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(Trigger warning for mental health. And my evil ex-boss.)

I know that ex-boss did one heck of a number on me, but I hadn't realised how much of one till this job advert came over the wires. It's at a good university and I know the boss is good people (I know some of her old PhD students and I know her from conferences). The job is not quite perfect for what I want.

And I nearly didn't apply for it because all my brain was doing was "OMG, what if you get it. You'll only let her down."

So I took my brain aside and had a word. I told it that the way to look at it was it was win-win. When even the worst thing that could happen is getting a job, it's not a bad deal. At least it gets me out of the clutches of the job centre. (The best case scenario is that awesome Prof emails me going "your ex-boss has given you a really bad reference, just a heads up". Which I don't think he would, but I repeat my usual thing of never having been able to get a read on him.)
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