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The Case For The Prosecution:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has this problem that it lacks the courage of its convictions. There's the cartoon style opening (which is amazing) followed by the worst 20 minutes of the film. The problem seems to be that there's no belief in the idea of the Turtles. Trust me, the audience know that man-sized mutant turtles is a ridiculous concept, we don't need the film tipping a hat to it.

For some reason, they therefore mess with the Turtles backstory so that April is given more reason to believe in them. Like seeing them wouldn't be enough. (By the by, anyone who complains about Megan Fox's April O'Neil is doing it for weird, no-good anti-Megan Fox reasons. She actually does an awesome job.)

They also mess with my boy Mikey. Who is a goofus, sure, but he's not a goofus like that. And it's totally Raphael propaganda.

(If you're after a rec for good recent Turtles (, I think the most recent version of the Turtles is the best since the cartoons of my childhood. I caught one by accident and wondered why there was unexplained anime styling. And stayed for the second one. Then realised I was looking forward to some more the next day. It's Donatello-centric, but not in a bad way.

The second of the new Turtles films is also a much better "Turtles" film.)

I feel bad being mean about the film, because the seven year olds in the cinema with me at the time loved it. So it's totally a hit with the intended audience.

The scene itself:

Which I can't find. Because people would rather clip the somewhat anaemic end fight. (Oh yeah, the anaemicness of the fight scenes should go in the prosecution's bit.)

Instead, have the music video for Shell-Shocked, the most excellent end tune.

Why the scene is so good:

It makes the Turtles look cool. They move stealthily. They fight with speed. And style. With the correct styles for the weapons. It's just so well done.


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