May. 13th, 2017

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The Case For The Prosecution:

'I, Robot' is not a bad film. It is, however, a terrible adaptation, of 'I, Robot', the book. I swear people wouldn't dislike it as much if it had a different name, and didn't given characters the names of book characters that they barely resemble.

Alex Proyas makes interesting films. I'm not going to say good, although I have loved everyone of his films that I have seen, but visually compelling. The various actors do solid jobs of their roles. This would be a good film, were it not for the teensy-weensy that's-not-I,Robot problem.

The scene in question:

The scene where Spooner explains to Calvin why he doesn't trust robots.

Which I can't find on Youtube!

And the words alone don't convey it, because Will Smith is a fantastic actor who never gets his due.

Why the scene is so good:

Obviously, we the audience know that the robots are up to no good. It's a robot film. The robots are never up to any good in robot films. It's based on, or at least titled after, one of the famous borked robot works. The guy saying the robots are hinky is played by Will Smith, during his run of good guy roles.

None of the characters know that. To them, Del Spooner and his robot ravings are going to sound like someone on the edge. Which is why it's important that he gives the explanation to Susan Calvin, who is the most pro-robot of the characters. Because she will understand why the robot did it *and* why Spooner hates them for it. It helps to explain both why Spooner's robo-hatred is so absolute, but also makes it clear that he's not just being anti-robot for the sake of being anti-robot.


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