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I know where I made my mistake. I decided to write Magneto fic. Which is always a mistake.

I had this idea, you see.

I was reading something about Philip Larkin and was reading 'Annus Mirabilis' ( (or 'Sex Was Invented In 1963' if your memory is like mine). I then happened to think about X-Men: First Class. Being of a forgetful mind, I thought the Cuban Missile Crisis was 1963, not 1962 (which is bad since I definitely studied it at school) and my brain went 'a-ha! That's the hook for a fic about how, if everything that had happened to Magneto hadn't happened, he and Charles could have been happy.' And of course it being him knowing this and it's supposed to have been wistful, and very much post-the radio dish of tears scene.

So far, so straight forward. Only I will insist on having opinions about Magneto. And not believing in the concept of one true love. So the fic becomes all the people Magneto could have been happy with had everything not happened.

Still doable.

Only then I start writing and there's a lot of motive ranting and Magneto's messiah complex, but not so much wistfulness. And most of it is of the 'but I was utterly justified in what I was doing' kind and I'm finding myself ranting at the screen. Which is not something I usually do.

So there will be fic. It's just not the one I intended to write.
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And have it make sense and stuff.

Really I can.

That I've been writing something and just realised the middle section is ... non-existent. There's the lead up and then the break up, but the middle is missing and it's not the sort of pairing where there is obviousness on my side. And I've suddenly realised why I didn't write the middle bit because it is difficult.

Other than that, I've most been loathing work and playing far too much Star Wars: The Old Republic.
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It's an odd feeling when you've not posted fic in so long that you've forgotten how to write a disclaimer. Matters are not being helped by this being one hell of fic to disclaim, because I know I'm not going to label it "Jack/Ianto, Ianto/his inability to communicate his feeling, Jack/and his issues" and yet ...


Oct. 2nd, 2013 01:14 am
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When they're not scaring the blank out of me, I've realised that I have no idea how the youth of today talk. Which is kind of a problem when I'm writing about teenagers.

Part of the problem is my lot, when we were that age, used to have half our conversations in elision, so if the sentence I'm trying to write were a conversation character A would say "did you ...?" with enough eyebrow raising and context for the other person know they meant, "did you have penetrative sex with person y?" The problem being that this is not a conversation and I become ever more aware that "did you go all the way?" probably went out of fashion some time in the last century.
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1 - I'll be travelling in the next week so if anyone has any prompts they want to throw in my direction, that would be awesome.

2 - Dear self, you need to write the first fic before you can write the sequel to it.
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Good news: I may have interesting results
Bad news: I can't interpret them because work computer is, to quote the Linux dude, "shafted".

Good news: The project students are gone at the end of the week
Bad news: Leaving me with a mess of data because they did not listen and didn't add DTT or TCEP to buffers when I told them to.


Good news: The students being gone means I can start fencing again
Bad news: I haven't fenced in months. I am going to die. And so is my wallet (need to resub to the national body and pay my club membership).


Good news: I am getting somewhere with the novel I'm working on (hat-tip to [ profile] idleleaves for some of her suggestions).
Bad news: I'm not sure I'm getting anywhere useful.

Good news: I think I know how I'm ending part 2 of the never ending Mystique fic
Bad news: Part of the solution is to add about 2 more long paragraphs of thinking and a bit more speaking. Part 5 is already 6 people sitting around a table with no action. I wanted there to be less of that in part 2. (Part 4 is two people sitting round a table but fun stuff happens, and part 6 is two people sitting round a table but interesting stuff happens)

Fanfiction Meme - Day 27 – Where is your favorite place to write, and do you write by hand or on the computer?

Not sure it's my favourite place, but I do most of my writing on my sofa. I wish I had a desk (like I used to) but there is no room in my flat. I used to write in bed but there's only one easily accessible socket in my bedroom and my alarm clock now uses that.

I write using my laptop and, 99/100ths of the time, using Notepad. I have no idea why I prefer it to writing in Word, I just do. I always send my fics through Word before I post. It's amazing the number of times doing that catches those little details I've forgotten to put in, or those tiny mistakes I have left in.

For some unknown reason, I find it easier to write Harry Potter fic by hand.

Other Days )
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Did the Allstar/Uhlmann/Leeds Open Part 2/whatever it's really called yesterday. Managed to get knocked out 15-0 by a 15 year old. She's damn good and a lovely girl so it wasn't too bad, but 15-0 :( Actually, the funny thing was, the person that beat her in the final was one of the people I beat in the pool stage. It confuses me greatly.



Dear Mark Webber, I suggest exorcising the car.

A curse is starting to be the most sensible explanation of his luck.

Other than that, much like the Aussie GP, that's was boring. Any over-taking was due to tyres or the DRS button.


Fic Writing

I've made a start on my lgbtfest fic. This year's panic is a return to the first year's panic of "does this contain enough lgbt-related content to be suitable?" I think it does, there's just a very long prologue.
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Fic writing:

So I'm trying to write Xavier gen fic set during First Class. Accent on the trying. In between trying to shut Magneto up (no, this is not the fic about you. If you behave I will get to that fic sooner.), and having to go, "no, Charles, gen-fic. You know, gen fic. If you could possibly put the pom-poms down and stop chanting 'Erik is awesome' for 5 minutes this will go easier" (it's set during the training sequence).

It's either that or give up and just accept any fic I write for these is always going to be against a background of 'they're in love, yes, even/especially while they're trying to stop each other', but it will genfic within that background.

I think it one of those things where I call any fic where the focus isn't on romance gen fic, but I know other people don't. (I'm right by the way ;) )


On the recent Leicester jaunt I watched The Raid )

I also saw the Avengers for the first time since I saw it at the cinema. At some point I will post about it properly but on re-watching I liked the same things I liked before and disliked same thing as originally.

The deleted scenes )

I also saw "Team America", I think my suspicion that it's just not my thing was backed up by the fact that I forgot I'd watched it until I was reminded by a text message.

Unrelated to the above, but I think the problem with Mission Impossible 2 is that the bad guys are more interesting than the good guys.

Formula 1

Japanese Grand Prix )
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Fic Writing - A question particularly directed at wrestle-fic writers but if anyone else has any ideas (or solutions) feel free to chip in.

Was there ever a consensus opinion on how widely you can disregard canon? Because I've finally finished 'Not Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead', only a teensy, tiny flaw has come to my attention, one which I did not notice because by the time that Turning Point 2006 (and the aftermath) got shown in the UK, it was February 2007. Unfortunately, if we stick with reality, the week where I have everything happening is Christmas week. So I either have to hand-wave reality, or move Christmas. Neither of which is appealing but ...


Interesting article about films that have caused people to make complaints to the BBFC I know some of you are interested in the whole process of film classification and there's some interesting quotes from the chair of the BBFC.


Shakespeare Meme - Day #25: Sooner or later, everyone has to choose: Hal or Falstaff?

Easiest choice ever. The world is full of charming drunkards, give me the coming man any day.

I still haven't seen all of the most recent BBC Henry IV, so I'm intrigued to know which way they've gone with Prince Hal. I have to admit I prefer mine more Machiavellian. My Mum prefers him to be more 'I am trying to see how other people live'. We both agree Hal has to have ulterior motives.

Other Days )
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Before that last post turned into yay and yah boo sucks to you about various sports, I had intended to post about how much I was enjoying getting back into the gym thing. The arm muscles are definitely moving along nicely. I would crow, except right now I know exactly where my obliques are because they hurt. There's nothing like exercise for learning anatomy ;)
Gym blather )

The gyming and the fencing does lead to the trousers problem. Even at my skinniest, I am size 14, and as I spend most of my time at size 15, most of my trousers are 16s. The number of belts I have is not enough to sort out this problem.

Fitness-related, but a colleague at work is trying to build muscle. The difficulty lies in him being one of those naturally skinny people and that he's very nearly vegan. Hints, tips, suggestions or resources gratefully received.

Absolutely not fitness-related, I have managed to finish the bare bones of my [ profile] queerfest fic. Now just to turn it into something anyone who isn't me might want to read. Part of the problem is that X-Men: First Class appears to be one of those films where I've watched a different one to everyone else.
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Dear Mr. Lensherr,

may I call you Erik?

Ah Magneto then. Just a small word, if that's okay. It's just ... you know how I said you weren't the lead character in the first part of this fic? You're not the lead character of the second part either. In fact, and I'll give you this spoiler for free, you're not the lead character of any part of it. You're the main secondary character for three different parts but that's it. I'm aware it sucks to be you, but the rest of X-Men: First Class fandom is already writing that story, and it's writing that story better than I can. So be quiet.

(If it's any sort of carrot, if you shut up long enough for me to write this fic, I will eventually get round to the one where you are the lead character.)

Also, if you could avoid defaulting to cartoon series style declaiming, I'd be obliged. I mean, I realise that's just how you come out when I write you, but some restraint would be nice.
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Biology. And just a bit. I'm really regretting not having studied harder at maths right now.

It's not directly within the scope of the question, but I do think the US (and possibly other places but the UK, US and Austrian systems are the ones I know most about) thing of making students do things outside of their immediate area in the first couple of years and then specialising later on strikes me as being a very good thing. Ex-colleague P (who is Danish) was always amazed that I'd stop doing anything first language related at 16 because he thought you lost out on a lot that way.


Dear Self,

You know that Mystique-centric mostly gen fic, where Frostie gets the first chapter to herself? Yes, that one. Can you make sure Magneto doesn't it take over, because he appears to be doing that to my (somewhat) jaundiced eyes.


The next question on the book meme is tricky, because it's ' A book everyone hated but you liked' and my friends, both online and offline, have a wide taste in books, and two obvious answers for books everyone hated, 1) Dan Brown and 2) Twilight, won't do because

1) you can't stand the one Dan Brown book you tried to read either


2) you haven't read the Twilight books because vampire romance isn't your thing so it's unfair to use them.

So I could do with some suggestions for hated books.

Interesting snippets:

From Eurosport's article on the top 10 parent and child sporting combos (

>>Cesare and Paulo Maldini

Cesare Maldini was a mainstay in the Milan defence for 12 seasons and captained Milan to the European Cup title in 1963. He also represented Italy at the 1962 and 1966 World Cups and went on to manage the national team from 1996 to 1998 too.

His son Paolo went on to become an even better player and matched his father's achievement of captaining Milan to a European Cup in 2003 — one of five European titles he won in his career. He played over 900 games for Milan and won 126 Italy caps. His number three shirt has been retired but it will be bequeathed to one of his sons if one makes the club's senior side.<<

Italics mine. It's not just that Paolo played more than 900 games for Milan, it's not just that that included a ridiculous number of trophies, or the silly number of games he played for Italy or the number of finals that included, it's not even that they retired his shirt, which is not something they tend to do in Italy (the only other player I can think of who had his shirt number retired is Maradonna's Napoli no. 10), it's that they've made it a heritable relic, up their with crowns and the like.


The Argentine response to 'The Iron Lady' appears to be oddly similar to the one found amongst lefties in the UK -
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TNA: )

There's something very wrong, when, in the whole world of football, when someone says 'Davide' I know they mean Ginola. Whose haircut really works.


Y'all fail, none of you told me that Zydrunas Savickis finally won the world's strongest man last year. I am a-glee.


Human Target:

So why am I not deluged in Ames / Guerrero fic? Come on, peeps, young ingénue, old stager who takes them under their wing, despite the fact that said old stager is a grumpy, grumpy man. Also, Ames is ever so pretty.

Now I grant I didn't like Ames to start with, sorry, whingy young and nowhere near as good at the crime thing as she thinks she is do not endear me. 'Taking Ames' converted me though since it let her be competent.

Or, people don't want to write 'shippy fic, I am more than happy with Guerrero + Ames gen.

(I also don't doubt that if Ames had been a man, I'd be deluged, but I'm cynical like that.)

Or, failing that 'Taking Ames' spoilers )
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Right now, I am all about mummification. I blame this programme entirely,

Basically, a couple of scientists from Univ. York think they've finally cracked the mummification process, a la the 18th Dynasty (that bit is important). The documentary follows their attempt to prove it. It's an amazing programme, and I heartily recommend it, even if you're squeamish because it's all done tastefully and there is no gore. There is a dead body but I've found that to be a real YMMV thing with people.

Sainted Mither is donating her brain to Parkinson's research as part of this - Which I think is awesome.

Other than that, in RL, I am about to be deeply irrational, and you're getting this because I am aware it is irrational and I'm not allowed to say this in RL. So L, of previous posts fame, texts me with 'I thought you would want to know, I had a seizure over lunch ... I've been released from St. Thomas' and will be spending the week with my parents'. I make the right noises and mostly try to keep him from going batshit with boredom. So far, so rational. The irrational is about to occur - for goodness sakes, if you're going to send that text to someone who does anything biomed-related can you please append 'the doctors say I'm fine,' or 'the doctors have no clue' or anything like that because right now, I am doing the dance of non-rational likely causes and I'm coming up with the obvious one, not helped by colleague who, when one of his friends had a similar experience (young, healthy, never had a previous seizure) it did turn out to be a brain tumour. Now I know no one is under any obligation to reveal medical information, hence why I know I am being irrational, but I worry.

I have also been afflicted with what I refer to as writer's bleargh, except it's everything bleargh, which is a bit of a problem when you've got an interview. Problem should be sorted but I do not like the bleargh!
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Oh X-men First Class fic, one day you will be finished to my satisfaction. I know what the problem is - why, oh why am I writing Xavier-centric fic? I can write him later on (X1-3), when he's become more guarded and hardened, but First Class Charles, he's all, well I don't want to say soft because the squishiness is the source of his strength (Eric, because he's all sharp and go forward, can be deflected, Charles just marshmallows past problems). And it's almost impossible to write because it's all clouds and wisps and, pray tell, short of the occasional, unspeakble OCC, ten paragraph long excursion into the exact blue of James McAvoy's eyes (very, very, like the sea off Connemara), and the way he glows with happiness and sadness, and that I have no idea how other character's can hurt Xavier because while I might want to shake him by the shoulders, it's like kicking a puppy. A particularly boisterous puppy, given to bad pick up lines.


Hardcore Justice Spoilers )
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Day 03 - Your favourite series

An entirely impossible question. Contenders would be the Aubrey and Maturin books, which I would be racing through, if I hadn't lost 'The Mauritius Command' again. It appears to be a book which enjoys going missing. Other than that, I'm a huge fan of the Peabody books, Linda Fairstein's stuff, and my Mum has been known to hide the new Powerscourt books (by David Dickenson. No, not that one, a different one.) from me. I really like the Horrible Histories and the various other Horrible variants as well.

The Other Days )

Other than that, I'm mostly having a minor attack of the panics over my x-men ficathon fic.
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I have my [ profile] xmmficathon assignment. I have an idea. Writing it, however, is going to be difficult. If anyone wants me for the next couple of months, I'll be scribbling.
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First up, a link from [ profile] one_more_cherry - Hobbes And Bacon, a fanart future!Calvin and Hobbes strip. It is made of <3.


Work is going forwardly-ish, by which I mean that at least my mistakes are new. This week, I appear to have accidentally broken the laws of physics (I am only partly joking).

The post office is holding some of my post to ransom. Basically, the local delivery is about as far away from me as it could be and still be local ~ a 1 hour walk away. Not a problem if it didn't close at 12.30 on a Saturday. I mean, I could probably make it, but grrrr!

Other than that, I don't understand people who think we'd be better off privatising the health service, because, they say, at least then it'll be efficient and competent. I do wonder which planet they're on, because businesses are just as inefficient as nationalised industries.


On the fic writing front, I'm sort of stuck on two fics. Both fics have the same kind of problem, because I'm writing from an unusual angle.

So fic one - character A (who is the first person POV character in the fic) is, well, let's be nice here, totally self-absorbed. Which is fine. If large chunks of the plot of the fic didn't revolve around character B being crazy in love (accent on the crazy) with A. Unfortunately, I'm having to try and get this across while A is mostly being all 'why are you being so crazy?' (matters are really not helped by B being generally incapable of expressing his emotions). It all ends badly, but I'm having difficulty making it clear why it ends quite so badly and still keeping everyone in character.

Fic two meanwhile has two characters who, if they were in a position to communicate, would make each other very happy indeed. Unfortunately, due to the situation they find themselves in, they can't. Which is just as aggravating for me as it is for them, because gah, I keep yelling at one of them that if he wasn't quite so stuck up, it would go a lot easier for him. Of course, the stuck up is an important part of his character.
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Because I haven't finished the previous meme because I have a great many feeeeeelings about both the characters suggested so far.

RL goes swimmingly. I am now the proud owner of a washing machine. Which freaks me out somewhat. I thought you had to get a licence for those things to prove you were sensible enough to own one.

Another sign of my age is how I'm grumpy at how shocked everyone is by which of their fics have the most hits on Archive of Our Own. It's not that I assume that everyone is constantly watching the number of hits their fics get, it's because it's always the same fics you'll pick up at the top of these lists because of confirmation bias. Bascially, the first time you do it, fics 1 to 10 come up. Your f-list reads them because they think they might not have done. So the next time the meme comes round, those already have at least a plus 1 advantage over your other fics. The next time, they read them again, either to double check that they're the fics they think they are, or because they've just been reminded of one of their favourites or what have you, so unless you suddenly write something that overtakes them, a lot of your old fics are going to be the ones that will come up the most often. I'm not saying don't do the meme, I'm just saying less surprise please.

After that grumpiness, my ten fics with the most hits on AO3 )

Unrelated to the above, would anyone mind beta-ing a fic for me? It'll be Torchwood femmeslash set post-Children of Earth but mostly I just need a spelling, grammar, punctuation and tense check.

And continuing the unrelated theme:

Dear fic, you're supposed to be a PWP. That sex scene that makes up most of your length ought to be a clue. Why are you turning into a psycho-drama?

Also, sheesh self, choose one tense and stick to it.

Mostly RL

Feb. 26th, 2011 08:00 pm
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But with some wrestling, some fic writing talk and the film meme.


The best thing about being a wrestling fan on this side of the Atlantic, other than some of the PPVs being sort of free (we have Sky Sports as part of the attempted peace plan re: Nan and Colin), is that someone else watches it first, which means that I know which parts are worth watching.

Therefore I stayed up to watch the first half hour of RAW.

Totally worth it )


On a related but different theme, researching a sub-culture I have a lack of sympathy with for a fic is not fun.


Film Meme:

Day 25 - Favourite film villian

I find there is a problem with a lot of film villains. That they're more fun than the heroes. Sometimes the problem is that Hollywood seems to think hero = boring, which is annoying. Other times the problem is that the villains are sometimes a lot more sympathetic than the heroes, and not just in the 'sympathy for the devil' sense.

I grant a personal preference for 'there are no villains, just different people with colliding wants' as a philosophy, but if it's going to be a black and white dividing line sort of film, I want to cheer for the hero.

Before I give my top 2, I'm going to give three honourable mentions:

A - Commodus in Gladiator - has he been messed up by his upbringing? Yes. Does it justify his actions? No. I like how Gladiator does it. They give the bad guy depth while never buying into his belief that it's all Daddy's fault.

B - Simon Phoenix in Demolition Man. Spoilers )

C - The Killer Shark in Tom And The Waterbabies ( - written in on behalf of my Mum. Much like Simon Phoenix, he's great scenery chewing fun (and okay, my Mum finds it amusing because he's an evil shark with a broad Yorkshire accent [in context, it makes sense]) but again, he's balanced out by everyone else.

I think the balancing is very important. The good guys can't be too po-faced or else people's sympathies wander.

Now, onto my two choices.

The Kurgan from Highlander

It's a role that could easily have gone horribly wrong. (Actually, Highlander as a whole is a film that teeters on the brink of horrible wrong, that's what makes it awesome, it shouldn't have worked) The Kurgan could have been too interesting. He's a cool villain, he has awesome armour, he's got sword skills, he gets to insult nuns.

And yet, at no point do we cheer for him, because he's utterly horrible.

And scary. We shouldn't forget scary. Part of it is Clancy Brown's physical presence. He's huge. Part of it is the voice, the armour, the sense of an ancient evil. And of course, it's what he does.

The villain from The 6th Day

Spoilers )

The Other Days )


I just got into an argument about feminism with a (female) friend of a friend on Facebook. Yes, I know, but I suffer from XKCD syndrome (as described here -

I am also aware that I have a real double standard on this one. A man who declaims that woman aren't repressed gets the 'you're an idiot' glare, and maybe some useful numbers. A woman who says it causes frothing rage.

This woman came out with such wonderful comments, like 'women aren't repressed' and 'feminists should get over it'. I mean, the (male) friend whose wall this was on is conservative (both kinds) and even he thinks she's wrong. His line is that if she hasn't been, it's because she's high earning and educated, and that better education for all is the way forward.

She's of the 'I'm not a feminist because I (personally) don't feel I have been discriminated against, and therefore it doesn't happen. Also, I feel that feminists want female domination, and I believe in equality'.

Now, the second half of that, I at least understand (she obviously didn't have my year 9 science teacher who insisted that science was too difficult for tiny female brains), because hey, that's what I want too.

I want equal pay for equal work.
I want reproductive rights for all parties.
I want everyone to be equal and represented by the law.

That means I have to be a feminist because the party (if we look at the world in terms of the division between male and female) that don't get that are women.

I like to imagine she's sitting there thinking I'm one of those women. Because I really don't mind. I might not particularly agree with the wing that spell it womyn, and I have my own entirely objectional blind spots, but heck, I'd rather be with them than with the 'I'm alright, Jack' lot.


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