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Back to several parts because of absence last Sunday.


How brothers became buddies and bros -

Law and Order:

Should Waney Squier have been struck off over shaken baby syndrome? -


Can song lyrics ever be poetry? -


Do footballers need lessons on sexual consent? -

Hollie McNish: The things new mothers aren't always told -

The Wide, Strange World of Modern Mummification -

'England's darling' and Scotland's saint -

The Woman Who Survived the Lowest Body Temperature Ever -

Yom Kippur, Donald Trump, and Apologizing Like You Really Mean It - From before the last US election

Fussy-eating toddlers 'not the fault of parents' - Which anyone who knew young me and my poor unfortunate mother could tell you, but it's important that people know.

How can a company repair a damaged reputation? -

My final year at Oxford, when I felt punished for having ME -


Kings of Leon: 'We had to leave our comfort zone' -

How Shakin' Stevens' new album led him to the brother he never knew -


Why do we need new parliamentary boundaries? -

What if only goats voted in the US election? - From before the last US election

US election: My secret life as a Texan Trump supporter - From before the last US election, and not from a Trump supporter, but from someone suffering from an email address typo.

Troubled Families - anatomy of a policy disaster -



Gary Player on Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods and how to stay healthy at 80 -


Jennicam: The first woman to stream her life on the internet -
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The Real Cost of Fast Fashion -

Ford and other firms to miss Paris Motor Show -


Young women at 'highest mental health risk' -


World War Two spy's row with wife 'almost ruined D-Day' -


The reality of life as a disabled clubber -

US presidents can have everything - except the car keys -

A world without Down's syndrome? -

What's it like to be the child of a survivor? -

Teesside's last blast furnace closure made men cry - what happened next? -

Journalist Noor Tagouri to become first Muslim to appear in Playboy with a hijab -

Eight times Terry Wogan made us cry with laughter -

Why the story of body-swapping teenagers has gripped Japan -

Counterfeit drugs: 'People are dying every day' -


Colombia Farc ceasefire: The man who photographed a little-pictured war -

California ends statute of limitations for rape over Cosby case -

Thai women take dip in the road in pothole protest -

Syria war: The toy smuggler bringing bags of joy to children -

Will and Kate's Canada tour highlights First Nations fury -

Ahmad al-Faqi al-Mahdi: The vandal of Timbuktu -

South Asia's 'disposable women' -


The transgender Republican trying to change her party -


Hawaiian bees are first on US endangered species list -

First 'three person baby' born using new method -



Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: An imperfect love story -

Arsene Wenger's 20 years at Arsenal: How will he be judged? -


Arnold Palmer: How golfer defined sports marketing -


Customers 'bewildered and fearful' about use of their data -


Apr. 18th, 2014 04:45 pm
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The trouble blind people have with £1 coins -

The best apps for any kind of writing - (Care of @mrschristine on twitter)


Formula 1 - Exactly what all those steering wheel buttons do - The Sauber F1 team have released an infographic about what all the buttons on the steering wheel do. (Care of @sidepodcast on twitter)

Golf - Jeff Knox, the man who lives every helpless hacker's dream -

Horse racing:

The art of falling off a racehorse -

The Grand National delivers another implausible, romantic tale -
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Science: If you are ever in a position where someone asks if they can use your freeze-dryer to lyophilise rat waste, say no. If, like my group, you are forced to be collegial, demand an air freshener in payment. In short, bad stench. In a machine I then had to clean.


Formula 1: I didn't say much about it at the time, unless you happened to catch me gloating about drinking the tears of the Hamilton and Alonso fans. This is not just because I do like Sebastian Vettel. It's also because I love the design of the Red Bull cars. As a Ferrari fan, it pains me to see how bad the car is in comparison to the Red Bulls. Heck, in real, bang for your buck terms, it's not even doing as well as the Sauber which is a Ferrari engine customer car. My boys, we are being beaten by a satellite team.

And, in an odd sort of way, it's why I'm glad that Alonso didn't win. Because it would have papered over the design cracks in the same way that the Raikkonen win in 2007 did. We* haven't had the best car since ~ 2004. And it will not do. I don't advocate sackings, but I am quickly coming round to the idea of stocks and or enforced press ups until that bloody car works properly. I'll settle for less over-steer and a bit more grunt.

*I am a tifosi (or tifosa rather). We is the appropriate pronoun.


TNA - Those people who said Final Resolution was good are misguided. I missed the first two matches (so those may have been stellar) but the rest of it, with two more exceptions was bland. Not bad, as such, but ho-hum. The two exceptions were the women's match, which, yes, threw in shenanigans but they were expected, plus the wrestling was good.

The other exception was the Styles vs Daniels match, which wasn't Iron Man standard, but if TNA actually stick with it and have this be their last match for a while, it's a good match for them to go out on. There was a distinct sense that they'd been told to go wild and murderise each other for half an hour. It was glorious. They made a Russian leg sweep look evil. And Daniels ... I'm a Daniels fan and even I wanted to punch him (seriously, wonderful heel work).

Also, apparently, according to the commentary, it was either their 115th match or 150th match together. Anyone else think that's an under-estimate?

Links -

Heart-warming football story of the week - Only one Udinese fan turns up to their away match at Sampdoria - or Highlights include - But Sampdoria stewards gave him coffee and home fans invited him for a drink after the match.

Odd horse story of the week - Gold-winning show-jumping horse bought by Bruce Springsteen - The course of events makes more sense but it's still one heck of a headline.

Idiotic F1 article of the week - Andrew Benson takes his dislike of Schumacher to new heights. Apparently, he's lucky to have won 7 titles. The best bit. People tearing the article to shreds in the comments by pointing out that there were three more years were Schumacher was in with a shout at the end of the season (not counting the other one, where he broke his leg and then missed a few races) so if Benson's going to write 3 of Schumi's off, they're adding those three.

Yet another Alex Zanardi article -

A good result from the heart tests instituted after Fabrice Muamba's collapse -

Golf course builds giant dinosaur, loses PGA event - The article does not elucidate a lot, but it's one heck of a headline.

Fantastic story about someone who worked at a bank but, after writing a book about the theory of scoring from set-pieces started to work for Fiorentina -

And now Galatasary and Besiktas fans riot at wheelchair basketball - There's a certain lunatic determination by both sets of fans to try and murder each other no matter what the sport.


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