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Model train prices are rising because of pound's devaluation -


Dorothy's Wizard of Oz slippers to be saved after campaign hits $300,000 -


London Is Still Paying Rent to the Queen on a Property Leased in 1211 -


'I don't': Why choose civil partnership over marriage? -

Halloween: Meet England's most interesting ghosts -

Your pictures: Witches' marks -

Putting the fun back into fitness - This is one of those ones where I disagree. I enjoy the suffering of training. It pleases me. I am aware that this says nothing good about me.

The “432 Hz vs. 440 Hz” conspiracy theory - This is your actual lunatic fringe conspiracy theory/

Russian bullet train whirrs past bleak lives -

An uncanny mixture: God, alcohol and even cannabis -

Snail mail: The postcard that arrived 50 years late -

Does it pay to sell a home online? -


Ugly US election race a poor ad for democracy in China - From before the last US election.

Why we lost the Brexit vote - Behind the scenes of the flawed campaign to keep the UK in the EU. - Obviously a little partisan but interesting nonetheless.


I’m a Doctor. If I Drop Food on the Kitchen Floor, I Still Eat It. -

Breast-Feeding the Microbiome -

Nine colourful facts about chameleons -

Cancer care: Is world class status a distant dream? -


Blockchain bandits hit crypto start-ups -

Clicks and bricks: How building is going digital -
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Film Industry:

Director Andrea Arnold 'shocked' by lack of women in film -


Syria conflict: Life under siege in rebel-held Aleppo -


Megan Rapinoe - Why I Am Kneeling - Although this could go under sport just as easily.

How Hong Kong's Cantopop scene went from heartbreak to protest - Which could go under music.


Chasing the Sun: The woman forgotten by science -


Tottenham Hotspur player receives damages for suffering brain damage -

Sparta Prague: Players to train with women's team after 'sexist' comments - This may be the definition of 'I see what you were trying to do but'.
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The performers proving age is no barrier to the stage -

Data Visualisation:


Maps and Data Visualisations with R -

Film Industry:

Hollywood trans roles under fire - again -

Food and Drink:

The fishy ingredient in beer that bothers vegetarians -


Documents 'shed light' on Scotswoman killed at Auschwitz -


Want to age well - how about never retiring? -

The north/south weather divide on hottest day of year -

The strange story of a seized Hanjin ship and its lonely crew -

Can India really halve its road deaths? -



Football's biggest prize returns - but all its flaws are on show -


Rio Paralympics 2016: Alex Zanardi wins gold on eve of 15-year crash anniversary -


Tank at 100: Baptism of fire, fear and blood -


Race play's 'universal' message -


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Honorary Oscar for British 'trailblazer' editor Anne V Coates -




An Oral History of 'Spaced' -


The one where Medea saves her kids: lost classics of Greek tragedy -


Jun. 3rd, 2014 07:05 pm
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Brazil's other passion: Malba Tahan and The man who counted -

Michael Buffer 'ready to rumble' -

Lasers 'could prevent' need for root canal treatment - For those of us with dental issues.

1964: The World 50 Years Ago - Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

The real 10 algorithms that dominate our world - Rebuttal to the Reddit article on the same topic. This one actually explains the whys and whats of algorithms. Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

50 Cent Is My Life Coach - This is interesting because 50 Cent is nothing like how you imagine him. Via @TwistedSifter on twitter.

Wim Wenders' Rules of Cinema Perfection -

African teams can't defend? Common cliches examined → Most of the cliches are not so true. England do, however, suck at penalties.

An up-to-date and updated throughout list of who is injured for which team for this World Cup -

Some lovely posters ESPN commissioned for the World Cup - One word of warning. Apparently the Cyrillic is all kinds of wrong.


Feb. 28th, 2014 05:32 pm
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Science -

Evolution in real time -
It sounds like the writer of the article mis-understood a lot of things about evolution and, indeed, about how it's a generational effect and how, if you did this through 59,000 generations of humans you'd get the same results it just takes longer, so people use bacteria instead, but it's an interesting bit of research.

Film Industry -

Assembling the Billing Block - How the list of names at the bottom of a movie poster is decided on.

Photography/Natural World -

Northern Lights illuminate the UK -

"The Aurora Borealis - better known as the Northern Lights - has been giving rare and spectacular displays over parts of the UK, from the north of Scotland to as far south as Jersey."
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Fic Writing - A question particularly directed at wrestle-fic writers but if anyone else has any ideas (or solutions) feel free to chip in.

Was there ever a consensus opinion on how widely you can disregard canon? Because I've finally finished 'Not Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead', only a teensy, tiny flaw has come to my attention, one which I did not notice because by the time that Turning Point 2006 (and the aftermath) got shown in the UK, it was February 2007. Unfortunately, if we stick with reality, the week where I have everything happening is Christmas week. So I either have to hand-wave reality, or move Christmas. Neither of which is appealing but ...


Interesting article about films that have caused people to make complaints to the BBFC I know some of you are interested in the whole process of film classification and there's some interesting quotes from the chair of the BBFC.


Shakespeare Meme - Day #25: Sooner or later, everyone has to choose: Hal or Falstaff?

Easiest choice ever. The world is full of charming drunkards, give me the coming man any day.

I still haven't seen all of the most recent BBC Henry IV, so I'm intrigued to know which way they've gone with Prince Hal. I have to admit I prefer mine more Machiavellian. My Mum prefers him to be more 'I am trying to see how other people live'. We both agree Hal has to have ulterior motives.

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Random comment - So BBC puts up an article about how 'Shame' a film about sex addition is probably going to break the ratings system, probably for the better. Not in the slightest bit surprised to find Fassbender involved.
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So very tempted to say Michelle Rodriguez. Although if anyone could think of someone more fitting, they should feel free to chime in, because the only other possible I can think of is whatshername that plays Tonks. Whoever it is must be able to do stunts, there will be fencing in this film.

The problem is I don't look that much like anyone else, except my father's side of the family, and normally if people are looking for a comparison, they go Pacific Island rugby player, not actresses. It's not like anyone else in my family looks like anyone else. I'm guessing Julie Walters for my Mum. Terribly stuck for who to cast as my Grandma.

Friends in RL are just as difficult to cast. Probably one of Crabbe or Goyle for one housemate, and the boy Potter for one of the others. The third housemate and his girlfriend, I have no idea for at all.


Discussing films, I am very tempted to take part in . I mean, the 24th should be an interesting day, lots of scenery, so I could give it a go.


I decided to do the TV meme. Then I will do the film meme, and then I shall do the Shakespeare meme. I may well also do the Dr. Who meme going round. And when I have finished all of those, it will be doomsday ;)

TV meme:

Day 01 - A show that should have never been canceled

I am going to be boring. I am going to give the same answer I always give. Because damn it, Brimstone should never have been cancelled. My opinion is being reinforced because I'm rewatching it, slowly, at the minute. I've got as far as the second episode and the thing I'm loving at the minute is spoiler )

The thing of right and wrong, and the fact that the writers have done their homework on the mythology behind their pantheon (unlike many, many other shows) are what I love. Because most shows, your good guy kills the guy that raped his wife, and this is presented as a positive thing, where as this goes with, understandable but not just and therefore wrong in the eyes of God.

Then there's the fact that these people actually resemble people, not random soundbites (why no, I'm never not going to stop being bitter about Reaper).

I am also v. annoyed that we never got to find out how the devil was going to go back on his deal. Because you knew he would, and you knew that he'd make it so it was Zeke's fault, but gah! I want details.

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I <3 cuprofen.

Watched Tristan and Isolde last night. Not too bad, if you ignore pufferfish and that I was watching it with Cornwall based archeologists who also had similar problems.

But (spoilers) )

Although I shan't complain too much, since this was a film that had Rufus Sewell and James Franco in. Half-naked. Whee!
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In case anyone was wondering, my third resolution was not to talk about, mention or discuss the Oscars except on three particular days, which are today when the nominations come out, just before to discuss what I want to win and on results day.

Just mentioning the ones I have any interest in.

>>Best Motion Picture of the Year Nominees:
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, The (2003)
Lost in Translation (2003)
Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)
Mystic River (2003)
Seabiscuit (2003)<<

Nothing to complain about here, they're all good well made films.

>>Best Actor Nominees:
Johnny Depp for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)
Ben Kingsley for House of Sand and Fog (2003)
Jude Law for Cold Mountain (2003)
Bill Murray for Lost in Translation (2003)
Sean Penn for Mystic River (2003)<<

Other than being utterly amazed and happy about Johnny Depp's nomination, nothing else really stands out except for not wanting Jude Law to win. Because I like the other four way more than him.

Best Supporting actor, well I haven't seen any of the films, but there are four of my favourites in there so I'm just going to enjoy.

Hey they've remembered to include PJ in the directors list. Not that that's going to stop them giving it to Sofia Coppola but I can hope.

LOTR for costume design. Or Master and Commander.

There are so many films where LOTR, Master and Commander and POTC are up against each other. This is good/bad/liable to drive me crazy.

Yeah, I'm over-tired and exitable.

Good day to all.
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Apparently there is a school of thought that thinks Sinatra was better than Dean Martin. These people are obviously off their rockers and must be pitied.

When it comes to music preferences I am not a nice girl, sorry.

Just watched Rio Bravo. Love that film.

Talking about things I love, 'To Trap A Spy' has just been on. It's like the first Man from Uncle spin-off film. It is of course good, and it was the only one I hadn't seen. Love them so much.

And there was this lovely scene right at the end, where the heroine du jour goes home with her family and Solo is looking out of a train carriage at them, and he looks so sad almost. Longingly. Like he wants that, but knows he's never going to get it.

Buffy was good. Have to admit I was with Willow on the kill Warren thing.

I don't get where Buffy gets off lecturing Willow about not killing people. What about all those demons? And yeah, so they're evil, but so I fear was Warren.

And Rack was back. Sorry, am so in love with that character. And Clem. Clem is adorable. Both my mother and I agree on this point.

He's so cute.

That's it unless you wish to be subjugated to a rant about Urs Meier, who was the referee for Juve v Real Madrid. Because he really is incompetant. He was the ref for England v Turkey and both sets of fans said he did a lousy job.
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Looking at the Golden Globes winners I can see that LOTR is going to get shafted, again.

Not that I mind so much because we'll be shafted because they want to give the best director to Martin Scorcese, who they previously shafted, and while I might never have seen his films (Yeah, I know I should but...) he always comes across as a really interesting guy on interviews.

I am, however, nearly annoyed enough to do a Christopher Lee (why isn't the man a sir yet?) style storming of the barricades.

Arise members of the Academy, I hereby dub thee idiots.


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