map: Most Popular Male Names by State - From 1960 - 2012 Useful for the writers out there.


Day out at the gallows and other bygone photographic oddities - - Selections from Victorian and Edwardian era photography from the Woodhorn Museum and Northumberland Archives.

The UK was home to 250,000 Belgian refugees during World War One, the largest single influx in the country's history. So why did they vanish with little trace? -


Why is the Birmingham accent so difficult to mimic? -

The rich: Exactly what does the terminology mean? -


Battle horse roundabout in Tewkesbury 'best in Britain' -

Don’t Be Ugly By Accident! - - Or which photographs (including manufacturer, time and device) make you more likely to get OK Cupid hits.

Taboola: The internet firm at the forefront of 'click-bait' - Interesting stuff, certainly more interesting than the click-bait they produce.

Does job success depend on data rather than your CV? - Or companies doing ever wierder things to choose candidates.

Trying to improve childhood survival rates in Africa -

Games for doctors - how the computer games industry is turning its attention to helping doctors improve their performance -

Wasabi: Why invest in 'the hardest plant to grow'? -

The father of 26 children who's helping to preach birth control -

Buddha seems to bring tranquility to Oakland neighborhood -

The NSA claimed that it was only collecting metadata—a fact we now know is false—but even metadata can tell an intimate story -


Plutonium: The scary element that helps probe space's secrets -

Can Memories Be Implanted and Then Removed? -

Terry Fox's cancer now highly curable researcher says - Or science, we're working on it.



Premier League: Chelsea and the madness of the loan game - In short, Chelsea are up to something and whether it works or not could change how the Premier League does business (possibly turning it's business model closer to that of Italy).

Enner Valencia: West Ham striker on milking cows and Green Street -


Sep. 18th, 2014 12:50 pm
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History and Archaeology:

Archaeologists Train "Monuments Men" to Save Syria's Past - Amid the devastation and danger of civil war, Syrian archaeologists and activists are risking their lives in the battle against looting.

Shang or Zhou dynasty sword found in Jiangsu - A Chinese boy has made the discovery of a lifetime by stumbling across a 3,000-year-old bronze sword in a river in Jiangsu Province.


The elephant that flew - - The elephant story is somehow actually the least interesting bit.

Chocolate teapot proves useful - York-based chocolate experts were challenged to prove the sarcastic phrase "as useful as a chocolate teapot" wrong. Or, don't challenge Yorkshirefolk. They will go to extreme lengths to prove themselves right.


Mary Poppins songwriter 'thrilled' at Proms singalong - Alongside regular fixtures such as Land of Hope and Glory, this weekend's Last Night of the BBC Proms will feature a first - a massed audience singalong to the classic Disney score for Mary Poppins.

Songwriter Richard Sherman says he's delighted at the accolade - but that without Flanagan and Allen and Noel Coward none of it might have happened.


The Poison Squad: An Incredible History - The early days of the proto-FDA.

What People Cured of Blindness See -

Deep sea 'mushroom' may be new branch of life -

Spinosaurus fossil: 'Giant swimming dinosaur' unearthed -

Dreadnoughtus - Enormous New Dinosaur as Formidable as Its Namesake Battleship -

DNA evidence overturns 30-year convictions in US case -

The Science of Raspberries -


Premier League: What happens to footballers after being rejected? - Or, oh boy do the Prem clubs ever need a better plan than just leaving their academy products out in the cold. Wigan, mysteriously, are the only club with a plan. I am having to be nice about Wigan!

Schalke unveil their new tunnel. It is awesome -

Footballers (and families thereof) adapting to life in foreign countries - I am not surprised that Kevin Keegan was one of the first English managers to understand this kind of problem.


Aug. 26th, 2014 09:53 pm
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Data Journalism Type Stuff:

Hacking the world’s most complex election system: part 1 -
I suspect this might be of interest to [ profile] nwhyte as it's about the Bosnian election system.

Seven Ways To Create A Storymap -


A map of every death on every road in Great Britain 1999-2010
Morbid but interesting.

Disability and the Japanese art of mastering chopsticks -

Artist attempts to create most frustrating products imaginable -

Some French Parkourists recreating Assassin's Creed around Paris -
Unfeasably awesome.

The man who helped save 50 million lives -
A brief history of the oral re-hydration therapy that saves millions.

Silicon: After the chip, another revolution? - Actually a history of the human uses of silicon.

Death By Cardio -

Ignore the title and the bit about cardio and read the bit about the frustrations scientists feel when they come up against pseudo-science. Never have truer words been written.


Rwandan teenagers cycling out of poverty -

What different methods have managers adopted to get their players up to speed for the new season? BBC Sport consulted five seasoned pros, past and present, to discover some of the more unorthodox ones, and also what constituted their 'nightmare' pre-season routine. -


Diva Dish With Celeste – How The Life Of A WWE Diva Is Truly The Definition Of Glamour -
As written by the diva formerly known as Kaitlyn, who writes well. Please can we keep her :)


Aug. 1st, 2014 09:14 pm
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How tall can a Lego tower get? - Touches on physics, engineering and material science.

5 Facts About Colors That Will Change How You See the World - It's a Cracked article so there's the usual title hyperbole, but it's interesting stuff.

Politics/Capital Punishment:

America's 'inexorably' botched executions -


5 Reasons Being a Male Porn Star Is Less Fun Than It Looks -

Lesser-known things about prosthetic legs -

Ask the Sexpert: The 90-year-old sex guru - His answers are wonderful.

Commonwealth Games/Culture:

Glasgow 2014: A quaich guide to the medallists' truly Scottish gifts -

Commonwealth Games:

Glasgow 2014: Taoriba Biniati makes boxing history for Kiribati -

Glasgow 2014: The novice cyclist looking to inspire a nation - The quote from Jeddie Amoako-Ackah at the end made me cry. "There's been a big burden on my shoulders but you should never be too frightened to take a risk. That's what makes us great. When I pulled on that skinsuit before my race, I felt so proud. I'm only just getting my feet wet and I may not turn out to be the best Ghanaian sprint cyclist ever. But I can pave the way for my fellow Ghanaians to be better than me."

Glasgow 2014: St Helena finally arrive at Commonwealth Games -

Glasgow 2014: Which is the strongest Commonwealth nation? - Or Nauru kicks everyone else's arses, per head of capita.

The story of the Pakistani lawn bowls team -


Tears, tantrums and titles: Les Chapman on 22 years at Man City - Really interesting stuff. Much like no man is a hero to his valet, no footballer is a superstar to the kitman.

Visualization of the goals in the 2014 FIFA World Cup (and other data visualisations) -

A look at national managers's salaries -

Olof Mellberg retires -;_ylt=Ap3xeEVFO7WNh0Wt6BNfG95YkcAF;_ylu=X3oDMTFkNTlzNm10BG1pdAMEcG9zAzIzBHNlYwNNZWRpYUdyYW5kU2xhbUVudGl0eU1peGVkTGlzdA--;_ylg=X3oDMTBhY2IwdWc5BGxhbmcDZW4tR0I-;_ylv=3 Or news only really interesting to me and [ profile] thedevilchicken but still.


Jun. 13th, 2014 04:57 pm
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Citizen science app hopes to create buzz for bee survey - I’m getting visions of bees in tricorns going “I am Citizen Bee”.


The Menace Under The Sea - Mostly for this little factoid "Submariners were viewed as pirates - and Royal Navy submarines still fly the "jolly roger" today as a way of nodding to that part of their tradition."

Interesting Time-Lapses:

Turning a football stadium into a boxing ring -

Language and Football:

World Cup 2014: How Brazilian football has a language of its own - I promise you it's more about the development of languages than football, and just uses that as the exemplar.

Names and Football:

World Cup 2014: Meet the Brazilian Linekers -


50 World Cup Facts -

50 More World Cup Facts -

How World Cup rituals can benefit performance -


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