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I think the best answer to this is "whenever", although the Christmas when it took a concerted effort by everyone to convince my Mum that the tree ought to be up at some point on Christmas Day still stands out.


Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows (Part 1)


Saw the Green Hornet trailer. While I am pleased that they're not doing down Kato, I am now mildly confused as to why he needs Britt Reed at all. It appears to be the awesome adventures of Kato with some fool called Britt Reed.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1) )


Book Review

Rules Britannia: The 101 Essential Questions of Britishness Answered by Rohan Candappa )

No suggestions or unsuggestions.
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2 from RL:

Dear Once and Present Housemate, you might get fewer funny looks wandering around the area we now call home, if you didn't wander out the place looking like you're better than everyone here. Me, I don't get funny looks, but that's because I smile at people, particularly our neighbours. Who are not yelling in foreign, they're yelling in Albanian, which okay, I only know because they had relatives coming over who accidentally rang our doorbell but still, I seem to get on better with people which, since I'm a socially maladept misfit, does not bode well for you.

Dear men of the world, asking a girl out 3 minutes after meeting her is not going to work. Particularly when she's just back from the gym and is therefore wearing tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. See people, I'm trying, why must guys chat me up when I am doing my best to look drab?

It strikes me that the three men most likely to read this are also the three men of my acquaintance least likely to do this, but should any of you have influence over small male children, teach them this so that they may not repeat the mistakes of far too many men.


About Heroes - I think the writers really need to try and decide what they're doing with Peter Petrelli, because he's got this weird split, because, when he's being a nurse, he's cool, and when he chooses to be sneaky, he's cool, but the rest of the time he comes across as whiny and I don't know why.

About Harry Potter - Spoilers for Deathly Hallows )
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Here be warnings: There will be spoilers, not only for the entire Potter series, but also for a Dance to the Music of Time, and there'll be references to Brideshead Revisted, and a good chance of me going off on tangents.

I'm going through this in non-chronological order, and using my wish-list as points to start from. There is method to my madness. )

Overall thoughts )
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Thought it was pretty dark and then watched Farscape and saw that it really wasn't. It's the one where Scorpius's back story is revealled and everyone is angry and pyscho. And Braca kicks ass.
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So, before I start the book, what I want With Spoilers for all books up to Deathly Hallows )

See, I'm easy to please.
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I now have the 'Hallowed' book. But I haven't started reading it because Danny and Dave invited me round to watch them try (and succeed) to distill wine into brandy.

On the Vino affair, his B sample has come back positive and Kloeden is now muddying the waters nicely with talk of a conspiracy and of the ASO (organisation in charge of the Tour) and the UCI (organisation in charge of cycling in general) using cyclists and their results as pawns in their on-going war and maybe influencing the test results.

This story is going to run and run.
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Went to see it with my Nan last Saturday for her birthday.

Film spoilers beneath )

So yes, nothing spectacular, but not bad. And the Ravenclaw tie is soooooo my primary school tie.
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Saw it today with Nan, and so hence here is my review

The things I liked )

My favourite thing, and this soooooo is not a spoiler, Ferret! Malfoy. Seriously, it may well have made my week.

Things I am not decided on )

Things I really didn't like )

It must have been quite good at least, the good outweighs the bad by at least half a page. I prefer it to POA anyway.

Some things that amused me and are not spoilers:
The kids really are growing up and it's getting a mite obvious.
The merpeople really aren't that scary. I don't see what the fuss was about. Aragog was way scarier.

And for once, Read more... )

I know a couple of people on my f-list gave their views on the film and I would reply except I can't find them. At least I though Stasia and Becky had done. Or am I going mad?
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Since it will see the first use of the disco alarm clock. Be worried, be very worried.

I'm using the ski-jumping icon since I watched some of that today. The prime match-up tomorrow will be Jacuba Janda v Janne Ahonen (the guy in my icon). Should be good except I won't be able to watch it since I'm finally going to see Goblet of Fire. Expect long post on that tomorrow. Expect a long rant if they've got Diggory wrong - sorry I fell for Diggory in Prisoner of Azkaban when he wanted the result of Hufflepuff v Gryffindor wiped because it wasn't Harry's fault that he got spooked by the Dementors.

On a Harry Potter tip, I've done some work on my Remnants ficathon fic, and some reading up in the HP lexicon so the background of what I write should work. Well a lawyer could find fault in it, but that's about it.

Watched some of the Strongman event shown on Eurosport today, loved it as usual. Most of them were their usual adorable selves and there was this one American competitor who was just so deeply cool - has an idea for my next icon.

Also watched some of the Nordic Combined. Way to go Felix Gottwald - seriously, he made up 45 seconds in the cross-country skiing part. I feel sorry for Hannu Manninnen though, he really didn't look well at the end, even if none of them ever do.

Anyway, at the end one of the Norwegians was getting changed and you saw his underwear (grey boxers for those interested), and then later on Mariuz Pudzianowski got stripped down to his underwear (black speedo-type cut) and I got to thinking, in relation to something usually said about wrestle-fic, which is the distinct lack of foreplay and is it because people are used to seeing the wrestlers in little more than their underwear so it's felt that there's not as much need to write a convincing way of getting them down to them and then out of them?

That shall be my random thought of the day.
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Went shopping with Mother. She bought me a suit for any interviews I have. Suit is lovely, comfortable and was hideously expensive. Am yet more beholden to Mother.

Bought the special edition of the Usual Suspects (finally) and Withnail and I, both on DVD, for under a tenner. All hail HMV sales and NUS cards.

Anyway, I was in the Hallmark shop and I saw the Goblet of Fire calendar and there was a picture of David Tennent on it, and unfortunately my brain went straight to 'yummy'.

Not good.

I mean, admittedly I still think the casting directors are wrong with both Crouchs, but dude, I so want to see it now. Well that and the picture of the Twins.

It's one of the things that really annoys me about the build up to the Christmas Invasion was how David Tennant is all twinkly but there is so much more to him than that.

The man can act, damn it! Anyone who's seen Casanova will tell you that.

The Christmas Invasion was every bit as awkwardly good as is expected. The SFX were BBC SFX, you know, good with the occasional man in rubber suit/bad CGI moment.

And most importantly, yes, this is definitely not the same Doctor.

That's important, his basic traits have to remain the same (just, fair, his entire impatient Doctorly arrogance) while the personality quirks have to change, and with him they have.

Mum doesn't like this Doctor as much, and I can see why. While he's not as obviously alien, he's not as sympathetic - For spoilery instance )

Loved the political stuff, although it may date badly.

And dear Gods do I love this new Doctor. But I worry about him, there's something just a little off, just a little not right, and it worries me. Especially right at the end.

I mean, it wouldn't be the first time a regeneration has sent the Doctor loopy but this is the bad loopy, not the 'gosh, I have no idea who I am' loopy (although that is a feature) or the 'I feel weak and feeble' (which is also there), I worry that this is something else.

But whereas 9 was the last man standing of the time war, and messed up because of that (and having seen the 2nd part of 'The Empty Child' I feel so sorry for him, with the whole 'let this be the one where everyone lives'. Poor Doctor.) this one isn't. This one's old and dangerous in a young body.

I mean, that seen at the end where *** **** the **** and he punishes them and his whole speech about humanity, dear Gods was he ever scary. Clever and scary, which is even more terrifying.

But yes, looking forward to the new series and I should probably work on a better Dr. Who number 10 icon.


Sep. 24th, 2005 02:31 am
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When you see this in your flist, quote some Shakespeare.

Can I do two bits?

The first bit of Shakespeare I learnt

- "Lay on McDuff
And damn'd be he
who first cries

Due to Mum getting v.v. pissed off about people starting that with 'Lead on'.

And another old favourite

- "We few, we happy few,
we band of brother,
for he who sheds his blood with me today
shall be my brother
be he ne'er so vile
this day shall gentle his condition
And gentlemen in England
now a'bed
shall think themselves accursed
that they were not here
and hold their manhoods cheap
while any speaks
who fought with us
upon St. Crispin's day."

MacBeth and Henry V respectively.

I know I didn't do the poetry one, but that's because I agree with the child that defined poetry as such "Poetry is when every line starts with a capital letter and doesn't reach the right side of the page." I don't, for want of a better way of putting it, get the poetry in poetry.

But good old Bill Shakesstaff, him I get.

And, as a tangent, I know I always complain about the Harry Potter films leaving out my favourite scenes. They do the same with Henry V, my favourite scene being the one with the French getting ready and the Constable and the Dauphin are insulting each other. The beginning of the scene is sometimes in, but never all of it. Mainly because it's very Shakespearean insulting, very witty, and very obscure.

But I don't mind, mainly because the adaptors normally put the other things I like in or they leave it out for good reasons, which the HP adaptors never seem to do.
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This is what Remus looks like in my head

Image hosted by

I think I have problems.

Also small apology for not politics filtering the last post immediately, that's been fixed.
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But still worth it.

Kaiser Chiefs - 'Oh My God' -

Will endevour to put up the other two later this or next week.

Got very bored last night and decided to try and draw what Remus Lupin looks like in my head. It's not going very well, noses and lips shall be the death of me. (Of course I could just not draw him in profile, but for some reason in my head he seems to be constantly in profile.)

So, to get a head shape, I used a picture of David James as a guide. And okay, the dreadfulness of the features apart, it doesn't look that bad. I don't suppose anyone has a picture of Calamity in robes, do they?

No, didn't think so.
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So amused to hear some of my RL friends reactions to HP and HBP. They're like the on-line ones but sanely expressed.

And now for a Buffy quiz )

The long fic of doom is now 42kb big, shows no sign of ending, has a stupid amount of unavoidable exposition and now is trying to make me write serious things that I normally don't touch with a barge-pole.
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Have seen the cast list for GOF. Am becoming more and more convinced that the casting directors are reading totally different books to me. That being said, if they let the grown-ups act it should be good. I fully expect Amos Diggory to break my heart at the end. (Actually, and this is the worst of it, the grown-ups in the cast are all actors I love so it's kind of annoying to be disappointed in their casting.)

But the dragons look good.

Have nothing sensible to add beyond that.

Potter fic

Jul. 29th, 2005 05:41 pm
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There are times when I hate my brain. It gives me these ideas that all on the same storyline, but doesn't give me the linking bits. And four linked HBP (and one pre-HBP) ficlets is a bit of an odd thing to write. Give me a long fic or give a short fic, brain, but don't give me this bizarrely broken up long fic.

'Shippy things )
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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince spoilers abound )

In RL matters, digest worked, it looks like the gel purification didn't. Bugger!
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In other words, today's digest did not work. However there is light at the end of the tunnel, someone else happened to have some of the awkward enzyme's favoured buffer (which the stupid bloody company didn't send us with this batch of enzyme) so I'm running that tomorrow.

On to other matters:
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - chapter 1 )

And yes, I realise that at this rate, she'll have finished writing book 7 before I've finished reading book 6.

On a fic front, the police AU du jour is past the sex bit. But now I have to write the explanation. Said fic is already 34 kb in Wordpad and I've only just started part 4. Now admittedly, people who write in other fandoms will be all 'pah! nothing' but it's wrestle-fic, home of the one-shot.
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Did all the things I needed to do today, except the bean bag but that's 'cause my Mum bought me one, she'll be bringing it down at some point.

Have managed to buy HP+HBP, Boris Becker's autobiography and both the Lance Armstrong autobios. For a grand total of £27.99, which given that they had a retail value of £39.98 I think is very good going.

Poor Mikael Ramussen in today's time trial. I think Ullrich must have made a voodoo doll of him because anything that could have gone wrong did - 2 falls, 4 new bikes and losing 7+ minutes and 4 places.

When I finally read HBP there are certain things I want:
Lupin backstory because he must have been doing something for 12 years.
Nothing resembling Draco getting redeemed.
Nothing resembling Snape getting nicer. I like him because he's a good man but a right bastard at the same time.
Krum! Not even a lot, just him getting mentioned.
Luna! Once again, not fussed over quantity as long as she's there.
Nobody to die - I can cope with maiming or insanity.
I really don't want Sirius to be alive because otherwise I'd have to make Marvel-dead jokes and unfortunately Marvel have already used up my supply of them.


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