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1940-1944 - Inside the Lodz Ghetto - A record of atrocity and resistance, buried in a wooden box -


How to revive Massachusetts’ first language -


Deliveroo riders seek to unionise and gain workers' rights -

Why did some French women walk out of work early? -

New benefit cap starts amid fears for single parents -

'One-fifth of cancer patients face work discrimination' -


Finalists For The 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards - The eagle is my favourite.


AFL vows to work harder to eradicate racism after Adelaide incidents -


India v England: Stuart Broad says selectors' patience helped him to 100 Test caps -

Rugby League:

Ruan Sims: Cronulla Sharks deal is first paid women's league contract - All the Sims siblings are terrifyingly good at rugby.

Huddersfield's Eorl Crabtree retires from rugby league - Yes, he's the one wrestling fans might have seen lurking occasionally when the WWE come over here.

Rugby Union:

Ireland v New Zealand: Joe Schmidt says there is no gulf in class -
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New Zealand town builds underpass for march of the penguins -


Kinky Cakes: Inside The World Of Adult Bakeries -


The GP surgery that treats patients no-one else can cope with -


Important moments in the fight for equal pay -


Why does this woman think she is ugly? -

Killed by Jutting and forgotten by Indonesia -


Whistle blown on MSP Douglas Ross's refereeing clash
- Although this really could have gone into the football section as well, given "A leading Scottish Conservative MSP missed a parliamentary committee to referee a Champions League match in Portugal."

US Election 2016: A survivor's guide to unexpected voting results -

US election: America the beautiful's ugly election -



ECB’s Kolpak clampdown is the latest gambit in cricket’s hundred-year war


Howard Webb reveals players asked to be booked to have Christmas off -

Besiktas fans use sign language for ‘world’s first silent cheer’ to inspire team -

The match that pitted white players against black players -

I only used the ‘hairdryer’ six times in 27 years, claims Sir Alex Ferguson - I don't believe him either.

Dresden fined 60,000 euros for severed bull's head - In which everyone hates Red Bull Leipzig. I suspect Dresden hate them more than usual because of proximity, a suspicion strengthened by the signs says "without Red Bull you are nothing" and "you can't buy tradition".

Formula 1:

Williams chief - Rivals better at exploiting rules - Dear Pat Symonds. Really, given that you used to work with Flavio Briatore, you ought to know that if you ain't cheating, you're not trying hard enough.

Williams to run special Massa livery in Brazil - Late, and somewhat overtaken by later event, but this was a lovely touch.

Rugby union:

Sonny Bill Williams: Auckland Blues and New Zealand grant kit request - Because Money Bill, not matter how much I mock him, is love.


Ronnie O’Sullivan, John Higgins and a magical 24-year rivalry unique to sport -


Shakespeare's Tempest gets mixed reality makeover -
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Mayan 'nesting doll pyramid' discovered in Mexico -


Stevenage: The town that aimed for Utopia -


The 21 Documentaries from the 21st Century Everyone Should See -

Law and Order:

The Dutch prison crisis: A shortage of prisoners -


The Man Who Fixed His Own Heart -


Why The Heck Do Animals Live In Our Houses? -

11 times 'The Simpsons' accurately predicted the future -

My father's double life as a British spy -

Israel's Arab soldiers who fight for the Jewish state -

The slot machines that changed bingo -

Is it right to train babies to sleep? -


Untangling Trump's Conflicts of Interest -

The Lessons of Henry Kissinger -

'Crazy' to say Facebook helped Trump win - Zuckerberg -

US election 2016: The Trump-Brexit voter revolt -


Here’s What Happened the Day the Dinosaurs Died -


Unknown dinosaur almost blown to oblivion -

Science Fiction:



Rugby Union:

China's drive to become a rugby union superpower -
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The woman who painted her body for artist Yves Klein -


The bereavement midwife: Is this the saddest job in England? -

Teenager describes summer on 'terrifying' adult ward -


Aberfan: This clock stopped ticking at 9.13 on the morning of October 21, 1966 -

Aberfan: The mistake that cost a village its children -


Do six people die for every kilo of cocaine? -

Black Mirror: Backlash against writer inspired episode -


Phil Collins: Back from the brink after alcohol battle -


A Computer Solved Time Travel’s “Grandfather Paradox” With An Extra Time Machine - I don't think this a solution. It's a bit 'turtles all the way down'.



Bayern Munich's Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: 'English clubs almost kidnap youngsters' - Given that he's Bayern's chairmen and what they do to other German teams, this is a bit pot, kettle, black, but he's got a point.

Rugby Union:

Anthony Foley: A community struggles after the death of its favourite son -


The team fighting to remove online child abuse images -
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From Post-it notes to published cartoonist -


How do we respond to threats after our endorsement? This is how - From before the last US election. Could also be filed under, "awesomeness F! yeah!"

Law and Order:

How maths can get you locked up -

How do we beat youth violence? Switch focus away from punishment -


Will India's tax evasion amnesty scheme curb 'black money'? -

The London Zoo gorilla and six other more successful escapes including Ken Allen the Orangutan -

Cheran: The town that threw out police, politicians and gangsters -


Thai king's death: Who holds power now? -

What should tourists do in Thailand after King Bhumibol's death? -

The desperate children of the Calais Jungle -

'We don't have a future' - Hanjin crews return to uncertain fate -

In pictures: How a rebel fighter became 'Syria's Banksy' -


In pictures: Assignments 2016 - The British Press Photographers’ Association selects the best news, features and sports photography from the last 12 months.


'Cut her mic' moment left me flabbergasted - From before the last US election.


Obituary: Great Barrier Reef (25 Million BC-2016) -



Ronald Koeman and Pep Guardiola: Two disciples of Johan Cruyff -

Fifa urged to give red card to Israeli settlement clubs -

Rugby union:

Anthony Foley: Munster coach's death an 'outrageous loss' -


English man spends 11 hours trying to make cup of tea with Wi-Fi kettle - I recognise this kind of stubborn.


Jul. 9th, 2017 02:34 pm
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Notes from Holland -


Illnesses associated with lifestyle cost the NHS £11bn -

The doctor who wants to make his town better -


Seamus Heaney: A fitting home for a much-loved poet -


Making Sense of Modern Pornography -

Redcar steelworks: Health fears over steelworks clean-up -

Garbage City: The scavengers making a fortune from other people's rubbish -

Maria da Penha: The woman who changed Brazil's domestic violence laws -

One woman's lonely struggle against famine in Yemen -

Mosul: Smuggled diary reveals life of fear under IS -


The race for North Carolina's early votes - From before the last US election

Can you be politically active if you have young children? -


Genetically modified mosquitoes could wipe out the world's most deadly viruses. If we let them. - I think this is excessively optimistic on the GMO animals front but interesting nonetheless.

Man v rat: could the long war soon be over? -


Arnold Palmer obituary -

Horse racing:

Frankie Dettori: Jockey recalls 'Magnificent Seven' at Ascot 20 years on -


World Rugby’s zero tolerance on head injuries is not just a pipe dream - Refers to other sports as well.

Ben Ryan: Pacific Islands becoming rugby's 'Wild West', says ex-Fiji sevens coach - The man's got a point


Is artificial intelligence permanently inscrutable? -

Meeting Cellebrite - Israel's master phone crackers -
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A United Kingdom: The interracial marriage that made front page news -

The man stuffed and displayed like a wild animal -


Jackie Chan Hasn't Seen His Original Stunt Team In Decades. Then Realizes They're All Standing Behind Him -

Why is the US 'tampon tax' so hated? - Ever get the feeling the headline was written by a man? There is trying to remain impartial and then there's this.

World's oldest man, Yisrael Kristal, 113, to hold bar mitzvah -


These are the last 10 tracks Carl Cox played at his Space residency in Ibiza -

Skepta: Seven things you should know about the 2016 Mercury Prize winner -


Is India in the throes of a fever outbreak? -


Rachel Atherton: 'I don't need an Olympic medal' -

A fresh chance to banish the curse of Mayo - Of course they lost, because they are Mayo.


Head injuries: Football's continuing failure highlighted yet again by treatment of Anthony Martial -

Naismith earns Goodison cheers despite helping sink Everton -


Rio Olympics 2016: How last-second gold changed taekwondo fighter's life -


Gold medallist welcomed back from Rio – with gold wheelie bin -

Rio 2016: The people who fix broken legs at the Paralympics -

Rugby League:

Women's Rugby League World Cup to be held alongside men's -

Leigh Centurions: Journey from despair to Super League delight -

Rugby Union:

Saved from the dark side: how Hong Kong’s rugby ‘Pigs’ are giving Philippine street kids a chance -


German Masters: Anthony Hamilton beats Ali Carter to win first title - Yay! and Finally!


My grandfather Roald Dahl, the magician -
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Today's will be in several parts because there are many and I want to leave comment/notes next to several of them.


Champions League: Why Nissan uses football for its sponsor goals -

How Zara's founder became the richest man in the world - for two days - Ignore the title, it's more about the fast fashion industry.


10 Lies You Shouldn't Tell Your Doctor -


New polymer £5 note is out today - here's where you're likely to see it first -

How new bank notes will help the visually-impaired community -

How verified Twitter users are connected and who they are. -

How to raise a genius: lessons from a 45-year study of super-smart children -

Why Walking Helps Us Think -

Middle-aged parents are now more likely to smoke weed than their teenage kids -

IN DEFENSE OF HOBBIES: If you want to be a better person, find something to do outside of work -

Why are there crushed stones alongside rail tracks? -

Steven Spielberg in Birmingham: Why film directors come to the city -


Confessions of a presidential speechwriter -

Cameron quits as MP: What other ex-prime ministers did next -

Does the left have a future? - Written before the recent election. Some points I agree with, some I disagree with.


Why Freshwater Fish Are Awesome -

Why Are Babies So Dumb If Humans Are So Smart? -

Pioneering 'diaries' reveal the secret lives of animals -

Science Fiction:

The Enduring Lessons of “Star Trek” -


Rugby Union:

Neil Francis: Our game needs to rid itself of heavy gang - 150kg props are a parody of the way rugby is going -
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Glorious Austrian victory in the men's downhill

Is he not just the most beautiful and lovely person right now :) (I am hideously biased. Ridiculously biased.)

I admit I'm more tickled pink because I'd totally written the Downhill off. I didn't even expect a medal, especially after I saw Graham Bell's ski-through yesterday. Because it looked very technical, especially the top section, and the snow looked like the hard ice you get on the Italian hills, which doesn't really suit the Austrians. Or so I thought, because I was thinking of Klaus Kröll and Romed Baumann who both belong to the Herman Maier school of "point skis down the hill, attack the mountin, win or bust" skiing*.

Because of this I was expecting Svindal and the Italians to do well. I think guessing 2nd and 4th place shows I wasn't too wrong, I was just working on out of date info about the Austrian skiing team.

Obviously this will be over-shadowed in the UK by Jenny Jones getting a bronze in one of the new events I refuse to acknowledge but I will spend lots of time on the Die Presse and Der Standard websites instead. The plus points of knowing other languages ;)

So far this weekend is going well sports-wise. Austrian victory in the men's downhill, Bjoerndalen victory in the biathlon (with an Austrian in second place :) ), Ireland beating Wales. All I want now is a Russian win in the team skating event and either a Kasai or A.N. Austrian victory in the men's 90 m ski-jumping. Scotland losing miserably to England has been the only thing that hasn't gone in a way that I could at least be happy with.

*Bodie Miller is also a member of this school. That was why he didn't like the look of the course. He was just getting his excuses in early.


Mar. 28th, 2013 04:07 pm
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About the Injured Jockey's Fund and one particular case where they've helped -

The pleasures and perils of the open-plan office -

What's gone wrong with the scrum? -

Meanwhile, rugby league is trying to do something constructive - "Castleford Tigers head coach Ian Millward believes match officials would benefit from increased dialogue with players and coaches."
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Brad Dourif in a music video!! A Calvin Harris music video! I am deeply confused.

I am also deeply confused by the French rugby team. How are you that bad? I mean beyond the obvious of Saint-Andre apparently being determined that no-one will play in the position that they are best at (with the exception of the front row but I think that's because you're not allowed to). You lot beat Australia not long ago. Now, I think you're going to lose to Scotland.

Wales - Yes, keep doing that. But more so. And less with the terrible scrummaging. And better choices when you have the ball because you're going to send Jonathan Davies grey early. Also, yet again the "it sounds like Jiffy is commentating on himself in the third party" problem occured, which I know isn't either Jonathan Davis's fault.

Italy - Okay, so it's because you were away, and that's fine. There were positives to take from this. Actually the coverage did contain one bit of really interesting stuff, because they were talking about how it was much harder to play away games, and Jill Douglas (probably) asked why, and Chris Paterson said he didn't know either, and spent time trying to figure out why, but he could never understand it, because "the ball was the same size, it was the same number of players and the same rules, but it was always more difficult".

Scotland - Yes, that's the idea.
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Rugby Union - Found my Alternative Rugby Commentary t-shirt so I've got something to wear for Sunday.

Formula 1 - The Jerez test is not going well for Mercedes - 2 days and 2 total car failures, both of which could have been bloody dangerous, what with Nico Rosberg's car setting itself on fire and Hamilton having a rear brakes failure which thankfully only led to him shunting into a tyre wall but could have been so much worse. Much though I am relieved that for once it's not Ferrari having the terrible testing time, at least Ferrari's were normally "this car is terrible" not "this car is a death-trap".

Football - Austria lost to Wales 1-2. Apparently they were the better team but just couldn't score goals. This is an improvement on hopeless and can't score. These are the depths to which the Austrian national team drive me.

TNA - The joke about it being WCW all over again is sadly so true. The first hour is interesting, the second hour is less so. )
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Re: last rugby post - this is what I meant by Castrogiovanni looking like he was ready to murderise someone - So glad I wasn't playing against him.

The French rugby union team continue to be ... themselves. Trying to guess how they'll play is a fool's game, but I think they were paying for not having specialists in their second row. I have no doubt that over a 100 yard dash or bench pressing, the French would win, but in rucking and all the various diabolic arts thereto attached (i.e. the stuff that actually goes on on the pitch), the Italians were going to win every day. See also, the basis for a lot of recent Irish victories against England.


Formula 1 - The best thing about the new season is Gary Anderson talking about the new cars and the changes from last year's specifications. Of particular interest are his comments about the new Red Bull ( I also like that he apparently grades on a scale, because he's nice about the Marussia ( and scathing about the Mercedes (, even though Mercedes will probably finish higher in the end of season standings.


Guess who is ranked 100th in the country? Boom!!

Now to stay there, despite one of my favourite competitions not being run and me having points to defend from it.


Some fun links -

A photo gallery of this season's F1 cars -

ATOS declare Richard III fit for work -
Well, it makes a change from the Blackadder jokes and all the locals pointing out exactly how much Richard III owes in parking fines :) (Link care of [ profile] nwhyte)

Someone else's Castrogiovanni picspam - Castro owns an Italian restaurant out in one of the little villages round Leicester, and is apparently beloved by every small child that has ever entered it because he does things like jumping out at them and pretending to eat them.

Sebastian Chabal's comment on France vs Italy - In his defence, he was really nice about Italy after the match, making it quite clear that they'd won the match rather than France losing it.

A taxonomy of wrestler's names -
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Normally this time of year I ask who I'm supposed to cheer for, but this year, the 49ers have already claimed me as I spent time around San Francisco this summer.

Not that I'm going to actually be able to see any of it (or much of it). I've got 3 more proteins to purify by Friday so I need to be in work early on Monday.

So happy that Ireland won. Poor Owen (who thankfully is on the other side of the Atlantic since we have had housewide rows on these topics before) got up at 6 to watch that. He agrees with me that if Wales had started with Tipuric it wouldn't have ended that way. And not in a month of Sundays should Zebo's flick trick have worked.

England vs Scotland was a lot closer than the English press would have you believe.

We will not speak of Saints vs Huddersfield

The French rugby union team are a marvellous band of men, but I continue to be amazed that between 15 men and replacements, not a one of them can sing in tune.

And someone may wish to warn them that Castrogiovanni looks like he's ready to murderise them.
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Hollyoaks has done it again. Yes, I know I'm a bad person who only watches for one character (well two if we count Jacqui McQueen - who is probably the best done version of that character type in this century) but Brendan!!!

This time it's Hollyoaks that's doing things )


I know it's overhyped and pointless but some part of me loves the thrill of Transfer Deadline Day. Although Juve, we don't have enough strikers to get rid of Quagliarella.

It's also 6 Nations opening weekend. Which I will be spending in the lab, but that's why they invented BBC Sport. I'll just have to remember my earphones or hope that colleague T leaves his computer unlocked (he's the one with the speakers and all users can log into all computers provided they're not locked).

The BBC keeps pushing the O'Driscoll's last ever 6 Nations angle. I wish they wouldn't. The knowledge that it'll happen one day makes me miserable enough already. I'm not as bad as my Mum though, she sent me a text message last night that read, "The agony - i.e. 6 nations - starts Saturday :/" I am dealing with it better than her. Just.
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Say what you want about pro-cycling, but the fact that, on the last day of the Vuelta, they're giving the two retirees a moment at the front to say goodbye makes me love it. And while David Moncoutie is a big name, Grisha Niermann was only ever a domestique, and it's so heart-warming that they do respect his efforts for his team and other riders.

Tour of Britain -

Dear Garmin-Cervelo, in particular Tyler Ferrar, why are you annoying Cav? You do know he runs on spite and bile.



- Dear people complaining that the Tifosi were booing Hamilton, and how that shows they're not the best fans in F1. Which bit of psychotically biased in favour of Ferrari did you miss?

Fernando Alonso, on the podium, drives for Ferrari.
Sergio Perez, on the podium, drives a Ferrari-powered car, and may be the replacement for Massa next season.

Hamilton does not drive for Ferrari, and his car is powered by Mercedes. He is the odd man out.


Rugby union

I get confused when Tomkins gets replaced by Farrell, and it's not league. The feeling gets worse when it comes after discussion of a Kyle Eastmond try.

Dear Sale Sharks, stop stealing Salford's ground.
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Finally saw Dark Knight Rises. I loved it. I also love you all for not spoiling me. Especially for that thing. Or the other thing. Or the other other thing.

I mean, I can see why lots of people I know didn't like it. It's a very Nolan film. Although (general spoilers for the rest of his films )

Enjoy is still the wrong word for Batman films. Much like X-men films, if I come out of a Batman film not feeling like I've been put through a wringer,I feel short changed. I came out of this feeling satisfyingly wrung.

Further spoilers for Dark Knight Rises )

The thing that really bugged me )

And I feel I must apologise to Anne Hathaway. She's still not my idea of Selina Kyle but she does a good impression.

A quick question, for any comics fans reading this, could someone explain the Bane thing to me. Because all my friends that are comics fans are mad about him and I don't get it. Unfortunately all my RL friends who are comics fans are men so I tend to put it down to Bane being big macho. (My favourite villains are Ra's Al-Ghul and the Joker ('n' Harley Quinn), so I got all of mine in films so I'm not complaining about the Bane-fanboying, I'm just confused by it.)

Related to that, idiot friend insists that Tom Hardy can't be terrifying as Bane because he's not that tall. I have tried to point out that tall is not neccessary for terrifying, but he won't listen. I hope this lulls him into a false sense of security when the short inherit the Earth.

On a more shallow note, when did Matthew Modine become old enough to play high-ranking police officers?

Also film-related, I've finally figured out who played Moriarty in Without A Clue. Actually it seems to be the day for Holmes pastiches, between that and the Young Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately they all clash with the Belgian Grand Prix and nothing gets between me and Spa.

Dear Mercedes, stop doing this to Schumacher. I get more and more convinced that he went to a fortune teller who told him that he was due a lot of bad luck and he could work it off in F1.

Re: crash - Oh hell almighty. I'm assuming that Alonso got a bit clonked. I've never been so glad to see him moving.

That was a good race. I want to kiss the guy directing the camera work, he didn't focus on the number 1 only. We even got to see the Marussias racing. And I love Button, Vettel and Raikkonen talking at the end.

Vettel - "Did you have a battle against Michael?"
Kimi - (immensely long-suffering sigh) "He's so difficult to pass."

Re: Grosjean's ban - can anyone remember anyone else ever getting a race ban?


In the rugby union - who thought giving London Welsh Leicester as their first Premiership match was fair?

Also, now that I know Maurie Fasavalu is playing for Quins, their success last year makes a lot more sense. Saracens being evil also makes sense as they have Joel Tomkins.

Union, only umpteen years after League, finally have proper vid refs.
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Does anyone know of any card companies that do cards that sing "When I'm 64"?

Long ramble about shirt sponsors )
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Just back from said match. I had a whale of a time.

This was partly because the night before had involved the consumption of Sipsmith's damson vodka, which I recommend highly.

The match itself was fun and a good, solid game. The score certainly didn't reflect how close the game was but it did reflect that extra bit of quality Leinster had in the midfield.

The crowd was immense, and loud. Not the loudest I've ever been in, but it's easier to be loud when it's 15,100 packed into Knowsley Road than it is in the wide open spaces of Twickenham. I think that it was a match that mattered helped, because last time I was at Twickenham it was for the Crusaders vs Sharks match that was doubling up as a fund-raiser for post-earthquake New Zealand so the atmosphere was different.

These fans were more shouty, shouty. And very colourful. I tried to capture that in my photos but failed miserably:



and a video Photobucket

The fantastic seats helped for me to watch the game because it's rugby union which makes no sense.

But yes, I enjoyed myself and I got to see the greatest Northern hemisphere player of his generation lift the trophy and since I <3 BOD it makes me very happy.

Neither of the football games went the right way but I have learnt not to trust Mario Gomez to score when it matters.
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I went to watch Tigers vs Worcester (BBC match report here - with some uni friends.

I think my problem with rugby union remains that it's so close to rugby league and yet so different. It's like aliens entirely independently came up with the idea of rugby so you can see why there are differences but they still make me scratch my head.

Matters were not helped by some of the ball carrying skills being worse than those of my friend's under-8s team. I think, if I were to sum it up in one pithy sentence, Worcester wanted to play rugby but the ref and Leicester wanted set play practise. Admittedly matters, both on my understanding, and of the game's flow, were not helped by it being Wayne Barnes refereeing.

Because I was standing* in the stand in front of where the Tigers coaching staff were lurking, Austin Healy ( **) walked past. He is somehow smaller in real life, but just as gobby as ever.

Welford Road is bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside, but if it's a fortress with a terrifying crowd, most union players would freak at the average league ground, because they're so much louder. And with better views. I mean I still stand by choice but you couldn't see anything in the corners. I have been spoilt by Knowsley Road.

But yes, poor Andy Goode had a 'mare and Alex Tuilagi was drawn into getting a silly yellow card by some Worcester winker who wound him up. He didn't punch the guy, just grabbed him by the neck. He's definitely getting better at controlling his temper ***.

Other than that, I was very impressed by the Worcester wingers, the person that I think was James Grindal, not least after getting straight up after a tackle where I swear I heard something go crack all the way up in the stands and Tom Youngs, older brother of Ben who is once again in hot water. And Julian White, but not being impressed by him is difficult ****.

* the one thing that worries me about the new Saints stadium is that it appears to be all seated. I'm not sure I approve of watching rugby sitting down.
** Although if he's 5 foot 10 like his wiki suggests then I'm a monkey's uncle. I know what 5' 10 looks like and that's not it.
*** Alex's oldest brother played for Saints, therefore he is obviously not guilty of whatever it is, or there were extenuating circumstances.
**** Geordan Murphy, were he not forever a darling anyway, would be a darling for letting Jules White lift the LV Trophy (I think it's the old Anglo-Welsh Cup, but I might be wrong) first despite him [Murphy] being club captain.


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