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The performers proving age is no barrier to the stage -

Data Visualisation:


Maps and Data Visualisations with R -

Film Industry:

Hollywood trans roles under fire - again -

Food and Drink:

The fishy ingredient in beer that bothers vegetarians -


Documents 'shed light' on Scotswoman killed at Auschwitz -


Want to age well - how about never retiring? -

The north/south weather divide on hottest day of year -

The strange story of a seized Hanjin ship and its lonely crew -

Can India really halve its road deaths? -



Football's biggest prize returns - but all its flaws are on show -


Rio Paralympics 2016: Alex Zanardi wins gold on eve of 15-year crash anniversary -


Tank at 100: Baptism of fire, fear and blood -


Race play's 'universal' message -
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A United Kingdom: The interracial marriage that made front page news -

The man stuffed and displayed like a wild animal -


Jackie Chan Hasn't Seen His Original Stunt Team In Decades. Then Realizes They're All Standing Behind Him -

Why is the US 'tampon tax' so hated? - Ever get the feeling the headline was written by a man? There is trying to remain impartial and then there's this.

World's oldest man, Yisrael Kristal, 113, to hold bar mitzvah -


These are the last 10 tracks Carl Cox played at his Space residency in Ibiza -

Skepta: Seven things you should know about the 2016 Mercury Prize winner -


Is India in the throes of a fever outbreak? -


Rachel Atherton: 'I don't need an Olympic medal' -

A fresh chance to banish the curse of Mayo - Of course they lost, because they are Mayo.


Head injuries: Football's continuing failure highlighted yet again by treatment of Anthony Martial -

Naismith earns Goodison cheers despite helping sink Everton -


Rio Olympics 2016: How last-second gold changed taekwondo fighter's life -


Gold medallist welcomed back from Rio – with gold wheelie bin -

Rio 2016: The people who fix broken legs at the Paralympics -

Rugby League:

Women's Rugby League World Cup to be held alongside men's -

Leigh Centurions: Journey from despair to Super League delight -

Rugby Union:

Saved from the dark side: how Hong Kong’s rugby ‘Pigs’ are giving Philippine street kids a chance -


German Masters: Anthony Hamilton beats Ali Carter to win first title - Yay! and Finally!


My grandfather Roald Dahl, the magician -
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Award Ceremonies:

Jackie Chan awarded honorary Oscar - I suspect I may have shared this before.


Slum photographs spark charity appeal -

Oscar Wilde love letter celebrated 'behind bars' -

What Al Capone can teach India about prohibition -

Mary Rose shipwreck skulls go online in 3D -


Single mum drags up for 'Donuts with Dad' - 1 - this Mum is awesome. 2 - why is it always 'x with Dad' events. It's like once again, father's get cookies for just doing the basics.

Downton's effect on the political mood -

Dying mum's letter found in book in second-hand bookshop - Update: letter's intended recipient found.

Marvel, Jack Kirby, and the Comic-Book Artist’s Plight -


What Is Aleppo? This Is Aleppo -

Workers must not pay the price of Brexit, says TUC -

Mapuche community in Argentina fights fracking site -


Why We Still Don’t Have Better Batteries -


The Old Firm rivalry opens new chapter -

USA star Megan Rapinoe kneels during national anthem to support Colin Kaepernick -

Football tackles conflict on the front lines -

FA Cup: Rio Ferdinand's body double & the ex-Man City player looking to spend £500 -

Formula 1:

Felipe Massa: the closing of an F1 career that has experienced ecstasy and agony - Obviously from before the un-retirement

Ice hockey:

Lightning's J.T. Brown speaks out on life 'as a black athlete in the NHL' -


Rio Paralympics 2016: GB stars hoping to shine on the big stage -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Lee Pearson to be Great Britain flagbearer -

Rio Paralympics 2016: 'It's not about how full the stadiums are' -

Rio Paralympics 2016: Ex-Liverpool junior Sean Highdale is heading to Rio -

Rugby League:

Batley Bulldogs fan banned over Keegan Hirst tweets - You'll notice that it's a life time ban because rugby league does not tolerate this.


In pictures: The Prisoner at 50 - Just ignore some of the text. I'm not sure the unnamed writer has ever watched the show.
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Oh, you thought I was joking about the number of links ;)

Data visualisation:

A Compendium of Clean Graphs in R - Really useful R graph examples.

Food and Drink:

Sneaking a taste of North Korea's finest beer -


Grunwick dispute: What did the 'strikers in saris' achieve? -

Law and Order:

The terror of young offender institutions -


The cartoonist called the 'Walt Disney of Brazil' -

The man who squeezes muscles - Okay, so conflict of interest warning, St. Helens is one of the towns where Purple Aki used to do his muscle squeezing. I also can't help but think that if some weirdo was going round squeezing girls's muscles, the article about him would be less sympathetic.

What we know about Ri Chun-hee, the most famous woman in North Korea -

Grammars debate trumps expert consensus -


7/7 bomber's former brother-in-law: 'There were no signs' -


Ail to the chief: A history of US presidential bad health -

How Hillary Clinton can get that ‘presidential look’ - From before the US election. Glorious satire.


Paolo Macchiarini: A surgeon’s downfall -

Science Fiction:

What if Star Trek Had Never Existed? -

Amy Adams takes control in Arrival movie -


Get Inspired: Great North Run and six inspirational stories -


Sylvia Gore: England women's first goalscorer dies aged 71 -


Rio Paralympics 2016: Kadeena Cox aims to inspire black athletes -

Rio Paralympics: 50-year-old Kazakh woman sets new swimming record -


Cybathlon: World's first 'bionic Olympics' gears up -

The ultra-Orthodox Jews combining tech and the Torah -
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Why a Bollywood film has been accused of distorting history -


These charts show how much of your life you will spend being sick -

What is the food that can really improve your eyesight? -

'I know cannabis is illegal, but it is medicinal' -


What I learned about languages just by looking at a Turkish typewriter -


Starting university: What to bring, who to avoid - Some of this is reasonable, some of it, not so much.

Vogue: Nine down-to-earth discoveries I made at the fashion bible -

Fabric closure: What next for the UK's club scene? - Or the further death of UK nightlife

What Is A Data Scientist And Should We Instead Be Talking About Data Teams?

Illness forces 12% of workers to quit before pension age - TUC -

Why the former USSR has far fewer men than women -


Puberty calorie burn fall 'could explain obesity rise' -

DNA confirms cause of 1665 London's Great Plague - As I had to explain to a friend of the time, yes, Y. pestis was the main suspect, but this is the first proof.

What's the evidence for the gluten-free lifestyle? -

Meet the Greater Honeyguide, the Bird That Understands Humans -



Tour of Britain: How cycling is helping flood-hit Cumbria recover -


FFP forces Inter to effectively split into two teams - There ain't no sneakiness like Inter sneakiness

Kosovo ready to rock the boat in Finland despite eligibility confusion -


Team USA should dominate the Paralympics. So why doesn't it?

Rio Paralympic Games: Why bookies won't be taking many bets -


Jun. 11th, 2017 04:21 pm
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What are the smuttiest ships? -


Pedro Almodovar: Why there was no room for comedy in my new film -

The best 100 films of the 21st century, according to 177 film critics around the world - Let the arguing begin, although the list is reasonable.


Third 'given wrong initial heart attack diagnosis' -


Centenary of 'Spitfires of the Seas' -

Joan of Arc’s Ring: A Question of Possession and Cultural Patrimony -

Pocket Guide to Northern Ireland -


REVERSE VOXSPLAINING: DRUGS VS. CHAIRS - More specifically, patent law

Law and Order:

Ramen is displacing tobacco as most popular US prison currency, study finds -

Cooking with ramen: Prisoners get creative -

Two articles based on the same report.


What parents really mean to say about exam results -

Parents 'struggle' to find holiday care for learning disabled children -

Go-getters in the ghettos: The bright side of France's migrant suburbs -

What US counties are named after -

'London is most educated city in Europe' -


The social housing tenants miles from home -

America’s elections are less swingy

Lopsided electoral-college margins now appear to be a thing of the past - (From before the last US elections)


The woman who discovered India's first HIV cases -

United States Just Placed Bumblebees on Endangered Species List for First Time -

Read These Before You Write That Op-Ed - About drug pricing

Could mouthwash combat gonorrhoea? -


Rio Paralympics: Two refugee Para-athletes named for Rio Paralympics -

The Olympic Games 2016 by Tom Jenkins -


Leicester fans light up stadium as floodlights fail in savage storm -

How hooligans exposed the ugly rift in Croatian football -

Celtic: Callum McGregor eager to learn Champions League opponents - Sorry, I am a sucker from ballboy to first team stories.

Wycombe Wanderers' Matt Bloomfield: 'I knocked the ref's front teeth out' - On the occasion of Bloomfield's 400 (!!!) game for Wycombe.

Rugby League:

Challenge Cup final: Warrington captain Chris Hill on plumbing and Wembley -


Innovators vs Exploiters: Drug Pricing And The Future Of Pharma -

The tech helping disabled people dance, run and compete -

The Australian town that wants to get off the grid -


May. 5th, 2014 06:59 pm
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Game of Thrones: Discover the real Westeros - Or the Northern Ireland tourism board now has consultant dragons. Link care of [ profile] nwhyte.


Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan Speculate On Their Characters' Futures 25 Years after 'When Harry Met Sally' -


The strange case of the 'time travel' murder (and other tales from the UK Forensics service) -

Antibiotic resistance now 'global threat', WHO warns - That sound you can hear is lots of scientists going "we've been trying to tell you this for years."


The Man Who Made South Africa's Flag -

Music/Music Industry:

Cee-Lo Green Originally Recorded 'Happy' (and other could have beens) -


Legal aid row leads to halting of serious fraud trial - Where the Prime Minister's brother is on the side of right and good.

UK Cost Of Living Changes Over 10 Years -


World's oldest surviving Olympian, and sharp-shooting FBI agent, dies aged 106 -


World Snooker Championship: How to survive Crucible marathon -


Crystal Palace: How Tony Pulis achieved Premier League survival -

Footballer Fabrice Muamba launches defibrillator campaign -

Rodney Marsh cleans Stoke City players' boots after losing online argument -

Formula 1:

Senna's death: Hill still full of disbelief 20 years on - The whole article is worth reading, because Damon Hill is honest and capable of great insight.

Senna's death: The practical joker whose laughter is still missed -

Formula 1/Football:

Brazilian footballers pay tribute to Ayrton Senna by wearing helmets -
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I am somewhere beyond angry with Ted Ligety.

I can understand not liking to lose (see also Marcel Hirscher's look of "I hate everyone" when Mario Matt crossed the line). No one likes to lose. But lose with some dignity, man.

It's okay to say it was a difficult course, adorable baby Norwegian that came third said it was, Mario Matt who won said it was. You'd not hear a word of anger from me.

But when Ligety claims that Ante Kostelic deliberately set the course so his son would win, he not only impunes the honour of a good man and a great ski coach and course setter, but he brings the entire Olympic movement into disrepute, along with the FIS. Because two different coaches from two different countries set the two different runs so that no one country gains an unfair advantage (because you're damn right the Austrians would try that trick).

Also, given that Ivica Kostelic only finished 9th, I don't think you really can claim that it was the perfect course for him. And Ivica is the only Kostelic still racing, unless Ligety is suggesting that Mario Matt is a missing Kostelic sibling.

It's the level of whinging it takes to say, "wah, I lost because the course was too tough, and it shouldn't have been so tough".

I'm with Marcel Hirscher when he says “We are looking for an Olympic champion, not a children’s champion.”
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I know I've been excessively happy about the men's downhill for a week, but I may be even happier about Mario Matt winning the slalom because it's Mario and his reconstructed knees and I love him and he's been so close so many times.

:D :D :D

(Marcel Hirscher, it's not that I don't love you, it's that you'll probably be there at Pyongchang.)
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Glorious Austrian victory in the men's downhill

Is he not just the most beautiful and lovely person right now :) (I am hideously biased. Ridiculously biased.)

I admit I'm more tickled pink because I'd totally written the Downhill off. I didn't even expect a medal, especially after I saw Graham Bell's ski-through yesterday. Because it looked very technical, especially the top section, and the snow looked like the hard ice you get on the Italian hills, which doesn't really suit the Austrians. Or so I thought, because I was thinking of Klaus Kröll and Romed Baumann who both belong to the Herman Maier school of "point skis down the hill, attack the mountin, win or bust" skiing*.

Because of this I was expecting Svindal and the Italians to do well. I think guessing 2nd and 4th place shows I wasn't too wrong, I was just working on out of date info about the Austrian skiing team.

Obviously this will be over-shadowed in the UK by Jenny Jones getting a bronze in one of the new events I refuse to acknowledge but I will spend lots of time on the Die Presse and Der Standard websites instead. The plus points of knowing other languages ;)

So far this weekend is going well sports-wise. Austrian victory in the men's downhill, Bjoerndalen victory in the biathlon (with an Austrian in second place :) ), Ireland beating Wales. All I want now is a Russian win in the team skating event and either a Kasai or A.N. Austrian victory in the men's 90 m ski-jumping. Scotland losing miserably to England has been the only thing that hasn't gone in a way that I could at least be happy with.

*Bodie Miller is also a member of this school. That was why he didn't like the look of the course. He was just getting his excuses in early.


Mar. 1st, 2013 09:22 pm
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Art - - For the past 10 years a group of 24 photographers have been recording the first 24 hours of every new year, creating what they call a social commentary that will last for generations.

Drug Politics - New Zealand are doing some interesting things with their drugs policy -

Science - Apparently, we have given rats telepathy (okay, wild exaggeration, but two rats on different continents communicating to each other for their common good. I welcome our new furry over-lords.) -

Geneticists meanwhile have been able to show a genetic link between 5 different psychiatric disorders - While it comes under "stuff people suspected already", it's always nice to have the numbers to back it up.

Popes - How the whole election process goes, an insider's view -

Sport -

Apparently Beckham's eldest is an Arsenal fan -

There is also something that both the US and Iran can agree on, dropping wrestling from the Olympics is stupid -


Oct. 1st, 2012 04:56 pm
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Jaime Algesuari manages to explain the why of football supporting better than anyone else I've ever seen try - >>
You might wonder how I'm from Barcelona and ended up supporting the 'little' team, when Barcelona are much more successful.

I have big respect for Barcelona and all the players there. They are incredibly talented and it is probably the best football club in the world.

But my passion for Espanyol started because they were playing in the first football match I watched, with my dad. So they became my team.

I always felt very associated with them. They were always struggling for budget, fighting to succeed, to stay in the Primera Liga, and I just fell in love. That's how it is with football sometimes.<<

Full link -


No hard feelings after dog shoots huntsman in France -


Spanish swimmer Sebastian Rodriguez triumphs over dark past -


Richard III dig: How search reached Leicester car park -


An olympic summer, a cultural parade - A blog post by one of London2012's translators -
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I trust you won't mind a link spam in his honour.

Inspirational Zanardi - I have to admit to liking this bit - "After losing three-quarters of his blood and undergoing resuscitation several times, Zanardi was officially a dead man according to a NASA study charting the critical point beyond which a human body cannot survive."

Alex Zanardi wins Paralympics 2012 handcycling gold -

Gray Matter: The inspiration of Zanardi -

As a measure of the man - >>Zanardi said he called Tagliani as soon as he could talk because he didn't want him to feel responsible - and humbly suggested: "I am sure it's harder for him than for me."<<


>>He exudes positivity, and after his victory he said: "I'm a person who has had plenty from life and lady luck keeps on adding stuff..."<<


I think the thing is, that for all that he normally gets lumped into the pile of other 'successful in US Formulae, not successful in F1' racers, but he, more than most of the others, never had a chance, because both that Lotus and that Williams were pretty terrible.

The thing I remember though is after the accident and his return to racing, a race report which reported that one of Mark Blundell's radio messages had described Alex Zanardi as (some paraphrasing), 'a loon with no sense of danger'. That's high praise indeed.
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Opening Ceremony

I was actually travelling down from Birmingham (and out to Hounslow) during most of the opening ceremony, and I only really saw from Iceland onwards.

I loved what they did with the torch, it was perfect. There may have been sniffling. Just yes!

Also just yes, Chris Hoy's face on entering the stadium.


Day 1 )

Day 2 )

I'm just so immensely glad that I got the chance to go.
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TNA - 29/08/12 )


Juve - are you just going to be lurking sinisterly for the one remaining day of the transfer window or are you actually going to buy anyone? Later edit: Nicklas Bendtner is not the forward we were hoping for

Dear Brendan Rogers - A pox on you. You are being mean to Andy Carroll. May West Ham beat you both home and away.



ITV's Vuelta coverage just came up with the best bit of word play. "I'm not sure what the opposite of a pilgrimage is, a grim pilage maybe".



I know he's a judoka and therefore there's a limit to the tv programmes that will have him on but Ben Quilter needs to be on all the programmes, all of them.

Actually, if you ignore the ad breaks, the Channel 4 coverage is pretty decent. They've had the sense to import an anchor who knows what she's doing (Claire Balding), so there's a central point that steadies the ship. And OMG, they also (sensibly) have ex-paralympians as pundits, and oh yeah, unlike the BBC, don't go in for "brave individual" (condescening pat on the head), they go for the proper line of "sportspeople" (so tactics are discussed, results aren't treated 'oh they tried' but in terms of who the Brits were competing against).



Dear Dell, do you want to know why people resort to the cheap, non-branded replacement batteries/power cables? Because they do the same job as your replacements for 1/6th of the price. That is of course if you still do replacements parts for certain models. For instance mine, which is merely 3 and 1/2 years old, you no longer make parts for it. And when I call for advice, you don't even give me the right number for your parts line.
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I'm incredibly sad to hear about Neil Armstrong's death. He belonged to a time where we had fear and terror, of the cold war and nuclear war, but also hope, and he helped to bring that hope.


Things that are good - discovering, much to your surprise, that this is a Bank Holiday weekend.

Things that are better - because of this, you get paid a weekend early.

Challenge Cup Final:

I'm just hoping it's a good match, because while neither side are Saints, neither side are Wigan either. (They are the forces of good and the forces of evil respectively.)

Rugby is a lot less terrifying when it's not your team playing.

Why is Rat-boy on my TV when Wigan aren't playing. Once again the BBC are biased in favour of Wigan.

If Warrington win, we're not going to hear the end of the complaining about that knock on.

The Germans have taken to Rugby League. We will convert the world. I know there's an Austrian league already.

Interviewer: "At 30 minutes gone, a storm hit. That could have distracted you."
Lee Briers: "Do you mean Leeds or the weather?"

Adrian Morley is Northern. With a capital N.
Interviewer: "You being an old geezer, do you appreciate these more?"
Adrian Morley: "No. Because you know you've not got that many opportunities left." The famous Northern no that means yes.

It pleases me that Stephen Ratchford has got a shiny, because he's been very impressive in lots of teams that haven't won things.

While I totally agree that Brett Hodgson deserves the Lance Todd, I would have given it to Richie Myler. It pleases me to no end to have Ian Millward agree with what I said.


As I have been informed by the papers that this is the first time that any US channel is covering the Paralympics (even if it is only online), I feel I should put in an advert for Wheelchair Fencing.

While not as well known as wheelchair basketball and murderball (wheelchair rugby), both of which are stupid amounts of fun to watch - no lie, I prefer wheelchair basketball to the other one, it is fantastic to watch, and the true heir to schlager fencing.

The rules are the same as non-wheelchair fencing, except there is no moving back beyond the movement of the trunk.

So yes, definitely give it a watch if you can.

Moto GP:

You will all love Ben Spies. I mean, he's loveable enough anyway (it is not his fault he's riding against my beloved Texas Tornado and Dovi), but he speaks such sense on the topic of his mother. I feel I should explain. His manager, agent and general person of greatest advice giving is his mother. People occasionally suggest that this is odd, or label him a mama's boy. He points out that plenty of the other racers have their father's in this position and nobody bats an eyelid. He says it's because a lot of men are threatened when women break into areas that they consider to be men's areas. Also that people commenting doesn't bother him, because it doesn't bother his mother.

The Armstrong Affair:

Other than the question of actual evidence, when they've never been able to catch Armstrong on anything (to quote my mother, "you know if they could have done, the French would have"), and a lot of the people willing to testify against him are people who have previously been caught doping and how much you're willing to believe them. Personally, my line is "I believe what George Hincapie and Tyler Hamilton say", but I'm a huge fan of both men, so I may be biased.

There is another problem, other than actually, USADA, you can't remove Armstrong's titles, only the UCI can (never mind that the UCI don't actually run the Tour and would probably need the ASO's agreement*). It's not like anyone immediately behind Armstrong wasn't doping too. Seriously, reading the data here -, you're having to go to the guys who finished 10-30th before you hit people who probably weren't doping. And that's only probably. From the evidence and testimony produced from questioning previous doping offenders, doping was team-wide and systematic, so if we asterisk anyone that was, in that given year**, on a team with anyone who has been caught, that drops us down to the people finishing 30th - 50th. If we're lucky. The French might get their Tour winner after all.

What I'd do is just asterisk everything after Indurain***, up to the one Contador won, and say we can't tell who won because they were all on something. Defeatist, yes, but it makes more sense than having to try to figure out who was and wasn't when it was mostly was.

* yes, cycling's governing body don't run cycling's blue ribbon event. No, it makes no sense. Yes, there have been many, many hilarious arguments.

** I'm being nice, for once.

*** Indurain may or may not have doped, but he never got caught and all of his old teammates aren't lining up to declaim he did. Possibly because Big Mig was slightly less abrasive. Fair, no, but it is what it is.

Football: )

Anna Karenina:

The new Anna Karenina looks like it will be terrible, but given that Joe Wright couldn't get the social structure of Regency England right (Pride and Prejudice) when most of the books are in a language he reads, I have my doubts about him being able to do pre-Revolutionary Russia any justice. Also, Jude Law as sour-faced, rotten toothed Karenin?! Also, Aaron Johnston is ~10 years too young for Vronsky.


Jul. 27th, 2012 01:41 pm
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I'm off for the next two weeks. Firstly to London to watch some fencing and then off to San Francisco for the remainder. I'm a bit :( to be missing most of the home Olympics, but I'm getting to meet up with friends which is so much more important.

That, and I shan't miss the BBC commentators and their various attempts to assure me I'm cheering for the Brits. I accept that as the British Broadcasting Company, it's the line they have to toe, but at least in the men's doubles, no, I really won't (unfortunate first round draw sees one of the British men's doubles teams play the Austrian team).

I will try to catch up with your posts when I get back but in case LJ plays up, just drop me a line here with anything.
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There is proper all hell on about the GB wild-cards for the fencing. Personally, I believe the BFA saw all the press taekwondo were getting and weren't letting their place as most incompetent British sports federation go without a fight - Apologies for the Torygraph link but they're the only ones who cover fencing in any depth.


Shakespeare Meme - Day 20 - Your favorite movie adaptation of a play

Shakespeare Re:Told - - I know they're not films but they're brilliant.

The Much Ado About Nothing has Damien Lewis and Sarah Parish as Beatrice and Benedict and they're wonderful and you want to punch him at the start and then by the end your shouting at the screen for them to kiss already. I'm not exaggerating, the whole house shouted that at the tv.

Also, it gives Hero something to do spoiler )

The Macbeth doesn't work as well, but there's a fantastic joke about 'the Scottish chef' and it features James McAvoy in leather trousers. I am easily impressed I know.

The Taming of the Shrew remains the only version of the damn play that I like because well, the Shrew is not tamed and instead ends up as Prime Minister. She does however, become a lot less abrasive in the process.

I still haven't managed to watch the S RT version of Midsummer Nights Dream but with that cast list it can't be bad.


I'd suggest West Side Story but while I adore the music ( (also have Three Tenors doing the chorus 'I Want To Be In America' - ) but I'm not a great fan of the rest of it.

I love the Nureyev-choreographed Romeo and Juliet as well.

While not strictly a Shakespeare adaptation, Peter Sellers doing Olivier's Richard III speaking 'A Hard Day's Night' remains one of the few things that reduces me to helpless laughter every time -

Discussing Olivier, his Henry V is brilliant, spectacular and wonderful, but the opening, where it really is in a theatre is still my favourite -

(The Branagh opening is here - , included because the comments tell me the Jacobi Hamlet is available on DVD. I sense a-buying about to occur.)

Other Days )
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Friends, Romans, people who live in countries that actually give numbers to humidity - what sort of humidity value is a native New Yorker going to complain about? I can elide, but I need to add words to this fic so I'm trying to hunt down details.

Actually, about that, if anyone has the time or inclination to beta a ~ 1000 word Mystique fic set after X-Men: First Class fic, I'd be grateful.



What were the Romans really like? Different from us in many ways, but there is much that is familiar in Roman family life and in particular parenting - I'm using the sub-headline because the main headline shows that whoever wrote the headline hadn't read the article.

London 2012: Why are world's athletes training in UK? - Money mostly, it turns out. Actually an interesting article, and remind me I have to e-mail some RL friends with it.

Paloma Faith pretending she's ever kept anything real -


Shakespeare Meme - Day #16: Your first play you saw

If we're talking ever, ever by any method, then Kenneth Branagh's Henry V on tape, which my Mum still has. Thankfully it's not worn out yet.

If we're talking on stage, then Macbeth at the Theatre Royal. Annoyingly I can't remember the company but it was ace. 6 actors, 2 techies (and I suspect that one of the techies was one of the actors) and the most fantastic amount of thought had gone in. Real atmosphere, and Macbeth's death was one of those moments where time seemed to stop, and we were in a medieval Scottish castle. It was brilliant.

Other Days )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]

I grew up a cat person. I was (and to a certain extent, still am) terrified of barking dogs. And then Ben, possibly the most lovely black labrador ever, and undoubtedly one of my more favourite members of the family won me over. Now I'm probably a 50/50 split.


The main reason I'm posting again so soon is that I've just heard that an old friend has been selected as an Olympic torch-bearer. So very happy for her.


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