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So I'm writing Rome fic. Octavian-centric Rome fic. Which means there's already some issues, in re: his sister. And him. Anyway, stuff happens, and there's a section about slaves. And it's Rome fic. And tight 3rd Person on Octavian so the story at no point says anything about this being very wrong. Which, okay, people who are reading Rome fic know what they're getting into, the TV show did that too for effect.

Only then Octavian goes and plans the getting of a wife, and we hit Roman issues re: women's right. And before that, Roman issues re: men who have sex with men. And like I said, I think anyone who watch Rome would know all this but ...
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In case you hadn't guessed, I'm prevaricating on my lgbtfest fic. To stretch an analogy, I was expecting it to sound like the Jam but it's turned in to the Waterboys instead. So not bad, just unexpected.

Fanfiction Meme Day 4 – Do you have a "muse" character, that speaks to you more than others, or that tries to push their way in, even when the fic isn't about them? Who are they, and why did that character became your muse?

Not really. Sometimes a character I only expected to have a small part in a story gets a larger part. Normally that's for the best, because there's some part of the events I write about that I didn't consider when first conceptualised the story.

The only time it's a problem is when certain magnetic mutants try to take over and deliver 5 page speeches about their political views. Or exactly why Charles Xavier is wrong. Or how much better the world would be if Charles Xavier would just see sense and join him. Which would be fine, if I wasn't trying to write about Mystique.

Other Days )
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Person of Interest-The Fix )

TNA Spin Cycle

The four for this and the previous week are James Storm, Sting, Austin Aries and Kurt Angle, who talk far too much sense on the topic of social media. And I keep forgetting how adorable Kurt Angle is when he's not being Kurt Angle. You know what I mean. And how much Sting and Steve Borden are v. different. I think it's because with the others (and a lot of other wrestlers) their gimmick is them turned up to 11 whereas Sting and not Sting are very different.

Actually, Xplosion also had a Chavo Guerrero interview which was adorable. (Why was Chavo never ruler of the world, or at least, the X/Lightheavyweight/Cruiserweight division?)

Xplosion was a step-up from Impact. Nothing against the wrestling (seriously, it gave me Chavo vs Daniels, life is good. But it was far too short.), but it was a little lacking in go forward. Lacking to the point that I did tidying up/packing rather than concentrate on it, and you all know how little I enjoy tidying and packing.


Fic thinking

I'm having a lot of fun playing around with the AUs for that last meme, particularly the Matriarchal Marvelverse for [ profile] joanne_c. Mostly I wanted to avoid writing "The Worm That Turned" (, and no, I can't explain that any better for people who have never seen the Two Ronnies. While I have no doubt you could do something where everything is the exact opposite or possibly men are horribly oppressed in order to make a point, I am not the writer to do that, possibly because of my family background (according to at least one colleague, my family have no men and reproduce by parthogenesis). So I didn't want to write a utopia, or a dystopia, I just wanted a different-topia.

So I had an idea of a scene for Bruce (about which I shall talk no more until I have finished it), and I was thinking about the knock on effects on the other Avengers. And suddenly a universe expanded in front of me )

But yes, as you might be able to tell, this is the 'verse that ate my brain.
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Shakespeare Meme - Day #24: An actor or actress you would love to see in a particular role

The obvious one would be Matt Smith as Hamlet, because he's one of the few actors I can think of that is young enough to be Hamlet, and good enough to portray him. That being said, if he doesn't want to, I'd love to see him as Andrew Augecheek as well.

If Kenneth Branagh (Sir Kenneth Branagh!!! So very happy) ever decides to do The Tempest I and my mother, god willing, will be there in a flash, hang the cost.

Polly Walker as Cleopatra is also on this list.

Other Days )

Meme related - re: the AU meme ( I'm trying to come up with a female version of 'hasn't got the cojones'. I've toyed with the obvious 'hasn't got the ovaries', but I'm not sure it works. I know "hasn't got the balls" comes from the habit of various cultures (I know the Roman definitely) for men to hold their genitals when swearing oaths etc, and I'm not sure there is a direct equivalent for easy grabbing, unless we're going for ODB style 'bam'-ing.
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Day 15 - Favorite male character

Okay, wandering outside the meme purpose slightly again, because it's a difficult question, and I'm having difficulty separating out the characters I like from the characters I want to be (hello there Sherlock Holmes and the Musketeers). Also, one of the obvious answers, which would be Lucky Jack Aubrey of the Master and Commander books is presently being hamstrung by him being on-land for the portion of 'The Mauritius Command' that I'm up to and we all know that Jack on land is a bad thing.

One might even say, he's all at sea. (giggle, snort)

And that terrible pun brings us to my actual answer. Having scoured my mind for a decent answer, I shall temporarily go with Theo from 'My Family and Other Animals' by Gerald Durrell. Which is a book I recommend heartily. Theo plays one of young Gerald's many, many tutors. He is chosen because he has letters, the previous one having no letters, not even a postcard. (Spiro means qualifications, it's just that Mother is oblivious. Actually, can I change my suggestion to Spiro.)

Theo is wonderful, and has a love of terrible puns, several of which I have subsequently pinched, nicked and merrily pilfered.

Of course, I could choose pretty much any of the male characters from My Family And Other Animals for this.

The Other Days )

On the fic-writing front:

1) So I'm writing a series of stories, and the main character of the first one is a character who I don't like in any of her incarnations, well I like her in one of them, and that's because it plays off her character in other incarnations. Anyway, normally I just write her as being off-screen during fics, because I'm worried I don't do her justice, but she has to be the lead character in this one. And I'm keeping her in-character, and she's affecting me the way she always does, which I figure is a good sign. The only problem is I'm aware I am not the person to be writing this character as the things her fans like are the very things I dislike about her. Help, suggestions, bricks are all accepted at this point.

2) Quick question about the way medical training works in the US. Okay, over here, say you wanted to go into specialism X, after you'd finished your medical degree, you'd apply to the deanery that specialises in training people in X (and there's a couple for each specialism) and if they choose you, you move there. Is there anything similar in the US?

3) So I'm writing a 50kinkyways fic, with Stacy in. Fine, well and good. Except I'm once again making a point of her legs, which I always seem to do, and I worry that it comes off bad-fetishy. Because there is more to Stacy than her legs. And yet, you know, smut fic, and WWE always sold Stacy on her legs to the point that a cover version of ZZ Top's 'Legs' was her entrance music. So yes, again, help, suggestions and bricks are welcomed.


Oct. 21st, 2011 07:01 pm
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Pinched from [ profile] saruwatari and [ profile] one_more_cherry.

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. No offer of a snippet as several of them are barely beyond that stage.

A bunch of really non-descriptive file names below )

Actually about the various 50kws fic, I'm having some issues with one fic, where I'm trying to decide how to rate it, because in terms of content it's probably only a 12, but in terms of interpersonal meanness and ickiness I'd say it's a 15.

Then there's another one, where I haven't started writing it yet, but I'm working on the outline, and for yoinks I've had the summary. Then I realised the fic that goes with it wasn't particularly kinky, but I still want to write it, which is fine, especially as I have a replacement idea, but I'm not sure the replacement idea is as good, although it fits the kinky theme better.
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I have finished a fic, and am resisting the urge to post it immediately. I will try delayed gratification, if only because since it's written in some sort of conditional future and I know there will be grammar errors in there that will take resting it to spot.

Instead, I bring music from the NME awards 2008. They're all cover versions, the original artist is in the brackets. I was half tempted to also add My Chemical Romance's awful version of Song 2, but I shan't. Really how does a so called rock band, with one guitarist more, manage to make less of a righteous noise than Blur, the indiest of indie bands.

Picture of Dorian Gray - The Futureheads (Television Personalities) -

Golden Skans - Kaiser Chiefs (Klaxons) -

Young Folks - The Kooks (Peter, Bjorn and John) -

Whip It - Does It Offend You, Yeah? (Devo) -

D.A.N.C.E. - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly (Justice) -
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So there's these two fics I'm working on, where it's not so much the details themselves but what I should call them that's causing me problems. In both fandoms, they use a lot of non-English words. In one, 300, depending on the word I use, I shall have to write around reality (I'm reasonably sure Astinos and Stelios are different enough in age that Stelious couldn't have been mentoring him at school) or with the film (which takes liberties of its own) because there are no English equivalents for the words in question (syssitia -

The other one is Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. Right at the start of the fic, the protagonist is in his underwear. Now the character, Kurogane, is from a fantasy Japan of the Shogunate era. So he will not be wearing boxer shorts, even I could figure that bit out. A bit of researching later, I have a name for the cursed garment (fundoshi). Now the manga tends to use the Japanese word for things, and then explain in the back-pages, so I could just footnote it, but that strikes me as being pompous when I've got a perfectly good English word (underwear), which while not the exact thing, is a reasonable equivalent.

Of course neither of these problems is as big as the one for a couple of fics I want to write. The three are 1) Cena, Orton and Cody Rhodes from when the three of them were involved in the feud that also had Cena's Dad involved, all about living up to your fathers, 2) Hornswaggle and Finlay - what sort of father keeps his son hidden under a wrestling ring, or sets up a scheme like the one in regards to Vince's bastard child and 3) Spoilers for Indiana Jones and the Kindom of the Crystal Skulls )

Some of you might have guessed the problem here. I don't have a father, so my data is lacking. Which annoys me, greatly. I feel less bad about 1 because Missy wrote a wondeful fic with Goldust and Cody on the general theme so I know someone's writing about it, I just want to write about it too.
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Much though I'd love to write another fic based on the AMW split (to go with the one that's already posted and the other two I'm working on) and have it be a James Storm POV because the truth's a three sided sword and all that. Except for one small teensie problem. I really can't because well... mostly I still want to punch him and hard for doing that to his tag team partner.

And then I have to applaud them for causing that reaction. Because that's one of the reasons I watch wrestling, those moments of total suspension of disbelief where I do forget that there's a script-writer, and just lose it.
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1) Wilkinson's try wasn't.

2) I urgently need a rugby icon. I shall get to work on it later.

Other than that, following on from yesterday's post, someone remind me that the world does not need more Alex Shelley fic, particularly not more Shelley/Nash, unrequited, fic.
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A [ profile] fannish5 thing from a couple of weeks ago:

Name five totally self-indulgent story ideas. (The fanfic you would write if you didn't care if you had an audience and also had no shame.)

And the problem is that I really have no shame. For goodness sake, the last thing I posted was kinky Florton smut. So yes, there's very little I won't write if I want to write it. That's probably one of the things I've noticed about my writing, there's been three distinct stages:
1) Beginning - posting pretty much whatever I wanted because whee shiny new toys.
2) Trying to keep people happy, posting stuff you think they'll like.
3) Writing stuff you want to, and lo and behold, other people like it too.

I like the stuff written in phase 3 best (with one noticable exception) because it's so much more fun to do and I think it comes out better because its got soul.

That being said there are two fics I'll never write because they're blatent Mary Sue-age, and well, they're just not good. They are both CSI Miami fics:

Some spoilers follow )

They would be bad fics.

The other fic I'll never write is the AMW break-up fic. Because it would be long and plotty, but all the major plot points happened on TV already and I am not a good enough writer to pull it off because it's all about blame and guilt and addiction.

It starts with Storm starting to drink heavily because he doesn't like what him and Chris have turned into, because this isn't them, they aren't supposed to be Jarrett's lap-dogs. So he drinks to forget but he can't ever forget and the drinking really only makes it worse and he knows that but he can't stop.

Harris keeps trying to have a word with him, but doesn't know how to, and can't get up the nerve. Then he gets distracted by Gail Kim, and they're cute and adorable and in love and he forgets to pay attention to Storm.

AMW drift apart, and clash because Storm is hurt and drunk and has no self-control and Harris thinks he's not fighting hard enough and generally there is bad blood.

Then the actually split happens, and Storm blames Harris and Harris blames himself for not paying attention to his best friend and Storm points out it's this thing that Harris has of putting himself at the centre of everything that annoys him the most.

The main problem, other than not being a good enough writer to do it justice is that there's no ending or resolution, because I want a happy ending damn it, but I know it's not going to happen on screen.

So that's the grand total of fics that I'll never write.
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It's a decent article actually, I just wish there wasn't such a Potter-slant to the article. I also want the Potter fan-nits to stay the heck out of one of my fandoms (Torchwood) because seriously, in TW much like Dr. Who, love saves no-one, actions do.
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All about how I won't be posting fic because the fic that is finished annoys me in some way I can't explain, because it lacks purpose. I mean, even my character vignettes that lack plot have a purpose - it's to show either why a character reacted like that, or the things that shaped him into reacting like that or things like that. This doesn't even do that, and I don't know how to make it better. But I want to since there's a couple of lines I want to save.

Other than that, if it weren't for the quote from Ian McKellan below, I would be proclaiming the surviving members of the A-Team the coolest people ever. Given that, you know, they didn't kill Channel 4 for some of the hi-jinks they pulled.

But of course, Ian McKellan comes out with something like this - Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Wednesday, McKellen said, "When I read the book I believed it entirely. I thought that Leigh Teabing argued his case very convincingly indeed, and clever Dan Brown for twisting my mind in the right direction. And when I put the book down, I thought what a load of... and that's still going on in my mind. I'm very happy to believe that Jesus was married. And I know the Catholic church has problems with gay people and so this would be absolute proof that Jesus was not gay."

And I am much with the love.

Of course most of my remaining marbles that haven't been given over to the great God of Biology have been well and truly scrambled by the pictures of Sean O'Haire that Mynx posted.
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Remnants ficathon fic going well-ish - will hopefully reach the word limit by the end of next week. Having problem with the showing, not telling thing as usual but it's not as obvious a problem as it usually is.

Manchester uni application is fucked since one of my referees is on holiday this week. Blast!

Went fencing. How's this for amusing - was walking to pub with that guy's girlfriend and she was saying how if me and him both went to Birmingham we could live together. I just pointed out I'd drive him mad because I'm messy.

I am also amused that neither him nor her view me as competition. It's either a compliment or an insult and I can't decide which.

My back hurts because of it. Nothing major but it's annoying.

Oh and meme

Ten Ways You Can Tell You're Reading A Red Fiona Fic

1 - The characters are quite often not the usual suspects.
2 - There may well be a gen-ish edge to it. I am a gen writer by nature, I just got corrupted by wrestling slash.

3 - The commas, dear God, the commas. I hearby admit to an over-use of commas. The thing is, they are normally in the right place, it just means my sentances get very, very long. I blame the influence of the German language.

4 - The tangents - I go off on tangents. While they're often not vital to the story I think they help the general atmosphere. For this I blame my love of Alexandre Dumas's works. Seriously, The Three Musketeers is tangent central and The Count of Monte Cristo is even better/worse.

5 - There are people who float in and out of the story because that reflects my life, because although there are people who I see every day there's far more who I might see once a week.

6 - The same with the alcohol that marinades my fic.

7 - There will be lots of talking.

8 - But not a lot of plot. Unless it's an AU. Then the fics tend to be overflowing with plots.

9 - The plots that there are are often based of what has happened on screen/page.

10 - Descriptions are not my forte. Not least of all because I swear the way I sense things is way out of line with the way the rest of the world does.
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Since it will see the first use of the disco alarm clock. Be worried, be very worried.

I'm using the ski-jumping icon since I watched some of that today. The prime match-up tomorrow will be Jacuba Janda v Janne Ahonen (the guy in my icon). Should be good except I won't be able to watch it since I'm finally going to see Goblet of Fire. Expect long post on that tomorrow. Expect a long rant if they've got Diggory wrong - sorry I fell for Diggory in Prisoner of Azkaban when he wanted the result of Hufflepuff v Gryffindor wiped because it wasn't Harry's fault that he got spooked by the Dementors.

On a Harry Potter tip, I've done some work on my Remnants ficathon fic, and some reading up in the HP lexicon so the background of what I write should work. Well a lawyer could find fault in it, but that's about it.

Watched some of the Strongman event shown on Eurosport today, loved it as usual. Most of them were their usual adorable selves and there was this one American competitor who was just so deeply cool - has an idea for my next icon.

Also watched some of the Nordic Combined. Way to go Felix Gottwald - seriously, he made up 45 seconds in the cross-country skiing part. I feel sorry for Hannu Manninnen though, he really didn't look well at the end, even if none of them ever do.

Anyway, at the end one of the Norwegians was getting changed and you saw his underwear (grey boxers for those interested), and then later on Mariuz Pudzianowski got stripped down to his underwear (black speedo-type cut) and I got to thinking, in relation to something usually said about wrestle-fic, which is the distinct lack of foreplay and is it because people are used to seeing the wrestlers in little more than their underwear so it's felt that there's not as much need to write a convincing way of getting them down to them and then out of them?

That shall be my random thought of the day.


Oct. 30th, 2005 11:50 am
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Really like the LJ Halloween header.

Also, going through my fic so I can do the WIP meme on the 7th of November, I suddenly realised why lots of the fics didn't seem to want to go anywhere else, it's 'cause they were finished and I didn't realise it.

So expect a couple of short fics from me in the near future.
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Has anyone else ever had this feeling, where you're reading a fic and it's good and then it suddenly takes a 90 degree turn and stops making sense. And for some reason it really annoyed me, because it was a decent fic, characterisation, grammar, the whole lot and then suddenly wham! Anyhow...

I'm a writer who writes in order, like I'll know what might happen later but I won't write the end of a fic before I write the middle and for once it's come in handy. I was having a problem with the not exactly Ric/Randy fic, trying to figure out when Randy would tell the OMC about Ric, but while I was working it out I suddenly came up with a way of writing that I never would have thought of otherwise.

Other than that, I have yet more XMM fication fic to write.


May. 26th, 2005 10:50 pm
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Just a short thing to say the draft set up sounds wierd but infinitely ficable. That's what amazed me about the last one, so many tag teams split up, so little fic written about that.
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When writing an angsty fic, where it's very much the character's own fault that everything goes to hell, do you find yourself really not wanting to write the part where they land themselves in it?

It's just I'm in the middle of one fic where one character is about to do something stupid and is miserable, and another character, completely not knowing why he is miserable, is trying to cheer him up and is saying completely the wrong things which eventually lead to the first character doing the stupid thing and I'm there trying to write while telling the second character not to say that because he's only making the situation worse.

Meanwhile there's another fic - stuck a bit due to me always getting stuck at sex scenes - again with the drama and angst and everything going to hell, but I'm okay with writing the part where the character makes the decision that eventually leads to the misery because it's not his fault, events conspire against him.

It's all Hamlet v Guildenstern and Rozencrantz yet again. Active choice v plot grounds. I'm so much happier writing misery when the misery comes from plot requirements rather than a character causing his own misery.
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Twig said something once about how most writers have one theme they keep coming back to, and I took a look at my fic, and found that this was true of me. So I said, okay, stretch yourself and don't write about it.

Reviewing the fics I'm working on now my grand theme of communication (or more exactly mis-communication normally) is sneaking in through the backdoor. Of five active fics, one is all about the two parties not communicating, another two are fics where the problems would have been solved had anyone bothered talking to each other, one is all about how what you say isn't always what you mean and the other is the one exception in that communication isn't mentioned except in the sense that an awful lot of the misery would have been avoided if one character actually paid attention to messages he gets.

And it's kind of aggravating to know that I've tried to avoid the topic but here I am stuck back on it again.

Other than that, I'm only miffed at WWE letting M. Hardy go because it makes no sense - he's a proven good mid-carder. But at the same time they've got enough people to not make it an issue. They've got people who are better talkers, and people who are more over.

And look on the bright side - TNA might pick him up and then he might actually get a belt. And hey, you never know he might be the guy that finally beats Jarrett. I work on the principle that someone has to be the guy that finally beats Jarrett. I have my heart set on it being one particular person, but at the same time my heart is dead set against it being him for other reasons.

The only thing actively aggravating me, uni work is passively aggravating me by its existance and my unwillingness to do it, is all these people getting on Lita's case being all 'she's a slut'. Dude, sleeping with one guy who isn't your boyfriend at the time does not make you a slut, it doesn't make you little miss perfect but it doesn't make you a slut either. And since we don't know any of the parties involved all kinds of anything could have caused it so I think it's a little bizarre to be finger-pointing.


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